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Plastic Ball Valve

Plastic ball valves have various selections according to the final applications. Choosing the right plastic ball valves needs to consider different features, sizes, and types of valves, applications, and more.

Plastic Vertical Ball Valve

Plastic vertical ball valves are designed with compact size for big water discharge applications.

Plastic Quick Connector Ball Valve

These are manufactured using high-quality materials and widely used for different water system applications.

Double Union Plastic Ball Valve

All our double union plastic ball valves are manufactured with small size, simple shape, reliable performance, and all-metal gear driving.

In-Line Barbed Plastic Ball Valve

Our In-Line Barbed Plastic Ball Valve are fully adjustable, easy-to-install, and compactly-sized.

Pneumatic Control Plastic Ball Valve

We offer customizable pneumatic control plastic ball valve to promote your brand.

T-Handle Plastic Ball Valve

These feature leak-proof properties and blue T-handle ideal for liquid flow control in water park, pools, etc.

All Sizes Plastic Ball Valve

D&R Metal Industry offers a wide range of plastic ball valve with different sizes variation to meet your needs.

Automatic Mini Plastic Vertical Ball Valve

It comes with a male thread connection and manufactured according to RoHS, CE, ISO, and more industry standards.

Plastic Straight Inline Ball Valve

These are widely used for food and water applications. These are made from non-toxic and safe outstanding quality raw materials.

Plastic Garden Hose Connect Ball Valve

Plastic Garden Hose Connect Ball Valves are used for campers, boats, hoses, and other gardening type of applications.

Plastic Water Stop Ball Valve

Our Plastic Water Stop Ball Valves are made from superior grade materials that are safe and environmentally-friendly.

PVC Electric Actuator Ball Valve

D&R PVC Electric Actuator Ball Valves are manufactured with control method variation, compact structure, small size, and excellent sealing performance.

Lockable Nylon Female Thread Connect Ball Valve

If you have a demand for lockable ball valves, but at the same time have requirements for the price, you must take a look at our nylon lockable ball valves, which have lock functions and are cheap.

Nylon Plastic Black T Handle Ball Valve

D&R’s nylon T-handle ball valves are ideal for agricultural applications due to their simple construction yet excellent hydraulic performance.

Threaded Female Nylon Long Handle Ball Valve

D&R’s threaded female nylon long-handle ball valve suits garden-using devices. Cause nylon material is anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance.

Features of Plastic Ball Valve

Various Styles
Our plastic ball valves have the advantages of attractive shape, various styles, and colors, non-toxic and tasteless materials, and acid and corrosion resistance.
repair tool
Easy to Repair
With a typical maximum working pressure of 1.0 MPA at room temperature, D&R's plastic ball valves are well suited to the demands of everyday use and are easy to maintain or replace.
24/7 Online
We have an excellent sales team 24/7 hours online waiting for customer inquiries. If you have any questions in the future, we will offer remote but free help.
Eco Friendly
For the sake of the environment, at D&R, broken plastic ball valves produced during the production process are collected, processed and reused for secondary production.

D&R Plastic Ball Valve

D&R Metal Industry is a professional manufacturer of plastic ball valve in China. We offer cost-effective plastic ball valves without compromising the quality. Here in D&R Metal Industry, we manufacture plastic ball valve to promote your brand.

As a professional manufacturer, we produce all types of plastic ball valve to meet your application and requirement. We can also customize your orders according to your detailed specifications. Just send us your inquiry to get an instant quote!

Plastic Ball Valves

How to connect plastic valves to pipelines

  • Butt-welded connection: the outer diameter of the valve connection part is equal to the outer diameter of the pipe, and the end face of the valve connection part is welded opposite the end face of the pipe.
  • Flanged connection: the valve connection is in the form of a flange and is connected to the flange on the pipe.
  • Threaded connection: the valve connection is in the form of a threaded connection to the thread on the pipe or fitting.
  • Flexible connection: the valve connection is in the form of a live connection to the pipe or fitting.
Plastic Ball Valve Workshop-2

How We Manufacture Your Plastic Ball Valves

D&R Metal Industry – Your Premier Plastic Ball Valve Manufacturer in China

Plastic Ball Valve Workshop
Plastic Ball Valve Machine

As a professional valves and fittings manufacturer in China, we are committed to manufacture plastic ball valves for more than 15 years. Our plastic ball valves are widely used for both commercial and industrial applications. With our years of experience, we can provide one-stop and cost-effective solution for your plastic ball valve needs.

