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With more than 15 years in the industry, D&R Metal Industry is able to be expert and knowledgeable when it comes to high-quality hand shower manufacturing at an affordable cost. You can send your inquiry for the D&R hand shower.

  • Customized hand shower based on your idea
  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Authentic and luxury designs
  • Precisely engineered with high performance

Hand Shower Manufacturer

Most people are more familiar with the handheld showerhead than with the hand shower. The hand shower can perform a variety of tasks because of its added flexibility. Hand shower heads can be connected to the showerhead pipe or the bath faucet in a variety of ways.

ABS Plastic Hand Shower

We manufacture a wide range of ABS plastic hand showers for more than 15 years.

High-Pressure Hand Shower

With D&R high-pressure hand shower, you can save your water up to 30%. Purchase now!

2-Function Hand Shower

Our 2-function hand shower is manufactured from high-grade raw materials.

Spa Hand Shower

This Spa hand shower we offer is a 3-function hand shower. You can buy this at an affordable price.

Rainfall Hand Shower

D&R Metal Industry offers OEM services for your Rainfall Hand Shower to promote your brand.

1-Function Hand Shower

D&R Metal Industry is an expert manufacturer of 1-Function Hand Shower. We have been providing high-quality products at an affordable price.

Solid Brass Hand Shower

We can customize a solid brass hand shower according to your detailed requirements.

Chrome-Plated Hand Shower

We can offer R&D services for this product to boost your brand.

Hand Shower Head Set

Hand Shower Head Set undergone advanced machining process so we can manufacture according to your specifications.

D&R Hand Shower Manufacturer

D&R Metal Industry is a world-leading hand shower manufacturer in China. Thousands of customers around the world trusted D&R Metal Industry as their premier hand shower manufacturer. All of our hand showers are designed with high-quality and high performance.

We also offer OEM and ODM services here in D&R Metal Industry in order to support your projects or business. We can customize the hand showers according to your design, sizes, logo, packaging, etc. to meet your requirements. All D&R hand shower is CE and RoHS certified to meet your satisfaction.

Brass Valve & Fitting Manufacturer

D&R Metal Industry – China’s Leading Hand Shower Manufacturer

D&R Metal Industry is known as the most trusted hand shower manufacturer in China. We have been in this business for over 15 years now! D&R Metal Industry is very popular in China for its high-quality hand shower offered. As a leading hand shower manufacturer in China, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best services at a competitive price.

If you’re looking for a brand new shower or you need to change your shower, you’ve found it! D&R Metal Industry is professional bathroom designers that offer high-performance and reliable hand showers for your applications. D&R hand shower manufacturer from China is the right place to come!

D&R Metal Industry is an expert hand shower manufacturer in China that you can rely on! D&R Metal Industry is capable of manufacturing a wide range of hand showers as we’re well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and the most advanced technology.

D&R hand shower from us is fabricated by our modern manufacturing equipment. We have complete production capabilities to help lessen production time so we can manufacture your hand shower on time. In fact, our collection of high-quality hand shower combines award-winning design and first-class materials.

D&R hand shower we offer is designed to last a lifetime. Hand shower manufacturer in China chooses the highest quality materials for hand shower manufacturing. And it features the latest industry-leading technologies.

All of our D&R hand showers and accessories are inlined to some performance tests to ensure their functionality even after years of daily use. We guarantee that our brand new hand shower will not flake or peel and resists tarnishing.

D&R Metal Industry manufactures hand showers that are suitable for installation with high-pressure plumbing systems. They are made from multi-component silicone to ensure your shower experience will never compromise.

D&R Metal Industry is an expert hand shower manufacturer, designed to bring you more comfort with less water consumption. The D&R hand shower is powered by a mechanism, which infuses a water droplet with air. Thus, it is a perfect solution for maximizing the shower experience while saving resources.

As a leading hand shower manufacturer and supplier in China, we are dedicated to manufacturing all kinds of a hand shower with high-quality and high standards at a budget-friendly rate.

D&R Metal Industry is your one-stop hand shower provider in China! We can help you boom your business. Let D&R Metal Industry knows your concern about hand shower products, and we will work with you!

Rocket Your Business with D&R Hand Shower

Hand Shower: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you trying to figure out what Hand Shower is? This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Guide could help you comprehend what Hand Shower is.

In this FAQ guide, you’ll learn all the different ways of Hand Shower and their uses, benefits, features, applications, advantages, and other information that you may find here.

Is it Helpful to Use a Hand Shower?

A hand shower attachment is beneficial in reaching all body areas. It’s also great for rinsing anything out of the corners and on the shower walls when washing it.

What are the Goods of Using a Handheld Shower Head?

A handheld showerhead gives them control and can assist them in becoming accustomed to showering on their own.

  • Provide you with more control. Beneficial for the elderly and those who care for them.
  • Easy to install. Handheld showerheads are pretty simple to set up.
  • An effective way to clean. After scrubbing with just environmental cleanliness or drainage agent, handheld showerheads make it very easy to clean the shower.
  • Keep water bills low. When compared to specific other showerheads, hand wand shower heads use less water.
  • Offer great special features. Allowing the handheld showerhead to be positioned anywhere along with the slide.
  • Comfortable living space. In reality, it’s only one of the numerous ways folks aging in place can make life easier at home.
  • Allow the position of the handheld showerhead. Enable the handheld shower head’s location to go up and down a straight slide.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning. To achieve a clean finish, simply grab the showerhead and rinse the walls and tub.

