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What Is Brass Bibcock

A brass bibcock is a faucet or taps made of brass, with its nozzle facing downwards. They are quarter-turn valves with mostly a male ending and hose coupling.

1'2 inch Brass Bibcock

This 1/2 inch brass bibcock is a great replacement for an outside tap. No deformation and rust after long-time usage. You can custom products with your unique design.

Brass Bibcock with Aluminum Handle

Brass bibcock with aluminum handle is made of sturdy material, assures long-term durability. D&R has a broad range of bibcock with handles that can fit your budget.

Brass Valve Bibcock

This brass valve bibcock fully complies with environmental protection requirements. It is available in competitive factory price.

Golden Polished Brass Bibcock

D&R golden polished brass bibcock has a flawless finish and it’s easy to install. Whatever your project might be, we can support your brass water valve orders.


Hose Brass Bibcock

This hose brass bibcock is ideal for outdoor and garden use. It has excellent corrosion resistance, rust, and temperature. All products are strictly tested before shipping.

Round Brass Bibcock

At D&R, we offer a wide range of round brass bibcock. You can found different versions, such as wall-mounted, deck-mounted, washing machine mounted, etc.

Silver Brass Bibcock

Silver brass bibcock can be applied in water and/or on-causticity liquid. D&R will choose the best material to ensure the quality of the product.

Wall mounted Brass Bibcock

Wall-mounted brass bibcock is suitable for bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor applications. You can custom products based on your local standards.

Washing Machine Brass Bibcock

Washing machine brass bibcock features a beautiful ergonomic design, superior looks, and prolonged durability. D&R will provide samples for you to check.

Lockable Brass Bibcock

Lockable brass bibcock is suitable for use in domestic and industrial situations. In the delivery of water or oil, D&R bibcock quality stands out. D&R is your one-stop solution for all your bibcock needs.

Outdoor Garden Brass Bibcock

Outdoor garden brass bibcock minimum order is 3000 pcs. This is made of 100% brass, sturdy material. Suitable for wash basin, kitchen, and bathtub use.

Forging Brass Bibcock

This forging brass bibcock available at the best prices. The application includes bathroom, kitchen, and other related uses. Forging brass bibcock can be customized to unique drawings.

D&R Brass Bibcock

As one of the leading brass bibcock manufacturers, D&R Metal Industry offers a range of products comes in a variety of sizes, colors, style, and finishes.

We have D&R Brass Bibcock that can fit your requirements and budget. Plus, we can provide customized solutions and after-sales services too. You can trust D&R on the entire development of your brass bibcock. Contact us!

Brass Valve & Fitting Manufacturer

Boom Your Business with D&R Brass Bibcock

D&R Metal Industry – Your Best Brass Bibcock Manufacturer in China

D&R brass bibcock is designed to be operated the amount of liquid flow commonly used for connecting hoses for various household tasks.

D&R has all types of brass bibcock for residential and commercial uses. Whether you have Big projects or business requirements, brass bibcock from R&R Metal Industry is your best choice.

D&R has a wide range of elegant, stylish, and durable brass bibcock. It is made of sturdy 100% brass materials, can last for many years even with heavy uses.

D&R brass bibcock offers unmatched sustainability and long-term durability, unlike plastic. You can ensure efficient performance, smooth water flows your customers are looked after.

At D&R Metal Industry, you will have multiple selections of brass bibcock with your preferences. There are many styles, designs, sizes, colors, and other options. We have a brass biblock suitable for both, hot and cold water.

Plus, you can found wall-mounted, basin mounted, deck mounted, and other versions. If you choose to shop with D&R, you’ll get affordable direct factory-price brass bibcock for your business.

D&R offers a broad range of brass bibcock that can fit your budget requirements. Moreover, all our products can also be customized to customer’s layouts. As a leading supplier, we can help you in the entire product development.

From material selection, casting, forging, machining, assembly to testing, all has been improved with our modern facility and high-tech production equipment.

We are engaged in presenting brass bibcock offering high resistance to corrosion, temperature, and rust, making it function longer and operate efficiently. With such properties, our product has been widely appreciated in the market.

D&R Metal Industry manufacture product under strict quality. Our lab will test your brass bibcock to ensure quality and reliability.

Also, you’ll get a material testing report, product inspection report, and all details before shipping. You will get to track every production process, so no need to worry at all. Everything will be handled smoothly.

