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D&R is a professional brass ferrule fitting manufacturer in China. We offer wide range of products varying in sizes and designs to meet your requirements.

  • Tested and proven quality
  • Custom-made brass ferrule fittings according to your idea
  • 24/7 immediate response to your inquiry
  • Well-equipped with automated manufacturing machines

Brass Ferrule Fitting

Brass ferrule fittings are commonly called compression fitting or compression ring bushing. It is a type of fittings that can be used for both plastic or metal pipes. It has the shape of an ‘L’ and fits over one end if you’re using it on steel. Commonly seen in plumbing and gas lines. The Ferrule slides onto your system’s mainline before seating into place inside like bushing rings around valves that secure them to their surroundings so fluids don’t leak during any weather conditions.

NPT Brass Ferrule Fittings

NPT brass ferrule fittings can operate under a temperature ranging from -40℃~130℃. We manufacture a wide range of NPT brass ferrule fittings according to your needs.

Compression Fitting Ferrule Sleeve

Compression fitting ferrule sleeves are made from high-quality brass. These are perfect for gas and fuel system applications. It can perform under 3000psi working pressure.

Brass Fitting Hose Ferrule

D&R manufactures brass fitting hose ferrule with customizable sizes and wall thickness. These are manufactured using high-quality brass materials.


Double Ferrule Round Tube Fittings

Double ferrule round tube fittings are available in different configurations such as straights, connectors, caps, plugs, elbows, and more. These are used for vibration, vacuum, and high pressure applications.

Male Connector Compression Tube Ferrule Fittings

This product comes with different thread variations such as NPT, ISO, SAE, and more. It has leak-proof and anti-corrosion properties to ensure durability.

Brass Compression Ferrule Ring

Brass compression ferrule ring does not require flaring tool for assembly. It is used as a tube compression fitting sleeve. It features corrosion resistance and ductility.

Twin Ferrule Brass Fitting

D&R developed and designed innovative twin ferrule brass fittings that are used for vacuum, water, oil, gas, and air applications. It comes with customizable sizes to suit your requirements.

House Connection Brass Ferrules

D&R house connection brass ferrules are easy to install. It features dimensional accuracy, fine finish, and unique designs. Its sizes are customizable according to your applications.

Brass Ferrule for Plumbing

D&R manufactures a diverse range of brass ferrule for plumbing applications. These products feature reliable performance, easy to install, and low maintenance.

Tri Clamp Brass Ferrule

D&R is a professional manufacturer of tri clamp brass ferrule with heavy and light types. These are manufactured using modern forging technique.


Pipe Fitting Brass Ferrule

We manufacture pipe fitting brass ferrules with high-quality. We will manufacture your pipe fitting brass ferrule according to your requirements. Thus, we can provide the best solution for you!

Submersible Pump Brass Ferrule

Our submersible pump brass ferrules are made from superior grade brass materials. It comes with different size variations so you can choose for your applications.

Features of Brass Ferrule Fittings

All brass ferrule fittings of different sizes are machined and then polished on the surface with a cloth wheel, so they look smooth and flat and don't hurt your hands.
24/7 Online
For any details about brass ferrule fitting, you can send a message to our sales team with your enquiry. You can contact us via Link, Facebook, email, etc.
Leak Proof
The thickened brass hot forged valve body with the PTFE seal is truly effective in preventing liquid leakage. Moreover, the surface is smooth and corrosion-resistant.
Quality Control
Before we ship each batch of brass ferrule fittings, we have our quality control colleagues check the weight, threads, sizes, packaging, and other details, and take photographs for our records.

D&R Brass Ferrule Fittings

D&R manufactures cost-effective brass ferrule fittings without sacrificing its quality. When choosing your manufacturer of brass ferrule fittings for your business or project, always choose D&R Metal Industry! We will provide you the best solution for your requirements.

At D&R, we manufacture all types of brass ferrule fittings. We can even customize your orders according to your type of applications. Here in D&R, we always produce innovative products using advanced technology and state-of-the-art production machines.

Straight Brass Ferrule Fitting

Working Principle of Brass Ferrule Fitting

The brass ferrule fitting works by inserting the steel tube into the ferrule and using the ferrule nut to lock against the ferrule and cut into the tube to seal it. Because it is connected to the steel tube without welding, it is able to eliminate the disadvantages caused by inadvertent welding. In addition, it also has the advantage of being resistant to high temperatures and pressure.

Connection of Brass Ferrule Fitting
Brass Ferrule Elbow Fitting

Structure of Ferrule Fitting

Ferrule fittings are divided into single and double ferrule type ferrule fittings. Both consist of three parts: the fitting body, the ferrule and the nut.

If you find a leak after installation, please check:

  1.  the front and rear ferrules are correctly oriented or positioned
  2. the surface of the steel pipe is not scratched or that the steel pipe is not round
  3. the steel pipe is inserted into the bottom
  4. the nut is tightened.

How We Manufacture Your Brass Ferrule Fittings

cut material
We will choose the right brass material based on your order
test material
Material Testing
We will make strict testing on your Brass Ferrule Fittings material, after the material is ok, then we will arrange the material cutting
brass forging
Forging process can ensure the right shape based on your order requirement
sand blasting
Sand Blasting
Sand Blasting will make your Brass Ferrule Fittings surface clean and smoothly.
CNC Machining
CNC machining is the most important process to ensure all detais are based on your order requirement.
brass plating
Brass Plating
we can make different plating according to your requirement, including the thickness,t he color, the plating material, the test standard
Brass Valves Assembly
We will assemble your Brass Ferrule Fittings from different parts, you will see the final valves after this process.
water pressure testing
Water Pressure Testing
We make 100% air pressure testing on each of your Brass Ferrule Fittings before packaging and shipping.

