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Custom your brass valves with D&R Industry, MOQ from 3000 pcs for 1/2 brass valves, 500 pcs for above 1 brass valves.

  • Over 15 years of brass valves manufacturing experience
  • Custom brass valves based on your sample or even your idea
  • 100% testing to ensure the final quality brass valve
  • 7/24 online support to rocket your business

Why D&R is Expert in Brass Valves Manufacturing

As a leading provider of valves and fittings, D&R Metal Industry is an expert in giving brass valves with trusted quality for more than 15 years. It can be applied for different applications like commercial or industrial. You can put trust in us since we are making brass valve products with the help of high-quality materials to ensure their safety. D&R Metal Industry is very much will willing to aid your brass valve needs. Just message us!

D&R Metal IndustryYour Professional Brass Valves Manufacturer

thermostatic mixing valve

Thermostatic mixing valves are normally used in the bathroom, to balance the water temperature from 36° to 42°. You can custom the thread based on your local standard.

none return brass valve

None Return Brass Valve is made to stop the water return, we choose the best material and forging process to ensure the quality of your valves.

butterfly handle brass valve

Butterfly Handle Brass Valve head can be easily installed or replaced, you can also make chrome plating or Nickel plating on your valve surface.

brass lever valve

Brass Lever Valve thread is inside of the valve, you can easily open or close with the long valve handle. We can produce your lever valve from 1/4 to 4 inches.

brass bibcock

You can start low MQQ from 3000 pcs, we can manufacture your Brass Bibcock from 1/2 to 1 inch. We can also custom the surface for chrome plating, Nickle plating, or original brass color.

3 way brass valve

3 Way Brass Ball Valve can change the water flow at the same time. The connection type is hot melting with PPR pipe.

D&R Brass Valves

Here at D&R, we have all types of brass valves that you can choose depending on your application, we can even customize it according to your will and requests. The brass valves are typically used in a wide range of plumbing fields and industries. This simple device is popular for controlling and handling any fluid flows. A brass valve is designed to regulate a high water temperature.

Brass Valve & Fitting Manufacturer

Rocket Your Business with D&R Brass Valves

What is Brass Valve Made From?

The brass valve is made from superior and reliable brass materials.

Brass is often used for valve devices because of its high strength and great durability.

Do Brass Valves Corrode?

The brass valves can extremely resist corrosion.

They are not prone to rust and corrosion, even in damp situations.

Are Brass Valves Good for Plumbing?

The brass valve is an excellent choice for plumbing applications.

This device has exceptional and extraordinary ability in carrying a wide media of plumbing industries.

In addition, the brass valve is designed to meet multiple plumbing standards.

Brass Series Valves

What are the Different Types of Brass Valves?

These are the different types of brass valves:

  • Brass Ball Valves

The brass ball valve is typically used for carrying gas or water pipelines. They can flow through or stop the flow.

  • Brass Gate Valves

A brass gate valve is used to turn the media into on and off mode. They are commonly applied to water and other fluid systems.

  • Brass Drain Valves

The brass drain valve can operate in a wide temperature range from 65 to 250 degrees. This device is made from durable and sturdy brass materials.

  • Brass Globe Valves

The brass globe device is being used for stopping, staring, and regulating fluid flows. It features a corrosion-resistant and leak-free surface.

  • Brass Angle Valves

The brass angle valve is commonly found in fire sprinklers and industrial and commercial applications. It can serve in both cold and hot water temperatures.

  • Brass Strainer Valves

A brass strainer valve is suitable for gas and oil separation. They primarily separate the solid substances from the liquid. This device is great and doesn’t deform under high-pressure applications.

  • Brass Float Valves

The brass valve is generally used for water or storage tanks. They are applicable for car washes, swimming pools, and cooling towers.

  • Brass Stop Valve

The brass stop valve is easy to operate and install. They have rugged and robust construction, ensuring a long lifespan.

  • Brass Water Valve

A brass water valve is generally used for controlling and regulating the water pipeline system. It prevents backflow and reverses flow situations.

What are the Differences between Brass Valves Between the Plastic Valves?

The brass valve is more durable than the plastic valves.

Moreover, the brass valves cannot deform easily because of their excellent hardness.

The brass valve is weighty, while the plastic valve is lightweight.

What Makes The Brass Valve Better?

The brass valve makes a better valve because of its desirable features and characteristics, such as:

  1. High-Pressure Ratings – A brass valve is applicable in high-pressure applications. They can also operate in high water temperatures.
  2. High Durability – They offer a long lifespan enable to give a long service life. The brass valve can remain in the best condition after many years.
  3. Wide Versatility – A brass valve is available in various sizes, dimensions, and shapes. They come in a professional appearance and finish.
  4. Corrosion-Resistant – The brass valve is designed with corrosion-resistant characteristics. This device doesn’t affect by corrosion issues.
What are the Benefits of Brass Valves?

