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Your Reliable Brass Valves & Fittings Manufacturer

Your Reliable Brass Valves & Fittings Manufacturer

D&R metal industry specialized in brass valves and fittings manufacturing, we can provide you any types of brass valves or fittings, you can order our standard design valves and fittings or send us your customized drawing or idea, we can always satisfy your needs.

You will get our best solution based on your brass valves and fitting requirement, whether you need them for any industry, D&R support team will always here to help your business. Just send us your requirement, and get an instant quote within 8 working hours.

How We Manufacture Your Brass Valves & Fittings

Material Bar

Get the brass material from the top 3 manufacturers based on your order quantity.

Material Testing
Material Testing

Make very strict quality testing on the brass material, only when the brass material pass our testing, then we arrange your order production


Forge your brass valves or fittings into the right shape based on your drawing

D&R Provides Excellent Services, High-quality Products, and Rich Experience

Sand Blasting
Sand Blasting and Edge Cutting

Polishing the surface of your brass valves and fittings with the perfect look.

CNC Machining
CNC Machining

This is the most important process to manufacture your valves or fittings, especially for high precision products.

Brass Plating
Clean and Plating

Make different plating according to your order details, like the thickness, the color, the plating material, and the test standard

Your Valves and Fittings are Carefully Processed and Strictly Inspected

Brass Valves Assembly

Get the final product from different parts. D&R has over 20 employees on this process to ensure the order lead time even in peak season like CNY

Gas Pressure Testing
Pressure Testing

We will test the products 100% by air pressure, then moving to the process for drying and packaging

PPR Non Return Valve Inspection
PPR Fittings Inspection

Routine inspection is an important step in the production and delivery process in D&R Metal Industry. Not just PPR fittings, but any product manufactured by D&R is subjected to inspection.

Production Processing of D&R Other Related Products

Metal Stamping
Custom Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is one of D&R’s points of the competition. Because we can advise you on design and provide solutions from a technical point of view as well as from a marketing point of view.

Automated Machining
Robotic Arm Automated Machining

Using a robotic arm for automatic machining can improve production efficiency and reduce the controllable error rate.

Specialized Machine for CNC
Specialized Machine for CNC

Special machine for CNC has the advantages of fast speed and large batch. If you need to order valves&fittings in large quantities, please contact us!

Assembly is Also a Technical Task

Zinc Bibcock Assembly
The Most Complete Assembly of Zinc Bibcock

After all the parts have been produced, they should be assembled together. The assemble includes install the valve seat, stem, and ball, then glued, install cover, and tighten.

Knitted Hose Assembly
Assembly of Braided Tubes/Knitted Hose

We use EPDM tube to make the perfect braided tube/stainless steel flexible hose. We use high-quality tubes and 7 lines SS304/SS201/Aluminum/Nylon wires to make sure no leak.

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