Are you looking for a high-quality and reliable performance plastic ball valves? D&R Metal Industry is your best choice! We manufacture all types of plastic ball valves manufactured using superior grade raw materials.

D&R Metal Industry plastic ball valves are widely used in different applications. You can use it for both commercial and industrial usage. It can be used for agriculture irrigations, swimming pools, mariculture, engineering construction, and more. These are also widely used for water systems like garden hose and drinking water lines.

Our plastic ball valves are easy-to-installed and convenient to operate. These also feature an excellent plug and seal. D&R plastic ball valves are manufactured with lots of advanced features. Thus, most of engineers and importers have chosen D&R plastic ball valves.

To meet your requirements, we can customize your plastic ball valves with specifications such as sizes, design, and configuration. You can send us your sample or detailed specification so we can give you an instant quote.

From material selection to configurations and production of your plastic ball valve orders, you can trust D&R Metal Industry. We have an expert research and development that specializes in design and production of innovative plastic ball valves.

We are also an ISO certified manufacturing company. Rest assured that you can get the best services, excellent quality products, and affordable prices from D&R Metal Industry. We are also equipped with complete and advanced production to line to ensure the highest quality products.

All our plastic ball valves are checked and inspected before delivering right to your doorsteps. D&R plastic ball valves have gained a very good reputation in the market. We manufacture and sell only the best products. If you have inquiries, you can send us your thoughts. We offer 24/7 assistance to your inquiries.

Request a quote for your next plastic ball valve orders!

Plastic Ball Valve Packing
  1. Different raw materials: The main material used to make PPR is copolymer polypropylene, while PVC is made of polyvinyl chloride material, the two types of plastic ball valves have different performance characteristics due to different main raw materials.
  2. Different usage: PPR ball valves can be used in drinking water systems for high safety performance and are not easy to age, while PVC ball valves are generally used in sewerage and drainage pipelines.
PPR Valve in Life
  1. Different prices: Generally speaking, PVC is less expensive than PPR and the low price is an advantage of the PVC material. If you have a low budget, you can choose PVC ball valves.
  2. Different characteristics: PPR ball valves have good corrosion resistance and are not prone to scaling, and can be recycled. PVC ball valves, on the other hand, are toxic, volatilize at 50 degrees, and are prone to aging.

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Plastic Ball Valve: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

There is plenty of information we provide about plastic ball valves that help you choose the best options for your ideal applications and purposes.

Now, I will handle all of your concerns regarding the Plastic Ball Valve.

Whether you’re interested in the operating concept, structure, or capabilities, you’ll discover all you need just now.

Therefore, continue reading to discover further.

What Is Plastic Ball Valve

This is a perfect solution that is designed and assembled by an expert. This is a push-fit connection that fully pushes to the pipe applications.

They are durable ball valves with various applications. Easier installation than simply pushes to the line and need to arise for connection.


  • Not applicable for different central heating lines
  • Demountable connections
  • Lead-free ball valves and non-toxic
  • Corrosion-free
  • Impact resistance fit for outside installations

Plastic Ball Valves

What Are The Plastic Ball Valves Used For?

Plastic ball valves are industrial, residential, and commercial applications. Flexible and perform in high temperatures for plumbing applications. They are lightweight and rustproof plastic ball valves suitable for different water system applications at different capacities.

There are various applications of plastic ball valves:

  • Irrigation
  • Water system
  • Pool
  • Landscaping
  • Chemical Process
  • Pond
  • Brewing
  • Water treatment
  • Food and Beverages
What Does Plastic Ball Valve Do, And How They Work?

Plastic ball valves are one of the durable types of shut-off valves that contain different parts like rotary balls. The rotary ball has a quarter-turn that can be perpendicular to block the flow of the water. Used of a wide variety of media like water, chemicals, and bases. Plastic ball valves are pressure resistance and less mechanical strength available with various piping connections such as:

  • Solvent sockets
  • Various flange type
  • And pipe threaded

Plastic Ball Valves

How Long The Plastic Ball Valve Lasts?