The brass valves are an excellent device that brings several benefits.

These are some advantages and benefits of brass valves:

  1. The brass valve enables the fluid to flow excellently.
  2. They can last longer than other valves.
  3. A brass valve doesn’t leak and damage easily.
  4. Stable and reliable performance is guaranteed.
  5. The brass valve provides ease of installation, simple maintenance, and effortless operation.
  6. They are applicable to various media and industries.
How Much Do the Brass Valves Cost?

The brass valve’s price will depend on its features, designs, sizes, and other specifications.

Brass valves are much more expensive than other valves.

The approximate price of a brass valve is between $40 and $500.

Moreover, if your hire an installer or a plumber, there is an additional charge.

The estimated labor cost is $300.

Are Brass Valves Reliable?

Absolutely yes!

Since the brass valve is constructed from strong brass material, it can provide a reliable and steady operation.

A brass valve is a preferred plumbing tool and device because of its high reliability.

How to Choose the Brass Valves?

These are the following important factors or selection criteria that you need to consider:

  1. Applications – The most important thing to be concerned is about your applications. You must know and analyze your application, just like what kind of media you will use.
  2. Type – Since the brass valve comes in various ranges or functions, choose the best brass valve type based on your applications. 
  3. Performance requirements – You must find out the exact requirements of your application. Identify where you installed the device, and whether it is installed at low or high pressure.
  4. Maintenance – You must consider the maintenance. Select the brass valve device that offers simple and effortless maintenance to avoid problems or costs. 
  5. Sizes – To choose a suitable brass valve, get the right measurements according to your applications.
  6. Designs – The brass valve comes in different designs. It would be best if you chose the brass valve with an outstanding design.

Brass Valves Installation

How to Maintain the Brass Valve’s Quality and Performance?

The brass valves require different maintenance to keep them working.

These are the following tips on how to maintain the brass valves:

  1. Regularly clean the valve of debris and other waste substances.
  2. Inspect the brass valve always. In this way, you can observe what’s going on.
  3. Lubricant is an effective way to keep their best performance and operations.
Is Brass Valve Repairable?

You can repair the damaged part of the brass valve device just like the packing washer.

When the brass valve device is really the problem, replacing the whole device is recommended.

If you notice the presence of a leak, rust, and corrosion from the brass valve, you must change the valve immediately.

If the Brass Valve is Damaged, Why Repairing the Them Important?

When the brass valve is damaged, repairing and replacing them immediately will prevent the system’s problems.

This will protect the other parts of systems and fixtures where the brass valve is used.

How Long Do the Brass Valves Last?

The brass valve can last longer compared to other valve devices.

A brass valve device can last and serve more than 80 years.

Performing regular maintenance and proper installation can extend the brass valve’s life.

Are Brass Valves Required?

Most of the plumbing projects use brass valve devices. It depends on the applications.

The brass valves are recommended tools to regulate the most fluid flows.

What are the Brass Valves Customization Options?

The brass valves can be customized in different sizes, designs, and other features.

They can be designed based on your specifications and details to meet your particular requirements.

Are Brass Valves Can Handle High Temperature?

Definitely yes!

The brass valves are designed to handle and manage high-temperature and high-pressure applications.

They can withstand heavy-duty applications because of their sturdiness and hardness characteristics.

D&R Metal Industry – Your Premier Brass Valves Manufacturer in China

Looking for a sturdy and tough type brass valve that lasts for a longer period? We provide all types of brass valves made of copper, and zinc. We can even customize brass valves depending on the customers’ requirements, just give us your acquired designs and sizes we will make them for you.brass check valve in testing

Brass Check Valve Inspection

D&R Metal Industry brass valves can be used for many different usages. The brass valve is suitable for different applications, such as:

  1. Water
  2. Oil
  3. Petroleum
  4. Gas
  5. Air

The brass valve is usually found in different places, including:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Commercial buildings
  3. Schools
  4. Home
  5. Hotel
  6. Restaurant
  7. Marine industry

Most of the engineers in the construction industry use brass valves for their plumbing systems because brass valves are easy to install and not complicated to work with.

Here in D&R Metal Industry, we are ISO certified and fascinated with giving and providing our customers with great quality products at reasonable prices. We are using high-end CNC machines in order to achieve the customers’ satisfaction and the acquired time that they have given us to produce their orders.

Aside from brass valves, we are also manufacturing different kinds of valves and fittings that you looked for such as bronze ball valves, brass gate valves, stainless steel valves, plumbing fittings, PVC ball valves, and many more.

If you have questions or queries regarding our brass valve and other products, contact us!

Brass Valves

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