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Let D&R metal industry custom your toilet connector hose orders.  We help expandable the business of our loyal customers.

  • Suggest excellent toilet connector hose
  • Ensure to supply excellent products
  • Meet your toilet connector hose needs
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Why D&R is Expert in Toilet Connector Hose Manufacturing

We, D&R metal industry have 15 years of expertise supplying toilet connector hose. We passed the entire test making plenty of valves and fitting products. We professionally handle orders and provide the right request for your business. We are solid and improved through our well-organized processes. Expect faster business success with us.

D&R Metal IndustryYour Professional Toilet Connector Manufacturer

15mm Toilet Connector Hose

You can choose plenty of sizes of toilet connector hose we manufactured. We can guarantee perfect rates according to toilet connector hose types.

Braided Toilet Connector Hose

We manufactured a braided toilet connector hose suitable for both hot and cold applications. It is an attractive and durable toilet connector hose.

Customize Toilet Connector Hose

We can custom toilet connector hose you need in supporting a business. We can custom toilet connector hose in your ideal sizes, styles, and etc.

EPDM Toilet Connector Hose

Choose the right types of toilet connector hose material. That is one of the advantages when handling a business or operating projects.

Flexible Toilet Connector Hose

We manufactured a flexible toilet connector hose suitable for the sink, and shower to provide perfect water flow. It has friendly cost offers.

High Pressure Toilet Connector Hose

A high-pressure toilet connector hose has the perfect material used. We ensure our toilet connector hose passed the expert test and certified to supply worldwide.

Portable Toilet Connector Hose

A portable toilet connector hose is attainable in ideal sizes and types of materials. We will send your exact orders at affordable rates.

Quick Toilet Connector Hose

We manufactured easier to install and faster to replace toilet connector hose for your final applications. We made a lot of sizes.

Silver Toilet Connector Hose

Silver toilet connector hose is one of the popular applications everywhere. It is applicable to industrial and residential applications.

Stainless Steel Toilet Connector Hose

Stainless steel for toilet connector hose is one of the perfect materials. It has perfect features suitable for water applications.

Toilet Connector Braided Knitted Hose

We fabricate toilet connector hose with a braided knitted which has multi-flow or functions. Send your ideal toilet connector hose and desired quantity.

Toilet Connector Female Hose

If you need a toilet connector female hose, we manufactured a lot of sizes and types. We guarantee the lowest prices and quality products.

Braided Flexible Stainless Steel Gas Hose

If you need stainless steel gas hoses for your kitchen, we have many sizes and can give you the highest quality service.

Stainless Steel Braided Gas Hose Vinyl

This braided gas hose allows the gas to flow through the pipes without leaking and is the ideal kitchen companion.

Stainless Steel Flexible Gas Hose

Specially designed connectors for gas pipes to avoid gas leaks and can customisable hose lengths.

Features of Toilet Connector Hose

quality control
Quality Control
We have applied for ISO quality certification for the toilet connector hose and can also apply for the relevant certification according to our customers' national quality certification requirements.
The head office was established in 2002 and D&R Metals was established independently in 2008. 90% of our customers, who have been working with us for over a decade, put their success first.
Main Market
High-quality toilet connector hoses will not fail to sell. Just like D&R, we have customers all over the world, with partners such as in North America, Oceania, and Central Asia.
Easy Repair
D&R's toilet connector hoses are capable of working pressures of up to 20BAR respectively at room temperature and the temperature enduring from -10℃ to -90℃, are easy to maintain or replace.

D&R Toilet Connector Hose

The D&R metal industry will provide all your desired toilet connector hose and related products. We can meet your final applications and custom your drawings. We made toilet connector hose in fine raw materials that passed audits. It offers great performance even in many applications like industrial applications.

We can supply in different features, sizes, colors, and more toilet connector hose selections. We will help you save your budget since we are supplying the lowest-cost products. We will support your fast-growing fast business.

