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Brass Air Valve

D&R brass air valves are fabricated for optimal efficiency and safety. With the unique designs, every brass air valve is highly sensitive to quickly vent air, which can restrict flow. Furthermore, D&R engineers ensure all our brass air valves feature solid construction and fast-acting capability for the safety of your system.

As a trusted OEM brass air release valve manufacturer in China we have a broad portfolio of brass valves for your unique application requirements – contact us now for our complete catalog.

Brass Air Valve Applications

D&R brass air valves are suitable for many applications in both hydraulic and pneumatic systems. They perfectly feature all the dynamic needs in both high-pressure and high-temperature requirements:

Domestic Applications – D&R brass air valves ensure the safety of your plumbing systems in home applications. From brass aquarium air valves, LPG gas valves, or brass fish tank air valves, our valves ensure your systems work optimally.

Industrial Applications – Our brass air valves are popular across many industries. Whether you are looking for a brass air tank valve, brass air compressor tank valve, or well-pump brass air valve, these valves will ensure safe system operations.

D&R Capability

Our brass air valves feature a robust and reliable throttling mechanism. Whether you want a D&R brass air bleed valve, brass air relief valve, or brass automatic air vent valve, the quality is always 100% guaranteed.

Even in the most demanding environments, the D&R brass air relief valve will remain open until the recommended system pressure is restored. Furthermore, our brass air valve portfolio features double-acting air-actuated valves, inline adjustment valves, automatic venting valves, brass solenoid valves, and brass automatic air release valves, among others.

Additionally, D&R offers brass air-actuated valves with optional spring return air actuators for efficient opening and closing valves.

For easier connections, our brass air valves feature NPT thread types with either female or male thread options available. For your water supply, D&R brass valves are NSF/ANSI 372 certified lead-free and conform to ASME codes, alongside other global standards.

With years of experience as a brass air valve manufacturer, we understand your needs in the hydraulic and pneumatic industry. D&R offers competitive prices, low MOQ and supports your business.

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