For more than 15 years in development, D&R Metal Industry has been one of the leading manufacturers of brass bibcock in China. Send us your requirements now, we will give you something different!


Brass Bibcock: The Ultimate Guide

In this guide, we explore all there is to know about brass bibcock. Right from the parts, how they operate, their installation, available sizes, etc.

Parts of Brass Bibcock

Brass bibcock

 Brass bibcock

Below are the key parts of a brass bibcock.


The body is made out of brass. It is the part that encloses the other inner components of the brass bibcock.


It is the part fixed to the pipe to ensure the connection is watertight.


It fastens the hose coupling to the mainframe or body.

Rubber Stopper

It either blocks or permits the flow of water when the handle is turned


It is attached to the handle to control the movement of the ball. It is connected to both the handle and the ball.


It is the topmost part of the brass bibcock used in controlling the operation of the entire valve.


It is also referred to as a seal ring. It offers the sitting surface for the ball.


Manifold is a connector of the valve and the hose coupling.

Hose Coupling

It is the lowermost part of the brass bibcock. It protrudes, making it possible for one to fix a hose pipe.

Parts of bibcock

 Parts of bibcock

How Brass Bibcock Works

The key role of the brass bibcock is to hold the water back until when we want to use it.

To better understand its functioning, let us first consider how water rises to where the bibcock is.

The water rises from ground-level pipes to the bibcock due to pressure differences.

The pressure from the ground-level pipes is high, forcing the water to rise.

If the opposite were to occur, the water would not flow to the bibcock.

Evidently, the water in the pipes is in motion due to pressure.

However, the bibcock is blocking it from flowing. How? Through a rubber stopper that seals the opening.

When the brass bibcock is turned on, the rubber stopper moves away from the opening permiting the flow.

After you are done with the water and turn off the bibcock, the rubber stopper again covers the opening.

Types of Brass Bibcock

Mostly you will encounter brass ball bibcock since this is the most demanded bibcock. However, brass ball bibcock does differ in terms of their handles.

Below are the three main handle types that distinguish one brass bibcock from another.

Different handles for brass bibcock

 Different handles for brass bibcock

Brass Handle

Some brass bibcock has brass handles that are T-shaped. These handles are entirely made out of brass.

Flat-steel Handle

This is the handle type used by most quarter-turn valves. The body is made out of steel which can be coated with plastic.

Key Lever`

A brass bibcock with a key lever has no handle installed. Meaning, you can add a handle or a valve interlock to the key lever.

Apart from the handle types, brass bibcocks are also distinguished in terms of how the number of outlets they have.

One-way Brass Bibcock

This is the typical brass bibcock with only one outlet. Its operation is straightforward, water comes in through one end and exits on the other when the brass bibcock is turned on.

One way bibcock drawing

One-way bibcock drawing

Two – Way / Two in One/ Dual Brass Bibcock

This type of brass bibcock has gained popularity and is being used in most bathrooms due to its duality. It has two outlets, meaning one can function as a hand shower or washing basin to one outlet and the other still operates as a normal bibcock.

Our two-way brass bibcock comes in two main varieties, double handle or single handle.

 Two way bibcock

Two way bibcock

Available Sizes of Brass Bibcock

The sizes of our brass bibcock valves range from ½ inch to 1 inch. The common sizes available are the ½ inch, ¾ inch, and 1 inch.

The sizes also determine the brass bibcock’s length and total weight. Generally, the 1-inch brass bibcock has more weight and is longer than the ½ inch one.

Color Options for Brass Bibcock

Most brass bibcocks adopt the golden color of brass. Although, some that are coated with silver will have a silvery appearance on the outside.

Thus, brass bibcock valves only come in either gold or silver.

Commonly, the handles are the part of a brass bibcock valve that would vary in color. This is because they are coated with plastic, which has various colors to choose from.

Do note that, unlike brass bibcock, plastic bibcock has a range of colors to choose from.

Factors Affecting Lifespan of Brass Bibcock

The lifespan of a brass bibcock is greatly determined by how regular maintenance is done on it. Outlined are some key factors that will spell out how long a brass bibcock will last.

Operating Conditions

You should ensure that you are using the brass bibcock under specific pressure and temperature. Also, ensure that the fluid being passed is not extremely corrosive.

Although brass can tolerate relatively high pressure and temperature, the extremity of either of the two can damage it, reducing the bibcock’s lifespan.

