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Brass Elbow

D&R brass elbows are fabricated for unparalleled performance in all conditions. Whether you want dezincification resistance, corrosion resistance, or lead-free brass elbow fitting, D&R engineers will help you choose the best material grade. You can choose from high-grade CW602N brass, HPB59-1 brass, CZ132 brass, or DZR brass elbow fittings.

Our elbow brass connectors will seamlessly change direction or divert flow while connecting your pipe systems. Tell us your fluid flow requirements, and our team will recommend a perfect brass elbow for your applications. D&R is your trusted OEM brass elbow fittings manufacturer in China – talk to us now

Why Choose D&R Elbow

At D&R, our brass elbows come in different configurations for seamless installation in the piping system. These include the D&R brass male elbow and D&R brass female elbow.

We offer different options such as threaded brass elbow, barbed brass elbow fitting, or brass elbow with drain. Additionally, D&R brass elbow fittings come in different sizes including brass elbow 1 inch, brass elbow ¼, and many other configurations.

As a trusted OEM brass elbow manufacturer in China, D&R will customize these fittings according to your request. Our brass elbow prices are very competitive.

Where to use Brass Elbow

D&R brass pipe fittings are resistant to fluctuating temperatures, offer high strength, resistant to corrosion, and offer good thermal conductivity.

We have designed these brass elbow fittings to meet the dynamics in any plumbing systems that require a change in piping direction. Whether you are looking for a brass hose elbow, brass swivel elbow, or brass union elbow, D&D brass pipe fitting offer a perfect solution.

From brass dishwasher elbow, expansion brass elbow, brass heat exchanger elbow, to brass fitting elbow for bathroom. Certainly, D&R pipe fitting meets all application requirements in all plumbing systems.

Types of D&R Elbow Brass Fittings

Also called brass 90 bends, we have designed a 90-degree brass elbow to divert or change pipe flow by 90 degrees. We recommended these elbows when you want to achieve a 90 degrees bend.

These 45-degree elbow brass fittings connect tubes or pipelines at 45 degrees. Therefore, in the pipe system, it will change the flow direction by 45 degrees.

Our brass street elbow offers the convenience of male fitting on one end and female fitting on the opposite end. This makes connecting D&R brass street elbow fitting seamless.

For piping systems that require transitioning between piping systems such as PEX pipes or CPVC pipes to threaded pipe fittings, our brass drop ear elbow offers a perfect solution.

D&R has designed a brass compression elbow to help join different piping systems at an angle.

Unlike our brass elbows with uniform-cross section, brass reducer elbow has a varying diameter. The diameter from where fluid exits the brass fitting is smaller, thereby reducing the cross-section area.

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