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D&R Brass ball valves use a “round ball” with a bore in its cross-section to control fluid flow. For accurate operation, our technicians ensure the ball perfectly rests on valve seats and body for minimal pressure drop and flow restriction.

Our ball valves are made from high-grade brass material for tough structure, high temperature, and chemical resistance. D&R uses brass for the valve body and brass or chrome-plated balls. While the brass ball valve handles may be steel with sleeves.

As a premier brass valve manufacturer in China, our engineers will support you throughout the customization process.

Why Choose D&R Brass Ball Valve

At every stage, D&R engineers strive to ensure you get perfect brass valves for all your regular use.

  • Fast closing and opening with strategically positioned handle by quarter turn operation
  • Sturdy structure carefully assembled for leak-proof operation
  • Competitive prices
  • Blow-out proof brass ball valve design
  • Locking ball valve handle
  • Venting capability to release air
  • Best for high and low-pressure applications

Manual vs Actuator Ready D&R Brass Ball Valve

D&R has manual brass valves. The operator will have to open and close the ball valve. These are some of the most common valves we offer. Alternatively, D&R offers actuator-ready brass ball valves. Our team will teach you how to integrate these ball valves for your automated systems and remote-controlled operations. They are ISO 5211 compliant.

Type of D&R Brass Ball Valves

At D&R we understand the varying needs of our customers. A reason D&R brass valves are available in many standard and custom configurations such as:

  • Based on size – you can choose a 2-inch brass ball valve, 3-inch brass ball valve, brass ball valve 1″, etc.
  • Mode of operation – 3-way brass ball valve
  • Connection mechanism – threaded brass ball valve such as Female NPT, flanged brass ball valves
  • Different bore profiles – full bore brass ball valve, reduced bore ball valve, long bonnet, balancing, etc.

As an experienced brass ball valve manufacturer, our engineers will help you get the right configuration. Even when you need a heavy-duty brass ball valve, the D&R team will skillfully forge, machine, and assemble high-performance valves for your requirements.  Additionally, D&R may integrate a latch-locking mechanism.

Where to Use D&R Brass Ball Valve

Resistance to biofouling, anti-microbial, and resistance to most chemicals makes the D&R brass valve perfect for most food industries.

They are resistant to most chemicals hence, perfect for most industrial brass ball valves.

Resistance to corrosion, durability, and toughness makes the valves best for oil and gas industries.

A perfect choice for most water systems in both industries and homes. However, the water should not have highly corrosive elements.

Brass ball valves offer perfect and fast sealing. Besides, they can withstand high temperatures.

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