Brass Valve & Fitting Manufacturer

How We Manufacture Your Toilet Connector Hose

cut material
We will choose the right brass material based on your order
test material
Material Testing
We will make strict testing on your toilet connector hose material, after the material is ok, then we will arrange the material cutting
brass forging
Forging process can ensure the right shape based on your order requirement
sand blasting
Sand Blasting
Sand Blasting will make your toilet connector hose surface clean and smoothly.
CNC Machining
CNC machining is the most important process to ensure all detais are based on your order requirement.
brass plating
Brass Plating
we can make different plating according to your requirement, including the thickness, the color, the plating material, the test standard
Brass Valves Assembly
We will assemble your brass valves from different parts, you will see the final valves after this process.
water pressure testing
Water Pressure Testing
We make 100% air pressure testing on each of your toilet connector hose before packaging and shipping.

Rocket Your Business with D&R Toilet Connector Hose

brass valve and fittings design

D&R Metal Industry – Your Premier Toilet Connector Hose Manufacturer in China

If you’re searching for reliable and expert in manufacturing toilet connector hose, we, D&R metal industry is a well-trusted manufacturer from China.

We manufactured the toilet connector hose that you need. Toilet connector hose are easier to replace. We manufactured many types of toilet connector hose materials attainable in many features and customizations. We have stainless steel toilet connector hose which commonly braided. It is perfect for hot and cold applications also.

Toilet Connector Hose

D&R metal industry toilet connector hose are available in many selections. Toilet connector hose are commonly braided. Braided toilet connector hose are flexible and perfect for replacements. We make a lot of sizes suitable for pipes sizes and other sizes applications.

D&R metal industry toilet connector hose are perfect in many applications like shower sink hose, toilet bowl hose, and more. It has many length sizes attainable from our factory which surely customers would love to choose. We fabricate toilet connector hoses with suitable sizes.

The materials suits for hot and cold applications which you can get anti-rust, impact-resistant, leakproof, and more. We designed toilet connector hose durably and long-term of use.

Toilet Connector Hose

D&R metal industry toilet connector hoses are long-lasting that users will save their money and effort as well since they don’t need to go far and replace it as always. It is also suitable for business support since it has the capability to gain perfect profits and help expandable businesses.

Whatever your handled business, whether you are a retail business owner, factory, wholesale business, and even supporting different large projects, expect to have a perfect and satisfying service from D&R metal industry. Here in D&R metal industry, we produce quality toilet connector hose in your ideal quantity or amounts. We will always follow your demands and also provide effective suggestions.

D&R metal industry has plenty of years of expertise to be trusted. You will be protected and your business. You can send us your inquiries, and we can offer a faster response.

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Toilet Connector Hose: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you have any questions in mind about Toilet Connector Hose features, applications, and advantages? We present you with some informative answers.

Please read this guide now, and you will find here the answers that concern you about the toilet connector hose.

What is a Toilet Connector Hose?

The toilet connector hose is constructed with the primary purpose of giving strong coupling to standard toilets. Manufacturers use vinyl and stainless steel material in the production for it to lasts longer.

Toilet Connector Hose Uses

What are the Standard Sizes of Toilet Connector Hose?

The size of a standard toilet connector hose is usually 3/8 inch diameter. When it comes to then length, often about 9-inches to 20-inches. The right size matters to fit toilet connector hose installations. Therefore, before buying, ensure to have the exact measurement.

What Features Should You Consider about Toilet Connector Hose?

  • Quick, simple to attach
  • Excellent flow volume
  • Finest functions
  • Universal applications
  • Higher durability
  • 100% Leak-resistant
  • Lead-free

Toilet Connector Hose features

What are the Best Applications Suitable for Toilet Connector Hose?

There are various purposes that a toilet connector hose is primarily needed. A durable toilet connector hose is a must for toilets located everywhere. It promises to give a good performance, especially for residential and commercial cities with bathrooms. And apart from that, we mention some of the suitable applications you can find below.

  • Home’s bathroom area
  • Commercial buildings
  • Hotel toilet room
  • Public toilets: malls, universities, offices, schools, and factories

Toilet Connector Hose Application

What are the Reasons to Choose Toilet Connector Hose for your Next Toilet Installation?