Nonetheless, passing corrosive fluid or water with a high chlorine concentration will lead to dezincification, which will corrode the bibcock, reducing its functionality.

Maintenance and Repair

Leaving the brass bibcock for an extended period without carrying out maintenance and repair will shorten its lifespan.

Maintaining and repairing your brass bibcock regularly will help you notice and repair damaged parts on time.


The stronger the brass bibcock, the more durable it will be. It will have the ability to withstand harsh temperatures and extreme pressure conditions.


Shoddy and rush installation may result in problems that may damage the brass bibcock.

For example, not supporting the pipe and the brass bibcock efficiently may damage the bibcock.


If you are looking to use your brass bibcock for a lengthy period, ensure you purchase a quality one.

You can do this by only buying from certified manufacturers or suppliers. A substandard brass bibcock will serve you for a short time.

How Brass Bibcock compare to Plastic Bibcock

Plastic bibcock

Plastic bibcock

Brass bibcock

 Brass bibcock

The two function similarly, only that they differ in their material make-up.

While brass bibcock is primarily made out of brass and other metals, plastic bibcock is made entirely out of plastic.

Also, plastic bibcock is available in various colors, whereas brass bibcock is mostly either golden yellow or silver.

Concerning the parts, both the brass bibcock and plastic bibcock have similar parts.

In terms of durability, because brass is a metal alloy, brass bibcock can withstand high temperature and pressure, making it more durable.

Nonetheless, brass bibcock is more corrosion resistant than plastic bibcock.

How to Customize Brass Bibcock

Customizing bibcock will depend on your preference and the agreement you have with the manufacturer.

For example, if you intend to install a hosepipe to the bibcock, you can go far a bibcock with a hose coupling.

This will help you fix the hose pipe on the brass bibcock with ease.

Also, you can request the manufacturer to customize the handle design, shape of the bibcock, and appearance (either gold or silver).

Importantly, for a manufacturer to agree to customize your brass bibcock, there is usually a minimum order you have to agree to purchase. Mostly, the minimum order is usually set at 1000 brass bibcocks.

Factors Affecting Brass Bibcock Price

The prices of brass bibcocks vary due to several reasons such as;

  • Design – The more complex or complicated the design is, the more the cost.
  • Size – Brass bibcocks that are large are more expensive than the smaller ones.
  • Type – One-way brass bibcock has a fairly cheaper price than the two-way brass bibcock
  • Mode of purchase – If you are importing the bibcock, the customs duties may add up to the total price of the bibcock, making it costly.
  • Brass quality – Brass bibcock made from high-quality brass is more durable, making them attract a higher price tag.
  • Manufacturer – The prices of manufacturers do vary. A manufacturer or supplier can set a high or low price depending on the market demand.
  • Customization – A customized brass bibcock might be slightly costly than a regular brass bibcock.
  • Handles – Apart from the body, a lot goes into designing the handles. Modern brass bibcocks have flexible and exquisitely designed handles, which increases the price of the entire bibcock.

Benefits of using Brass to Manufacture Bibcock

Brass has high corrosion resistance, making it ideal. This means that if the bibcock is used to pass hard water, it will still last longer.

Also, the usage of brass to manufacture most plumbing materials has increased over time.

As a result, finding replacement parts for a brass bibcock is easier than bibcocks made from other materials.

Additionally, brass can tolerate high pressure and temperature, making it an ideal material compared to other materials like plastic.

For a manufacturer, brass has good machinability and is easy to bend and shape, making it more preferred when manufacturing a bibcock.

Unlike bibcocks made from materials such as bronze, steel, and plastic, brass bibcocks have an aesthetic value attached to them.

As such, they are most preferred in many top-class buildings.

Lastly, quality brass is strong, making the brass bibcocks more durable and less costly.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Brass Bibcock

You need to consider several factors to select a brass bibcock that will meet your needs. Discussed below are the top factors you ought to keep in mind.


The first thing is to know how much you are willing to spend. There are a variety of brass bibcocks with different prices. You can reach out to a manufacturer or a supplier for a catalog that will guide you on the prices of various brass bibcocks.


You ought to know where you will mount the brass bibcock, on the wall or sink. This will guide your choice on which design of brass bibcock to choose from.


How you plan to use the brass bibcock will guide your choice. For example, if you need a dual-functioning brass bibcock, then a two-way brass bibcock will be the most ideal.


If you are an aesthete, then this is a huge consideration. Our brass bibcocks come in various designs and finishes. You can opt for a basic design brass bibcock or a more colorful, smooth, and complex design.