Plastic ball valves have long-lasting life for various applications suitable for different weather conditions. This is one of the industrial, residential, and commercial plumbing materials use that lasts up to 100 years. It depends on the application exposure of course.

Different Types of Plastic Ball Valves

Plastic ball valves have various types that you can consider when choosing 5 types of valves. All 5 types of plastic ball valves have different advantages which make them more desirable.

1. Full Port

Plastic full port ball valves have an oversized ball with the same interior diameter located in bore valves.

Full ports plastic ball valves are widely used for throttling installations which consider as recovery valves. It utilizes low and high pressure.

2. Standard Port

The standard port has a smaller diameter inside unlike a full port with a large diameter size. This is less expensive which widely used for high-pressure applications.

3. V Port

V port plastic ball valves have V shape ball or seat. When it is in the open position, V port sections are the first to open for excellent water flow control. It has high-quality constructions unlike other ball valves and widely utilized chemical plants.

4. True Union

This type of ball valve has different ball types design to pin for ball security so it will not move. It has two shafts to support the ball place in opposite ends. It widely installs or apply in high-velocity systems. Withstands in high pressure and serves long life service.

5. Manually Operated

This is one of the most common plastic ball valves in different industries. When opening and closing the valves, manually operated ball valves have a motor that is able to control the liquid flow requiring a quarter turn to fully close and open the valve.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages of Plastic Ball Valves?

They have a number of advantages and disadvantages suitable for industrial applications including commercial and residential purposes. Plastic ball valves are easier to operate with no lubrication and withstand high pressure and high-temperature liquid flow applications.

What Is Plastic Ball Valve?

Plastic Ball Valve

Plastic Ball Valve

Plastic ball valves are the most often utilized type of cognitive sealed valve. 

The valve is composed of a rotatable sphere with a central hole. 

The hole could be positioned straight or opposite to the pipes by moving the sphere a percentage point to open and close the medium stream.

What Are The Properties Of Plastic Ball Valve?

Plastic Ball Valve

Plastic Ball Valve

The following list contains the important properties of the component:

  • Reusable and has a minimal environmental effect in comparison to other plastic products
  • Frequently employed for hygiene reasons, including making freshwater sources.
  • It is resilient to a wide variety of solvents, chemicals, and solutions.
  • Compact, robust, and long-lasting
  • There is no rusting.
Where Can I Apply Plastic Ball Valve?

Plastic Ball Valve

Plastic Ball Valve

In a wide variety of industrial and domestic purposes, plastic valves are extensively employed. 

Prominent industries for plastic ball valves involve the following:

  • Landfills
  • Swimming pools
  • Water purification
  • Aquariums
  • Drainage – Personal / Commercial
  • Prepared foods
  • Waterfalls and swimming pools
  • Chemical synthesis
What Should I Consider When Choosing Plastic Ball Valve?

Plastic Ball Valve

Plastic Ball Valve

  • Flow Media

Harmful media such as salt water, solvents, military assets, sodium chloride, and volatile compounds are compatible with plastic valves.

Plastic, on the other hand, is susceptible to fragrant and halogenated compounds.

  • Bore Design

The plastic ball valve could have a regular two-way hole or a T-port or L-port three-way hole.

A two-way valve is preferable for direct drainage.

A three-way valve is often used for operations such as blending, redistributing, and redirecting.

  • Pressure

Compared to bronze or alloy steels valves, plastic valves have a lower tension capacity.

  • Temperature

The softness and heating-up points of plastic valves are reasonably low. 

It operates between -15 and 60°C.

  • Cost

In comparison to bronze and stainless-steel valves, plastic ball valves are still the most cost-efficient option.

How To Repair The Plastic Ball Valve?

Plastic Ball Valve

Plastic Ball Valve

  • Turn Off The Water Supply

To complete this procedure successfully, you should turn off the main source. 

This will prevent the circulation of liquid from interfering with your operation during your resolve of the ball valve.

After closing the valve, dump any remaining liquid into the pitcher or bucket and clean the valve dries with a damp, wet cloth.

