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PPR Valve for Your Business

PPR Valves are commonly used for controlling, regulating, or directing the flow of a liquid in a process or system. Basically, a PPR valve is a mechanical switch so you can turn it on and off or lower and raise the amount of liquid/gas passing through the pipe.

It has a distinguishing characteristic to define its ideal application. Based on its structure, you can easily identify its specific usage. D&R can provide you with different types of PPR valves, just send us your detailed requirement.

PPR Double Union Ball Valve

PPR Brass Double Union Ball Valve is to easily put back in the pipeline where the unions can get screwed back on. If you want a reliable in different types of PPR valve, D&R metal Industry is your top choice.

PPR Double Union Ball Valve Pipe Fitting

D&R Metal Industry supplies high-quality PPR Double Union Ball Valve Pipe Fitting.  This product is easy to assemble as well as disassemble, is made with the help of pipe union.

PPR Gate Valve

PPR Gate Valves are used to shut off the flow of liquids rather than for flow regulation. If you want an everlasting PPR gate valve to use, D&R Metal Industry can supply it for you.


D&R Metal Industry is your professional manufacturer for your PPR globe valve. If you are looking forward for an original supplier, D&R is your best partner.


Union Ball Valve PPR

We provide Union Ball Valve PPR with the best quality. If you want these kinds of valves, D&R Metal Industry is your No.1 original manufacturer.


Core Ppr Brass

Core PPR Brass is durable but very expensive, even more than copper pipes. They are used in areas prone to corrosion, such as the coastal environment. At D&R Metal Industry you can get the best Core, PPR Brass, in our services.

Hot and Cold PPR Fitting Stop Valve

At D&R Metal Industry you can request your hot and cold PPR fitting top valve that you desired. We can customize it depends on your applications.


PPR Pipe Double Union Copper Ball Valve

D&R Metal Industry is your professional manufacturer from China. If you are looking for a great quality PPR Pipe Double Union Copper Ball Valve, Choose D&R, we are 100% trusted in these productions.

PPR Pipe Fittings female elbow

PPR Pipe Fittings Female Elbow is used for the transition from a welded part of a water or heating distribution system to brass screw joints and threaded fittings. These products are easy to assemble. If you want a good quality of this? Choose D&R Metal Industry.

Ppr Brass Heat Fusion Plumbing Fitting

D&R Metal Industry is always here for you to provides all your valves needs, including PPR Brass Heat Fusion Plumbing Fitting. If you want the best manufacturer came and visit D&R Metal Industry.


At D&R Metal Industry you can request us, for your PPR Ball Valve 50 MM. We can give it to you with the best quality and these are the perfect solutions for your needs.


Ball Valves with Drain

These Ball Valves with Drain are capable of throttling gases and vapors and are especially useful for low-flow situations. Choose D&R Metal Industry for your professional manufacturer.


Features of PPR Valve

Factory Strength
Our factory has a complete set of perfect testing equipment for PPR valves and means such as pressure testing, chemical element composition analysis, etc.
Timely Delivery
With a rich experience and efficient equipment, we promise to produce and send your PPR valves to the warehouse within the appointed time to complete the delivery.
Easy to Repair
D&R's PPR valves are capable of working pressures of up to 1.0MPA respectively at room temperature and are easy to maintain or replace.
Various Styles
Our PPR valves have the advantages of attractive shape, various styles and colors, non-toxic and tasteless materials, acid and corrosion resistance.

D&R PPR Valve

D&R Metal Industry manufactures PPR valves without compromising your brand and reputation. Choosing the right PPR valve manufacturer for your business, D&R Metal Industry is your best partner to success.

We are always here to provide it for you. We made PPR valves with trustworthy, reliable, and high-quality PPR valves products at all times.

D&R Metal Industry - Your 100% Reliable PPR Valve Manufacturer in China

PPR Valve in Life
PPR Valve Usage

D&R Metal Industry has always believed that a company’s beliefs determine the quality of its products. Coupled with high-end quality polypropylene raw materials, has turned D&R into a reliable and quality PPR valve specialist after accumulating two decades of experience and advanced technology. And D&R Metal Industry engineers work hard to make our PPR valve a unique and reliable product.