The space where you intend to fix the brass bibcock should be sufficient. You should not squeeze or force a brass bibcock.

Also, you can order customized brass bibcocks. This way, you can get the brass bibcock that you desire and, at the same time, fits perfectly in the allocated space.

Recommended Quality Standards for Brass Bibcock

Our brass bibcock adheres to the following quality standards:

  • ISO 9001: 2008, which dictates the bibcock’s fabrication
  • ISO 228-1 detailing the male threading on the bibcock
  • Directive 97/23/CE
  • ASME B16.34
  • API Test Standards

Surface Finishes available for Brass Bibcock

The two major surface finishing for brass bibcock are:

Chrome Surface Finishing

It involves plating the outside part of the brass bibcock with chromium. This is the most common type of finishing you are likely to encounter.

Chrome surface finishing can either be decorative or hard depending on the thickness of the chromium applied. The brass bibcock will have a silvery appearance after the finishing.

Antique Surface Finishing

The surface finishing of a brass bibcock can be in the form of an antique. After crafting the bibcock with brass, a bronze antique can be incorporated, giving the bibcock an exquisite look.

Aesthetes most prefer this type of finishing.

Uses of Brass Bibcock

Brass bibcock can be used indoors or outdoors. Indoors, brass bibcocks are installed majorly in the bathroom, kitchen, or any sinks within the house.

Outdoors, brass bibcock is used to connect hosepipes used for watering gardens, loans or washing pavements, cars, etc.

Mounting Options for Brass Bibcock

Luxury brass bibcock

Luxury brass bibcock

Brass bibcock can either be mounted on the wall, on a sink, or a firm/metal pipe.

The Wall mount bibcock has male threading at the side opposite the outlet.

Brass bibcock mounted on the sink usually have the male-threaded inlet at the lower part, just above the handle.

If you plan to install the brass bibcock outside on a vertical pipe, we can customize either of the two mounting options.

Considerations when Installing Brass Bibcock

Before installing the brass bibcock, ensure that it is a perfect fit and ideal for the specific environment.

After which, you can proceed to do the following:

  • Ensure that the piping is clean and has no objects to block the bibcock. The threads of both the bibcock and the piping/fitting should also be clean.
  • Check that the connecting pipes are well aligned for the proper functioning of the bibcock. Also, the threads should not be too long.
  • Ensure that the piping has enough support to prevent any strain on the bibcock. This is mostly applicable when installing the brass bibcock outdoors.
  • The sealing materials must be approved and be up to the set quality standards.
  • Make sure you use an adjustable spanner or an open-ended spanner and not a monkey wrench when screwing the brass bibcock.
  • Avoid using a vice to tighten the fixings of the brass bibcock.
  • Lastly, do not exceed a torque of 30 Nm when tightening the brass bibcock.

How Brass Bibcock compare to Brass Faucet

A brass bibcock is the same as a brass faucet. A faucet is a device for controlling the flow of liquid, usually water, from a pipe. A bibcock also does the same, and it can be described as a faucet that is inclined downwards.

Importantly, a faucet is still the same as a tap. The latter is in British English while the former is in American English.

Limitations of Brass Bibcock

Despite its many advantages, brass bibcock has its downside. These include:

Usage of brass bibcock is limited to passing liquid with low chlorine concentration. High chlorine concentration will lead to dezincification which will corrode the bibcock.

Also, if brass is continuously exposed to humidity, it is likely to corrode and age over time.

How Brass Bibcock compare to Stainless Steel Bibcock

Stainless steel bibcock

 Stainless steel bibcock

 Brass bibcock

 Brass bibcock

The two bibcocks are similar in their functioning except for the material composition.

As the names suggest, brass bibcock has brass as its main composition while the latter is majorly stainless steel.

First, in terms of aging and corrosion, stainless steel bibcock has the upper hand.

When exposed to humidity and extreme temperatures for an extended period, brass will corrode.

However, stainless steel will remain unscathed.

Considering replacement and maintenance costs, brass bibcock has a higher cost than stainless steel bibcock.

Reason being, stainless steel bibcock is more durable and not easily corroded compared to brass bibcock.

In terms of usage, stainless steel bibcock is preferred in the food industry due to its rust and corrosion-resistant properties.

The usage of brass bibcock is permitted in the food industry only if it has a lead-free certification.

