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D&R has always been committed to making high-quality metal valves and valve fittings. For over ten years we have developed brass domestic valves such as brass ball valves, brass gate valves, check valves, angle valves, float valves, etc. However, we also produce a wide range of valves and fittings in bronze, stainless steel, zinc alloy, and nickel and chrome plated. Today, our D&R showerheads and garden fittings are very popular. Our customers have a very high return rate and we have built up a good reputation over the past decade. We welcome your inquiries.


It has been 6 years since I bought products from D&R as their quality and service are consistent. Brass stop valves, brass garden hose fittings, and brass angle valves are all well done. So I can have more time and energy to expand my business to new customers and markets.


I had a brass locking ball valve with the municipality with a special product design and had some suppliers make a prototype without success. It’s been giving me a headache not being able to make  this type of brass locking ball valve. Finally, D&R made it work for me.


D&R once asked me why I had chosen to work with them for so many years, I think it’s been over a decade since we worked together. We all know that there are too many suppliers in China to choose from. But when I told them descriptions, they can always know very quickly exactly what I and my customers want.


Before working with D&R, my main product was PPR pipes. D&R recommended me many valves that suited my market and after three years, I am now selling far more valves than PPR pipes and my warehouse is getting bigger and bigger as I rent it out. During the epidemic, many customers came to our company by phone to order products.


We buy a lot of brass valves and fittings every year, but the price competition for this brass product has always been fierce. Fortunately, I have a partner in D&R, who has been supplying me consistently for almost 11 years now and so far so good.


I used to import garden hose fittings and shower hands from China 6 years ago but it didn’t work out in the market, I think it was probably the price and some of the looks that didn’t give the customer a good feeling, I met D&R at a show 4 years ago and they helped me get this product back up.


I choose D&R because they always tell me the truth, they explain why those manifolds and quick couplings look the same as other factories’, but the price will be different, what will I get for a different price, and their information helps me make a better choice.


The epidemic made everything look even tougher. D&R is a company that has been in business for more than 10 years and is an old supplier of mine, and at this time, I thought a safe supplier and product like D&R could be with me through this, and they would also give me advice or help me optimize my product design to make my products sell better.


We mainly do some bespoke products for our customers, and every time I provide drawings to D&R, they give me quick and right feedbacks. The samples they made were almost exactly what we wanted. They have a pretty high success rate in quoting me, and the products are good, and the customers often give me backorders.

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