Besides, we can rest assured that all of our products are tested. D&R Metal Industry company priority first the safety of all our users. At D&R Metal Industry, we supply the PPR valve at a very reasonable price. D&R Metal Industry is always here to provide the best PPR valve for you. We are your great choice.

D&R Metal Industry is always here to support your PPR valve business.

You can contact us for any inquiries.

Material of PVC Valve

PPR materials are classified into three groups based on their durability, pressure, and heat. These three types of PPR are:

  • Polypropylene Homo-Polymer Type-1
  • Polypropylene Block Copolymer Type-2
  • Polypropylene Random Copolymer Type-3

However, most PPR valves are made from PPR Type-3 because of their high physical strength and chemical resistance.

PPR Valve Application
  • Stopping or starting the flow on a valve state
  • Controlling the flow direction in a piping system
  • Regulating pressure and flow in a piping system
  • Throttling the flow rates
  • Enhancing safety in a piping system by relieving pressure


Hot Selling PPR Valves

One Piece Hexagon PPR Valve with Brass Ball









One Piece Hexagon PPR Valve with PP Ball








Rocket Your Business with D&R PPR Valve

BVP2114-1-H15-P1/2 〞533,00030018/16.558*35*30
BVP2114-1-H20-P3/4 〞802,00020017.5/1658*35*30
BVP2114-1-H25-P1 〞1321,10011016/14.558*35*30
BVP2114-1-H32-P1-1/4 〞2048008017.5/1658*35*30
BVP2114-1-H40-P1-1/2 〞3654404417.5/1658*35*32
BVP2114-1-H50-P2 〞5992602617/15.558*35*30
BVP2114-2-H15-P1/2 〞863,00030027/25.558*35*30
BVP2114-2-H20-P3/4 〞1182,00020025/23.558*35*30
BVP2114-2-H25-P1 〞1811,10011021/19.558*35*30
BVP2114-2-H32-P1-1/4 〞2778008022.5/2158*35*30
BVP2114-2-H40-P1-1/2 〞5314404423.5/2258*35*30
BVP2114-2-H50-P2 〞8712602627.5/2658*35*30

D&R Metal Industry is your absolute and complete PPR valve manufacturer and supplier. We provide a PPR valve with high quality and make it easy to use. Moreover, D&R Metal Industry produces a great purpose of PPR valve. Our PPR valve has unique and excellent features, and it’s made by D&R Metal Industry Company.

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What are the Production Methods Used for PPR Valves?

There are three methods for producing PPR that includes;

The use of hydrocarbon slurries.

However, it can only produce a limited range of grades hence, it is no longer used.

Bulk or large pulp

It uses liquid propylene instead of hydrocarbon diluent.

Gas-phase method

It typically utilizes gaseous propylene.

What are the Common Types of PPR Valve You Can Choose?

To name a few, PPR Valve types include;

  • PPR Ball Valve
  • PPR Gate Valve
  • PPR Stop Valve
  • PPR Globe Valve; and more

Each of the valves mentioned above has different uses. It also has a different structure with various pressure and material composition. PPR valves are also classified based on their structural form. These are divided into:

  • High-pressure valve
  • Vacuum valve
  • Medium pressure valve
  • Low-pressure valve
Types of PPR Valve
Types of PPR Valve
What are the Standards of PPR Valve?

The production of PPR valves should follow

DIN 8077/8078

This standard ensures the general testing and requirements for the valve.

DIN 16962 Part 1 to 12 and BS6920

These are standards for use in drinking water.

ISO 15847

It is an international standard for plastic piping system hot and cold-water applications.

Should You Choose PPR Valve Over PVC Valve?

To help you choose between the PPR valve or PVC valve, here are some lists of differences between these two valves.

