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D&R is professional brass fittings manufacturer in China, we can provide you any types of brass fittings, just send us your detailed requirement and get an instant quote now.

Brass Valve & Fitting Manufacturer

Your Best Brass Fitting Supplier

D&R Metal Industry is your trusted supplier when you look for brass fitting in China. We manufacture different kinds of brass fitting and can supply local and international. D&R Metal Industry is in the manufacturing industry for more than 15 years. You can guarantee our expertise by giving you top-rated products as well as services.

We aim to bring outstanding brass fittings and other valve and fittings in the market at a reasonable prices. All our brass fittings are ISO and CE certified. If you want to avail our products, contact us.

brass elbow

Brass elbow can be used for different system pipe applications like oil, water, gas, and many others.

brass union fitting

The brass union fitting is made of copper alloy and zinc. It can be used for all types of pipe fittings, for plumbers and constructions.

brass water meter box

D&R Metal Industry can supply all your brass water box to boost your business. Whatever brass fittings you need D&R Metal Industry can provide it all.

Brass Pipe Fitting

In D&R, we have a lot of variety of brass pipe fitting that you can choose from depending on your needs. Our brass pipe fittings are best in handling chemicals, water, gas, and other substances.

Brass Bulkhead Tank Fitting

All of our brass bulkhead tank fitting is dust and rustproof made of durable and tough materials that lasts in a longer period of time. If you want this type of brass fitting for your business D&R Metal Industry is the answer.

Brass Hose Fitting

Brass hose fitting is made of steel, brass, and aluminum that makes our product in demand because of its quality and material.

Equal Brass Tee

D&R Metal Industry is a trusted Chinese supplier of equal brass tee. We supply different kinds of brass fittings with different sizes for different applications.

Threaded Male Hose

This type of brass fittings are usually made from brass or plastic. For indoor and outdoor hose application you can always choose threaded male hose.

Brass Cap Fitting

Brass cap fitting is made from excellent quality of brass to resist corrosion from heat, acid, and many more.

Brass Adapter Fitting

Here in D&R Metal Industry, we produce thousands of brass fittings in order to meet your acquired order and needs. Whether you need brass fitting you can count on D&R Metal Industry.

4 Way Brass Fitting

4 way brass fitting is manufactured from sturdy and great quality of solid brass. We can customized brass fitting depending on your requests.

Brass Coupling Fitting

Brass coupling fitting is designed to connect the two pipe threads to become one. If you need this kind of brass fitting for your business, D&R Metal Industry is the best choice.

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