Brass Petcock Valve

D&R is your Professional Brass Petcock Valve Manufacturer in China

Brass Petcock Valve

D&R brass petcock valve is a fully assembled valve specifically designed for shut-off applications. Our brass petcock valves offer quick shut-off and effortless switching with friction-free operation.

Although D&R offers the traditional brass petcock valves having the butterfly handle with threads, we have also transitioned to the ball valve designs. However, we recommend the brass petcock ball valve designs for ON/OFF application. If you are looking for progressive gas or liquid control, D&R offers the brass gate valve option.

As a trusted brass petcock valve manufacturer in China, we will support your business.

Why D&R Brass Petcock Valve

D&R craftsmanship and high-quality brass material guarantee zero leaking brass petcock valve designs with the following benefits:

  • Quick switching ON/OFF
  • Effortless switching ON/OFF
  • Friction free operation
  • Reliable and durable hence zero downtime

These petcock valves come in many custom options including a chrome-plated zinc handle. When it comes to size, you can choose a 1/8 brass petcock valve, 1/4 brass petcock valve, or a custom option.

At D&R, we have all our clients at heart.

Where to use Petcock Valves made from Brass

Brass fuel petcock valves, and brass petcock fuel shut-off valves, are common in engine systems in both motorcycles and other automobiles.

From engine coolers, to pump coolers to air systems, the brass petcock valves are perfect shut-off accessories. A practical application is the radiator system.

Compression relief petcock valves are common in engines, power units, and cylinder systems.

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