  • The material used for the PPR valve is stronger and thicker than the PVC valve.
  • PPR valves are non-toxic therefore, it is safe to use. Meanwhile, PVC valves are highly scented and acidic.
  • PPR valves have more advantages including excellent corrosion resistance, long service life, and lightweight than PVC valves.
  • Generally, the PPR valve and PVC valve differs in price. PVC valves are cheaper than PPR valves.
PVC and PPR Valves
PVC and PPR Valves
What are the Differences Between PPR Valve and PP Valve?
  • PPR valve and PP valve are different in terms of their materials. PPR valves are made from polypropylene while PP valves are made from polyethylene.
  • PPR valves are suitable for both hot and cold-water pipe applications while PP valves are only used for cold water pipe applications.
  • PPR valves are applicable for hot temperature applications while PP valves are only suitable for low temperatures.
  • PPR valves are ideal for both concealed and open installation. However, PP valves can be applied for concealed installation.
  • PPR valve has more pressure capacity than PP valves.
  • PPR valves are more expensive than PP valves.

To summarize, PPR valves are more superior to any other plastic valves.

Is It Safe to Use PPR?

Most engineers and plumbers opted to use PPR. In fact, PPR valves are commonly used in a piping system in China, Africa, Europe, South Asia, and more countries. PPR is mostly used because these are safe to use for potable water application.

PPR valves don’t contain any chlorine derivatives making them safe for humans.

These are also non-toxic. Thus, the production and use of PPR valves do not harm the environment.

PPR Valves Used For Potable Water Systems
PPR Valves Used For Potable Water Systems
What are the Standard Sizes for PPR Valve?

Most PPR Valves are manufactured according to international standards.

A typical PPR valve has sizes that range from 20mm to 110mm.

However, most manufacturers can manufacture based on customers’ requirements.

What is the Ideal Pressure and Temperature Rating for PPR Valve?

Superior quality PPR valve has an excellent temperature rating up to 95℃.

An ideal PPR valve also has 25 bars pressure rating that make it suitable for various piping systems and other related applications.

Does the Colors of PPR Valve Matter to Its Quality?

Mostly, the colors of PPR valves are green, white, and gray but most OEM manufacturers can produce different colors based on your requests.

However, the colors of the PPR valve don’t affect its quality and durability.

What Features You Should Consider When Buying PPR Valves?

PPR valves are best known for their high-quality features. Thus, you must choose PPR valves with the following features.

  • Low thermal conductivity to be used in hot and cold-water supply. Thus, it is commonly used in modern buildings and other industries. PPR valves with low thermal conductivity often provide superior energy efficiency.
  • A smooth inner surface that does not flake. It also ensures small effects on frictional resistance. Aside from that, the smooth inner surface of the PPR valve can reduce pressure when the fluid is distributed or transported.
  • Non-toxic and harmless to human and environmental safety. PPR valves are made from safe raw materials. It does not carry any toxic substances and it also does not cause any pollution.


What are the Advantages if You Choose PPR Valves?

PPR valves can provide you the following benefits and advantages.

  • High water flows because of its smooth interior surface.
  • Neutral taste and odor.
  • Energy-saving
  • Heat preservation
  • High-working pressure and good performance
  • No leaking
What are the Properties of PPR Valve?

In case you are confused on whether you should buy a PPR, PP, PVC, CPVC, and other types of plastic valves, we have listed PPR valve properties to show why is it superior to any other type of plastic valve.

  • Over 5MPa good impact strength and excellent heat resistance up to 100-degree.
  • Non-toxic and adheres to drinking water standards
  • Bacteriological neutral and healthy
  • Reliable and easy installation
  • Low construction expenses
  • Low thermal conductivity that offers superior heat-insulation property
  • Labor-saving and lightweight
  • Easy to transport
  • Conforms to GBM standards
  • Environmentally-friendly and recyclable
  • Superior design and light colors make it suitable for hidden and open installation
  • 40% sound insulation than other types of valves
  • Increased flow speed and reduce the pressure loss due to its smooth inner walls
What Are the Benefits of PPR Valve?
Good Corrosion Resistance

Since it is made from PPR plastic material, the PPR valve has a higher degree of corrosion resistance.

Excellent Chemical Resistance

Polypropylene Random Copolymer Type-3 tends to have a strong chemical resistance making it safe to use for drinking water applications.


PPR valves are built to last long up to 50 years or more.


PPR valves have a high resistance to abrasion that is caused by hard particles.

Easy Installation

PPR valve requires less installation time and is very easy to install.

PPR valves offer numerous benefits and advantages unlike other conventional types of valves.

What are the Common Applications of PPR Valve?

Since there are different types of PPR valves, each type is tailored for each application.