Disconnect the lever that is attached to the plastic ball valve.

The ball valve is secured in place with a series of nuts, so you need an Allen tool or screwdriver to replace it.

  • Remove The Ball Valve

To analyze your malfunctioning ball valve, remove it completely and inspect each component for wear or destruction.

At a shop, you can get the replacements kit necessary to update your Plastic ball valve.

Additionally, bringing the damaged component to the shop with you might assist you in locating the new parts.

Preserve all of the nuts and other components of the ball valve in a secure location so that you would quickly reassemble it afterward.

  • Replace The Worn Parts Of The Ball Valve

When the broken component of the ball valve has been discovered, ensure that you still have the identical substitute and change the defective section.

Use wax or silicone lubricant to the valve when reattaching it all to ensure that the pieces can be replaced without difficulty.

Placing the components altogether and organizing things is a simple task.

All that is required is to repeat the procedure used to disassemble the valve.

Before switching on the mainstream of your drainage systems and checking the ball valve for leakage, fasten the components with the screws.

Next, inspect to see if the Plastic ball valve continues to leak.

  • Reassemble

Cleanse and check the components that are being investigated.

It is highly required that replacement components kits be used to repair the seat and hood gaskets and covers.

Repeat the disassembling and assembling sequences.

Twist the flanges screws diagonally to the prescribed tension.

Using the hex wrench, twist the nuts to the appropriate strain.

Twist the valve stems from operating the spools, and therefore the input feature signals to open or close the valves.

Upon installation of the pipes, if necessary, verify the valve’s gaskets tension and functionality adhere to the specification.

What Are The Benefits Of Plastic Ball Valve?

Plastic Ball Valve

Plastic Ball Valve

  • Durability

They have a long service lifespan and, if used properly, will provide several extended times of reliable service.

It’s less dangerous than other types of valves, and also, the plastic variety is not invulnerable to eating.

  • Easy To Utilize

It is normally quick and straightforward to install, and plastic ball valves are lightweight and easy to handle.

  • Affordability

They are frequently significantly less expensive than comparable things for the same purpose.

  • Strong

It is capable of maintaining and directing a heavyweight, massive amount, and extreme temperature development.

  • Efficiency

It eliminates the necessity for lubrication and provides an airtight mouth barrier with minimal effort.

  • Versatile

They are useful for a large variety of industrial operations in which it is necessary to control the flow of liquids or aerosols.

What Are The Various Materials That Is Used In Ball Valve?

Plastic Ball Valve

Plastic Ball Valve

Regardless of their appearance, these were all built of a variety of substances.

Various substances are more appealing for specific applications, thus it is critical to understand the fundamentals of substances while purchasing things.

  • PVC

Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, is a type of plastic that is frequently used in the manufacture of valves.

PVC is advantageous for a variety of purposes.

Essentially, PVC is preferred over steel valves due to its versatility.

PVC is also flexible, which enables the valve components to flow freely.

  • CPVC

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) is a plastic material produced by chlorinating vinyl chloride (PVC) monomer. 

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) is a plastic material produced by chlorinating vinyl chloride (PVC) monomer. 

Typical applications include heat and cool water distribution pipelines, as well as pneumatic flow management.

As with PVC, CPVC is recognized acceptable for use in vehicles and the consumption of water sources, which includes water used for consumption, eating, and cleaning.

  • Iron

Iron is primarily utilized in pipes for fresh water, heat, wax, and fuel.

When it comes to manufacturing ball valves, iron is a highly valued collect qualitative to the wide range of temperature changes and pressures that it can endure.

Iron is a preferable valve substance in terms of cost-effectiveness.

  • Bronze And Brass

Brass is composed of copper and aluminum, whereas bronze is composed of potassium, leads, cooper, and canister.

Bronze is an excellent substance for valves used in light or moderate frames and is great for molds that are more unexpected.

Bronze is also resistant to weathering and has a long life.

Metal is similar to bronze in terms of malleability; nevertheless, metals is much more conventional than bronze.

  • Treated Steel

Treated steel possesses a number of desirable characteristics that contribute to its allure, along with its durability and food-safe attributes.

This substance is used in a variety of contexts, which include common plants and biogeochemical contexts.

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