Causes of Leakage in Brass Bibcock

Incidences of your brass bibcock can be caused by a range of mistakes right from the selection stage to the usage of the bibcock. Below are some key causes of brass bibcock leakages:

  • If the brass bibcock was not a perfect fit, either too large or too small, for the piping; it is likely to start leaking in the future.
  • If you did not use the correct sealing material during installation, the bibcock will start to leak after some time.
  • Also, if you are using the bibcock incorrectly or applying a lot of force, you may end up damaging some of the parts leading to leakage.
  • An excessive water pressure might overwhelm the brass bibcock making it start leaking.
  • Nonetheless, the parts of the bibcock may start to loosen over time, thus making the bibcock not to function effectively.
  • Lastly, if the O-rings, which act as a waterproof seal, become loose or damaged, the brass bibcock will become leaky.

How to Turn Brass Bibcock ON/OFF

Brass bibcock has various operating mechanisms. Depending on the bibcock you purchase, here are some options available for turning it on or off.

Raising or Lowering the Handle

This method has gained traction in most brass bibcock used in buildings. You raise or lower the handle to turn the bibcock on or off, respectively.


Automatic operation of brass bibcock is common in many commercial buildings and institutions. The brass bibcock is turned either on or off by a sensor that detects objects, such as hands.

If the sensor detects an object, it instantly turns on the brass bibcock. The reverse applies if the object goes out of the sensor’s range.

Quarter Turn

This is mainly for brass ball bibcock with handles. To turn the brass bibcock on, you turn it at an angle of 45o. To turn it off, you do the reverse.


Although not common nowadays, to turn on some brass bibcock, you will need to rotate the handle at 360o. As you rotate it, the barrier is raised, permitting liquid flow. To turn the bibcock off you do the opposite.

When to Replace Brass Bibcock

One thing is for sure, you will need to replace your brass bibcock at one point in time. Here are some insights to know if the time is right for you to carry out a replacement.

  • The age of the brass bibcock – If your brass bibcock is well over 15-20 years, it is advisable you start budgeting for a new one.
  • Efficiency – Modern brass bibcock is more efficient than their predecessors. As such, if you are looking for an efficient brass bibcock, you ought to consider carrying out a replacement.
  • Constant repair – An outright sign to replace your brass bibcock is if you are constantly repairing it. Buying a new brass bibcock will save you frequent repair costs.
  • Leakage – If your brass bibcock is leaking even after carrying out repairs, you should consider making a replacement.
  • Damaged mounting surface – Although it is not an obvious sign for repair, if the mounting surface gets damaged, there is a likelihood that the damage may have extended to the brass bibcock. Consequently, you may need to repair or replace the brass bibcock.


Valves to Install alongside Brass Bibcock

For a plumbing system to function efficiently, installing only one valve will not do the trick. Various valves have to be installed at different positions.

This helps in carrying out maintenance and detecting any problems.

Valves that can be used along brass bibcock include:

  • Pressure-reducing valves– For regulating the pressure of the liquid passing through the bibcock.
  • Fixture shutoff/ Stop valves – For controlling water flow to the bibcock.
  • Butterfly valves – For adjusting the volume of flow.
  • Check valve –For preventing backflow in low-pressure conditions.
  • Globe valves – For regulating or throttling the flow of water.
  • Ball valves – For shutting off the main water supply or branch lines.
  • Gate valves – For closing off water supply similarly to ball valves.

Purpose of Aerators in Brass Bibcock

Aerators are small screens fixed at the base of the bibcock’s mounting surface, commonly sinks. They are designed to reduce the bibcock’s water flow by mixing water with air.

The two major purposes of aerators in brass bibcock are:

  • Prevention of splashing – By reducing the water volume coming out of the bibcock.
  • Shaping water coming out of the Bibcock – By creating a straight, evenly pressured water flow.
  • Conserve water – By reducing water flow.
  • Increases pressure – By creating buildup pressure as the water passes through the screens.

How to Prevent Backflow of Water through Brass Bibcock

A simple definition of water backflow is water flowing in the wrong direction.

This may happen due to two reasons;

  • Backpressure, which forces water to flow in the opposite direction, or
  • Back-siphonage, which occurs when the pressure in the main system is less than the pressure in the piping

You can prevent the backflow of water through brass bibcock by installing a hose bib backflow preventer.

It has a spring that allows only the unidirectional flow of water.

The spring closes in case of pressure drop, and a valve opens to let out the back flowing water.