  • Cold and hot water supply systems.
  • Industrial and civil constructions like shipbuilding, residential buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, and more.
  • Food industry pipe works
  • Drinking water systems
  • Sports facilities like swimming pools
  • Public facilities like stadiums
  • Greenhouses and garden irrigation systems
  • Central air conditioning systems
  • Heating systems
  • Industrial applications
  • Compressed air installations
  • Chemical industry
  • Rainwater utilization system piping networks
PPR Valve for Plumbing and Piping Systems
PPR Valve for Plumbing and Piping Systems

Due to its excellent corrosion resistance and durability, PPR valves are also used for conveyor belts, pumps, automobiles, and aviation.

Some hydraulic and oil systems used the PPR valves due to their antioxidation properties.

How Can You Install a PPR Valve?

Valve is an essential component in a piping system or network. Thus, proper installation of the PPR valve will lead to the productivity and overall performance of the system. Here’s how you can properly install your PPR valve.

  • Before installation, make sure that your PPR valve doesn’t have any defects. Also, make sure that your PPR valve is from any damage due to external effects before assembly.
  • Before mounting your PPR valve, clean any contamination first.
  • Check the length of the thread to be connected to the valve. Make sure it is neither too long or too short than the length of the valve thread.
  • During the installation, make sure that the valve is in a closed position. Use proper tools when mounting the valve.
  • Next, use enough plumbing adhesives.
  • Make sure that your PPR valve is fully closed or fully opened when using.
  • Follow the markings or arrows on the handle when closing and opening the valve.

Generally, most manufacturers attached a user manual to the product. You can follow the instructions or seek professionals for help.


How Can You Extend the Life Span of Your PPR Valve?

As you know now, PPR valves are reliable fitting that is not prone to rust, corrosion, and chemical exposure. However, it can create supply blockage if it is not cleaned properly or there is an installation effect. So, in order to extend the life span, security, safety, and performance of your PPR valve, here are some points to remember.

  • Although dust does not usually stick to a PPR valve, you should always do regular cleaning. Otherwise, it can lead to flow blockage and a broken seal.
  • Proper installation techniques will improve the reliability, performance, stability, and life span of your PPR valve.
  • It is also important to notice the proper regulation flow of air, gas, and water.
  • When you purchase PPR valves, it is usually attached with user manuals. To avoid inconvenience and to ensure proper installation, you should follow its installation instruction.
How Long Does PPR Valve Last?

With the proper thickness, reasonable working pressure, and temperature range, a PPR valve can last up to 50 years.

According to the standard of ISO/TR9080-1992 plastic material long-term performance test and DIN16892/3 German standard, a PPR valve can last up to 50 years at a 70-degree centigrade continuous working temperature.

Can PPR Valve Be Replaced?

Yes. After installation, valves sometimes need to be repaired due to improper settings, leakage, arrangement, and other reasons. You don’t need professionals to repair your PPR valve. You can repair or replace it on your own.

Before that, be sure that you have the right tools to do the task. You may need meter tape, glue, cleaner, PPR pipe with proper length, ink marker, abrasive cloth, PPR spectator, PPR coupling with the proper size, and sandpaper.

If you have the above mention tools, you can now start the replacement process. Here are some basic steps in replacing the valve:

  1. Make sure that power supplies are turned off.
  2. After turning off, dry the pipe properly.
  3. If everything is checked, measure the pipe area and valve. Then, put a proper marking on the right area.
  4. Make sure that all the dirt in the valve or pipe area is removed. Using your meter tape, measure the valve, pipe, and coupling.
  5. After the measurement, position or place the new valve in the correct position along with all the necessary components such as slip joints, short connector pipe, coupling, and more.
  6. Make sure that your new ball valve is properly connected using glue at the exterior of the pipe. This will make sure that it has the strength for the whole plumbing system.
  7. You can evaluate the connectivity of the new valve by turning on the water supply.
Replacing PPR Valve
Replacing PPR Valve
How Much Does PPR Valve Cost?

PPR valves have superior features to other valves, thus, the PPR valve is more expensive than any other plastic valve. Moreover, the price of the product varies from one supplier to another.

Clearly, there have been many factors that you need to consider to choose the right PPR valve and before purchasing it.


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