Pressure Testing
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Pressure Testing Ensure the Safety of the Valve

Pressure Testing

Pressure testing of valves means testing the strength and tightness/sealability of the valve body.

In order to ensure that every valve is qualified, we carry out a 100% pressure test on the product before leaving the factory. For the strength of the valve body, we carry out a shell test; for all valves with DN ≤ 50, the test pressure is 0.6 MPa air pressure or 1.5 PN water pressure, for all valves with 65 < DN ≤ 200, the test pressure level is 1.5 PN water pressure. the test pressure should be gradually increased, not allowed to increase sharply and suddenly. After gradual pressurisation to the test pressure, the shell is checked.

For the tightness of the valves, we perform a seal test on all valves. Most valves are tested using air pressure. Except for metal sealed check valves which are hydraulically operated.

After all valves have passed the pressure test and passed the test, they are transferred to the drying and packaging process.

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