Figure- 2 Hand Shower

Figure- 2 Hand Shower

Which Handheld Shower Spray is the Best?
  1. Multi-function handheld shower head
  2. Dual hand held shower head with hose and magnetic docking
  3. Six-function handheld shower head with eco-performance magnetic docking system
  4. LED handheld shower-head
  5. Fire hydrant spa handheld shower head
  6. Rain shower icon hand shower
  7. Microbubble shower head
  8. Handheld shower head with extra long hose and bracket holder
  9. Five function handheld showers set
  10. Magnetic handheld shower head
  11. Five hand shower sprays
  12. Stick hand shower
  13. Waterpik high-pressure power pulse massage hand-held
What is the Ideal Height for a Handheld Shower?

Shower controls should be placed between 40 and 80 inches above the floor. If you’re installing a sitting shower, you can turn the settings down slightly.

What Kind of Shower Head Should You Get?
  • Single Spray Shower Head
  • Ceiling Shower Head
  • Sliding Bar Shower Head
  • Handheld Shower Head
  • Rain Shower Head
  • Multiple Shower Heads
What is the Procedure for Turning on a Handheld Showerhead?
  • Single Handle Faucets- Spin the handle clockwise or counterclockwise to use them. They’re practical and straightforward to set up.
  • Double Handle Faucets- The most frequent faucets are those with two handles. By combining cold and hot water in varying quantities, they allow individuals to manage the temperature.
  • Triple Handle Faucets- They’re frequent in bathrooms with a bathtub that also serves as a shower.
  • Knob Handle Faucets- Knobs on these devices control the water flow from the showerhead. The majority of these knobs are made of clear acrylic.
  • Cross Handle Faucets-  To control water flow, cross handle faucets have two cross-shaped handles. These handles are formed in such a process that they implement a better grip while also improving the bathroom’s looks.
Why are Handheld Showerheads so Popular? 

Although the hand-held shower is convenient for seniors, it is sometimes better to relax, mainly if they are weary or in a wheelchair.

  • Flexible hose for ergonomic use You can even sit in the shower and get washed with an extra-long hose.
  • Easy shaving- Hand-held showerheads let you sit down in the shower and reach all parts of your legs more effortlessly.
  • Cleaning will be easier-You can either bring a bucket or spend a lot of time trying to fill your hands with water before dumping it onto the recently cleaned sections that are just out of reach.
Is it Better to have Removable Shower Heads?

A handheld showerhead is a great option for a fixed showerhead, particularly if you’re seeking water and energy-saving solutions.

What are the Benefits of a Hand Showerhead?
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable price
  • Built-in safety valve
  • Water-saving feature
  • Adjustable spray patterns
  • Durable construction
  • Versatile design
  • Low maintenance
  • Long-term effectiveness
  • Efficient usage
  • Less noise
  • Convenient storage
How do you take a Shower Using a Hand Held Shower?

Spin the handle clockwise or counterclockwise to use them. You typically handle a pair of knobs on the wall to turn on a showerhead. It is perhaps the most popular way.

Figure- 3 Hand Shower

Figure- 3 Hand Shower

Where Should you put your Hand in the Shower?

Hand showers work best when they’re installed on a vertical line that allows you to control the intensity and direction of the spray.

 Checklist for Shower Design- Choosing tile is only part of the process of designing a shower. It would be more important if you more reflected the following factors when choosing the proper shower:

  • Dimension and form
  • Cur bless/drain vs. pan/curb
  • Style of enclosure/door
  • Surfaces
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Steam
  • Sound
  • Controls and location of the shower
  • Showerhead selection and placement
  • Selection and placement of hand showers
  • Design and positioning of grab bars
In a Shower, What Does a Diverter Do?

The shower diverter’s purpose is to ensure that water flows freely between the showerhead and the bath faucet.

Is it Possible to add a Handheld Shower to a Showerhead that Already Exists?

You can also use a handheld showerhead with a tub spout that has a diverter fitting. You may convert an existing shower or tub into a handheld shower with one of several adapter kits:

  • Standard fitting
  • Cross-tee diverter fitting
  • Tub spout diverter valve


1. Using a Standard Fitting, Add a Handheld Showerhead

  • Connect the Showerhead Base
  • Connect the Hose
  • Bracket for Wall Installation

2. Using a Cross-Tee Diverter Fitting to Add a Handheld Shower

  • Place the Cross-Tee Fitting in place.
  • Reattach the showerhead.
  • Should be connected the flexible hose

3. Using a Tub Spout Diverter Valve, Add a Hand-Held Shower

  • Should be removed tub spout
  • Substitute the traditional spout and return it with a new one.
  • Install the slide bar
  • Should be connected flexible hose
What are the Many Uses of Hand Showers?

Hand showers are becoming increasingly common in today’s showers, and with good cause.

  • Ideal for washing pets.
  • Enhanced rinsing of the entire body
  • Cleaning the shower is much easier.
  • Massage with water
  • Accessibility and flexibility in placement
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