Because of having numerous advantages, it is now possible to use toilet connector hose in different applications. The quality advantages they own make them more preferable for business and toilet installation projects. You can learn several advantages/benefits from below:

  • Strong ability to resist high temperatures –As the top popular material for connecting the toilet, the toilet connector hose performs outstanding strength and enhances the competence of the whole system. In point of fact, it can stand higher temperatures, is leakproof, and is fire-resistant.
  • Rugged and long-lasting –The toilet connector hose is excellent for vigorous use and has remained undamaged for many years. For any toilet installation, this much better option. It will stay crack-free and damage-free for the long run.
  • Higher ductility and adaptability –To fit a particular application, you may require the exact shapes and sizes of a toilet connector hose. Due to great flexibility, manufacturers will not find it challenging to provide custom solutions. It is the better choice for almost all toilet projects.
  • They are abrasion-resistant –Since made of high-quality vinyl and stainless steel materials, the toilet connector hose will not likely get rust and is extremely protected from corrosion. Indeed, a toilet connector hose is the most excellent material for a toilet’s job.
  • Versatile at its finest –You can discover toilet connector hose in various measurements and types. For that reason, you will come up with the exact types for your projects.

What are Common Types of Toilet Connector Hose?

The toilet connector hose is one of the materials you can easily find in the market. It is divided into various types, and each kind has the characteristics and quality you need to finish a toilet project. Take a read below and study the most equitable variety for your purpose.

Braded Toilet Connector Hose

Ideal either for cold or hot water coupling purposes. It is designed with reliability and a more catchy glance that lasts.

EPDM Toilet Connector Hose

This one is not only applicable for toilets but also bathroom faucets, cuisine faucets, and more. It has features like corrosion resistance, higher durability, leak-free, etc.

High-Pressure Toilet Connector Hose

Made from the best materials, high-pressure toilet connector hose guarantee versatility and meet international quality certifications.

Portable Toilet Connector Hose

From the name itself, the portable toilet connector hose is known for its most delicate structure and portability. It is suitable for all kinds of toilet projects.

Toilet Connector Female Hose

It is provided in several sizes and varieties. It works excellently in industrial, residential, and public toilets.


What is the Proper Way to Replace an Old Toilet Connector Hose?

Replacing an old toilet connector hose with a new one can be difficult if you’re a beginner and have no experience at all. But if you follow the guide below, this might help you turn into a professional.

  1. First and foremost, take the proper measurement of the new hose.

It’s better to prepare first the exact measure of the hose before ordering, it will make the installation way easier. This will also help the toilet escape from damages. You can take breadth measurement of the toilet opening to the pipe and the pipe connector sizes. Keep the first step in mind to prevent future consequences.

  1. The next step is to clear the toilet tank.

The most crucial step is to clear the tank before replacing the old hose with a new one. In this process, you must shut off the water pipe first. And to avoid an accident spurt of water from the tank, automatically flush it, then clutch down the handle up until the bowl is fully clear and empty.

  1. Then, screw out the damaged hose.

If the old hose is made out of plastic, it is most likely to get damaged easily. Change it with a modern, latest one! Use two pliers to screw out the old one. In doing this step, firmly hold the valve with one plier and rotate the connector nut with another plier at the same time.

  1. You are ready now to fasten the new toilet connector hose.

Unfasten all the plumbing tape from an old hose, and use new tape to wrap the new one. After that, you can now bolt the connector and screw it up using pliers. But be careful not to tighten it much. It may cause damages.

Why Choose China to Support your Toilet Connector Hose Needs?

You can find in China the most trusted fabricators and distributor companies of toilet connector hoses. There are more reasons listed below:

  • Professional manufacturers ready to serve you 24/7
  • Double-check all products before shipment to confirm the quality
  • Provides the lower yet flexible MOQ
  • Offer a wide variety of products at reasonable costs
  • Ensure goods that can stay durable for the long run

Indeed, China is the place you can find the most reliable manufacturers. And the top of the list is the D&R company. Contact us now!

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