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Brass Check Valve

D&R brass check valves are also called brass non-return valves, brass one-way valves, or brass retention valves. Our brass one-way valves are made from high-grade brass material to prevent backflow in fluid systems. Therefore, these brass non-return valves will automatically close in case fluid flows in a reverse direction.

Being a trusted brass check valve manufacturer, D&R engineers will help you during the design process, fabrication, and quality testing. We ensure your brass check valve meets the minimum cracking pressure for proper functioning.

Why Brass in Check Valves

We use high-grade brass material for check valve housing, disc, and hinge components.

This way, the D&R non-return brass valves remain durable, with exceptional performance in most applications involving mineral oil, drinking oil, and compressed. Although dezincification is a common phenomenon with most one-way brass valves, our DZR brasses offer a perfect solution.  Our DRZ brasses are lead-free.

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D&R Brass Non-return Valves Work

Our brass check valves depend on the flowing fluid for their operation. The fluid will open the brass non-return check valve. Whenever there is a backflow, D&R brass one-way valves will automatically close.

Furthermore, D&R brass retention valves are tested for optimal sensitivity. Any backflow will ensure the non-return brass valve automatically closes.

Types of D&R Brass Check Valves

Our non-return brass valves come in many configurations depending on clients’ requirements. Among the common classification include:

  • By size – we have the 1-inch brass check valve, 2-inch brass check valve, etc.
  • By design – brass air check valve, brass ball check valve, brass double check valve, brass flanged check valve, NPT threaded end brass check valves, brass inline check valve, brass wafer check valve, brass swing check valve, brass spring loaded check valve, bras single check valve, and many more.

At D&R, we can customize our high-quality brass check valves according to customer requests. Don’t worry about the brass check valve prices, D&R engineers will help you get the perfect option. You can check D&R brass check valve inventory or fill out our online quote form.

Where to Use D&R Brass One-way Valves

The brass check valve for well pump prevents possible backflow and ensures continuous flow which can damage components.

Brass swing check valves are perfect for most filtration systems to prevent possible contamination.

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