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Brass Stop Valve

D&R brass stop valves, also known as brass shut-off valves are specifically fabricated to stop liquid and gas flow in piping systems. Our most popular product is the marine-grade DZR brass stop valve which is safe for water supply plumbing. They are AB1953 and RoHS compliant

As the leading OEM brass stop valve manufacturer, we offer other options such as the CW614N brass stop valve or any other brass material upon request. D&R engineers will help you get the best brass valves for your market.

Brass Shut-off Valve Application

D&R brass stop valves are the perfect choice whenever you want to stop the fluid or liquid flow.

Industrial Applications – They are perfect when repairing gas and water systems in factories. For instance, you can choose a brass water stop valve, compression brass stop valve for sink, etc.

Domestic Applications – D&R brass shut-off valves help in repairs, servicing, or permanently blocking plumbing systems. Among the common examples include bathroom brass angle stop valves, brass ball faucet valves, brass straight stop valves for shower heads, etc.

Brass Shut-off Valve Application

D&R Brass Shut-off Valves Manufacturing Capability

D&R Brass Shut-off Valves Manufacturing Capability
D&R Brass Shut-off Valves Manufacturing Capability

With years of experience in the China brass stop valve industry, D&R has robust and efficient in-house tooling systems for fast brass shut-off valve fabrication. Whether you want a unidirectional, or multi-turn handle, we customize brass stop valve to your specifications.

You can choose from brass angle stop valve, brass compression stop valve, brass lockable stop valve, brass straight stop valve, brass Tee stop valve, and heavy-duty brass stop valve, just to mention a few.

Even when you want brass shut-off valves for specialized applications, D&R fabricates vintage brass stop valves and antique brass stop valves. They come in varied surface finishes including polished brass stop valves for attractive appearance.

At D&R, we value long-term cooperation so your OEM brass stop valve price will always be very competitive.

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