To prevent backflow in your pipes, that is, before the water reaches the brass bibcock, you can install any of the below:



Important Design Features of Brass Bibcock

Some of the most common design features include:


You should look at the threading on the brass bibcock.  A bibcock with self-locking male threading is simple and easy to install.

Spout Position

The spout’s design, length, and position is a key design feature. It will determine whether the brass bibcock will fit the allocated installation space.


There are various types of handles for brass bibcock. The type of handle will also dictate the brass bibcock space needs to operate efficiently. For example, a rising handle requires more space than a 360o turn handle.

Flexible Extensions

A brass bibcock can be fitted with flexible extensions that make its use ideal in tight spaces.

Non-return Valve

Some brass bibcock comes fitted with non-return valves which help prevent any incidences of backflow.


Finishing as a design feature is crucial for decoration and aesthetic purposes. The antique finishing of brass bibcock is appealing to aesthetes.

Causes of Failure in Brass Bibcock

The major causes of brass bibcock failure are:

  • Wearing out of the seals over time leading to leakage.
  • Poor pipe connections interrupting the flow of water to the bibcock.
  • Worn out O-rings that may result to leakage near the handle’s base.
  • Blockage of the bibcock’s orifice by solid residue or materials.
  • Corrosion caused by passing water with high chlorine concentration.

Safety Features of Brass Bibcock

Brass bibcock are used for various applications including passing cold water. As such, our brass bibcock used for passing hot liquids have the below safety features:

  • Low pressure delivery of water to prevent the hot water from splashing.
  • A safety button that only lets out water when pressed thus there is no risk of forgetting to turn off the bibcock.

For normal brass bibcock, we have safety features such as:

  • Non-return valve.
  • Easy to use and instant response handle.
  • Use of quality brass to ensure the bibcock is strong.

Difference between Mechanical and Electronics Brass Bibcock

Electronic brass bibcock is automatically turned on or off through the aid of sensors.

On the other hand, mechanical brass bibcock is operated manually via handles.

When the sensors in the automatic brass bibcock detect an object, such as a hand, they open the valve permitting water flow.

When the object is withdrawn from the sensors’ reach, the valve is closed, restricting water flow.

The mechanical brass bibcock operates with either quarter-turn, 360o turn, or up/down handles. You either rotate or lift the handle, depending on the design, to close or open the bibcock.

Notably, electronic brass bibcock is mostly used in buildings, whereas mechanical brass bibcock is used indoors and outdoors.

Operating Temperature Rating for Brass Bibcock

The operating temperature for our brass bibcock ranges between -20oC to 75oC.

Recommended Pressure Rating for Brass Bibcock

The operating pressure rating for most of our brass bibcock is PN15.

How to Verify Quality of Brass Bibcock

A straightforward method of verifying the certifications of the manufacturer.

All quality manufacturers must have an ISO certification and industrial permit in the industry’s locality.

Ensure that the brass bibcock has passed the internationally accepted tests and standards, i.e., API and ASME.

These can be obtained on the package or alternatively can be offered by the manufacturer or supplier upon request.

Connection Options for Brass Bibcock

Some of the most common connection option include:

Flanged Brass Bibcock

Flanged brass bibcock are bolted to the pipes and the gap left is sealed using sealing materials such as gaskets, spray guards, etc.

Threaded Brass Bibcock

These are the common type of brass bibcock connections. These type of bibcock have male threads (threads) are on the outside.

It is screwed into pipes with interlocking female threads.

A seal tape can be added to ensure the connection is water tight.

API Test Standards for Brass Bibcock

API Test standards 598 set a pressure threshold for various valves, including the brass bibcock, to attain. The tests include:

  • Shell test
  • Backseat test
  • Low-pressure closure test
  • High-pressure closure test
  • Visual examination of castings
  • High-pressure pneumatic shell test

These tests examine the bibcock’s pressure capacity and any leakages at the prescribed pressure ratings.

ASME Requirements for Brass Bibcock

Brass bibcock should be manufactured according to ASME B16.34.

This standard dictates the pressure-temperature ratings, tolerances, materials, dimensions, examinations, and markings for the flanged and threaded brass bibcock.

As you can see, there are many factors you should consider before purchasing brass bibcock.

At D&R Metal Industry, we design and manufacture a range of brass bibcock depending on you specific needs and requirements.

Talk to us today for all your brass bibcock from China.

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