Brass Gas Ball Valve

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Brass Gas Ball Valve

D&R brass gas ball valves are forged to attain the highest level of accuracy and leak-free operation. Every part of our brass gas ball valve is precisely fabricated to prevent possible pinhole leakages.

As an OEM brass gas ball valve manufacturer in China, we design versatile valves for all gas applications. Whether you want brass ball valves for natural gas, liquefied gas, or a mixture of gas and air, D&R uses high-grade brass material for a long service life span.

As a trusted China brass gas ball valve supplier, we offer tailored designs for your specific needs. Talk to the D&R team now for custom brass gas ball valve designs.

D&R Brass Gas Ball Valve

Quality Certification

Unlike other brass ball valve suppliers, D&R valves are tested for 100% leak-free operation and optimal durability. We design our gas brass ball valves according to the CSA 9.1, API 598, FCI 70-2, ASME B 16.44, and ANSI Z21.15 quality standards requirements.

With D&R strict quality protocols, we can serve all your needs for brass gas ball valve replacement requirements. Additionally, we adhere to all the stipulated Gas Appliance Regulation requirements in our gas brass valve designs, assembly, and testing.

Quality Certification

Why Choose D&R Brass Ball Valves for Gas Applications

  • Robust construction ensures our brass ball valves for natural gas are safe, dependable, and reliable.
  • Stem with blow-out-proof design guarantees optimal performance
  • PTFE seats and O-rings for tight sealing and 100% leak-proof design
  • Easy turn ON/OFF with strategically positioned handle for easy operation
  • D&R offers leaver and T-handle designs for easy operation with about ¼ turn mode. Our brass gas valves have a distinct yellow handle.
  • Wide range of working pressure and temperature
  • Custom end connections
  • Fire-safe and anti-static design

With the D&R brass gas ball valve portfolio, you can choose from our trunnion-mounted or floating ball designs. As a safety measure, D&R valves feature cavity relief design to prevent pressure build-up. You can request our valves catalogs here.

Where to Use D&R Gas Brass Ball Valves

From oil to gas industries, our valves have been deployed in the most demanding applications to control, regulate or stop gas flow.

Our brass gas ball valves offer a safe and precise control solution in commercial buildings.

Home Applications

You can install D&R gas brass valves in your LPG or other gas systems in your homes.

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