D&R Metal Industry – China’s Leading Brass Ferrule Fittings Manufacturer

D&R Factory Threading
D&R Factory Sand

As a professional manufacturer, D&R Metal Industry is committed to giving customers with reliable quality brass ferrule fittings. D&R brass ferrule fittings are widely used for both industrial and commercial applications. You can trust our over 15 years of experience in making the best quality and durable brass ferrule fittings. D&R Metal Industry will help you find the right product for your needs.

Our brass ferrule fittings are tough and sturdy because these are made from world-class quality 100% brass materials. These are durable enough and can last in a longer period of use.

D&R brass ferrule fittings are used together with a connector so that fiber cable can be connected to a receiver or transmitter. It also helps in keeping the fibers precisely aligned with the connector. Brass ferrule fittings also helps in holding pipes together.

Here in D&R, we produce brass ferrule fittings varying in sizes. Larger brass ferrule fittings are specially designed with better tube holding and leak-resistance for high pressure applications. It also features high corrosion resistance to ensure durability.

Since our brass ferrule fittings are easy to install, there are widely used in various industries such as hardware, automotive, furniture, welding, water, oil, gas, lawn and garden hose instruments, and more. D&R brass ferrule fittings are fit for a wide range of applications.

All our brass ferrule fittings have undergone meticulous testing to check its mechanical properties before delivering it to you. When manufacturing brass ferrule fittings, we ensure to follow all international standards and strict guidelines for quality.

D&R Metal Industry is well-equipped with complete production line and advanced forging technique. Therefore, we can assure you superior longevity, performance, and quality. Our in-house manufacturing of brass ferrule fittings assures you a better pricing.

If you are an engineer or retailer looking for a reliable quality brass ferrule fitting, don’t hesitate to choose D&R as your manufacturer. We have skilled research and development team to design and manufacture your orders in a timely manner.

Aside from brass ferrule fittings, we also manufacture brass union fittings, garden hose elbows, brass reducer coupling, brass connector, hose female connector, brass tap fittings, and more.

Request a quote for your next brass ferrule fittings order!

Hot Forging
  • Free forging: The use of impact or pressure to deform the metal between the upper and lower anvils to obtain the required forgings, there are two main types of hand forging and mechanical forging.
  • Die forging is also divided into open die forging and closed die forging. Metal billet in a certain shape forging die chamber pressure deformation and obtain forgings, and can be divided into cold heading, roll forging, radial forging and extrusion, etc.
  • Closed die forging and closed upsetting have a high material utilisation rate due to the absence of flying edges. It is possible to finish complex forgings in one or several processes.
D&R Factory Powder Metallurgy

Compared to castings, metals can improve their structure and mechanical properties after forging processing. Casting organization after forging method of thermal processing deformation due to metal deformation and recrystallization, so that the original coarse dendritic and columnar grains into fine grains, uniform size of the equiaxial recrystallization organization, improve the plasticity and mechanical properties of the metal. In addition, the forging process can ensure the continuity of the metal fibre organisation, so that the fibre organisation of the forgings is consistent with the shape of the forgings and the metal flow is complete, which can ensure that the parts have good mechanical properties and a long service life.

Rocket Your Business with D&R Brass Ferrule Fittings

Brass Ferrule Fittings: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide is very helpful and can give you more ideas about brass ferrule fittings.

You’ll learn the functions, applications, and specifications for these products as well as other details.

Keep on reading!

Brass Ferrule Fittings

Brass Ferrule Fittings

What Materials Are Used for Making Brass Ferrule Fittings?

Soft brass or copper is the main material for making brass ferrule fittings.

It has great resistance from any form of rust which makes it ideal in the water systems, plumbing industries, and other fields.

What are brass ferrules fittings used for?

A brass ferrule fitting is a small bracelet that is commonly used for fastening, joining, sealing, or reinforcement.

What Are The Types of Brass Ferrule Fittings?
  • Single Brass Ferrule Fittings

A single brass ferrule fittings almost lighter load number, as opposed to its twin-ferruled, equaled.

These ferrule fittings are formed by analyzing the users’ demands and smoothness of control.

The single brass ferrule fittings have two main purposes, first is to snap within the pipe to handle it, and the other purpose is to give a sealing component for the coupling frame.

  • Double Brass Ferrule Fittings

The double brass ferrule fittings provide a particular joint due to their mechanical solid grip design. It is also known as a twin ferrule fitting.

Plus, this type of brass ferrule fittings can be used for piping or tubing applications with different diameters and ranging hardness levels.

A double brass ferrule fittings offer a problem-free and excellent performance.

They are easy to handle by the operators making them a preferable fitting.

  • Brass Straight Union

Brass straight unions are useful for joining two sections of copper or steel pipe.

The fittings have nickel-plated brass construction with push-to-connect ports, so they can easily be connected by pushing on them from one side and then pulling towards you until it locks into place.

  • Brass Bulk Head Union

It’s a special fitting for connecting metal surfaces in panels or partitions.

These nickel-plated brass parts have two threads, providing an opposing push to connect the port with a threaded nut that allows you easy access when installing it.

  • Brass Reducing Union

Brass reducing union is a fitting that can withstand high pressures and vibrations, durable gas cylinders are exactly what we want.

  • Brass Union Elbow

It is designed for connecting two sections of tubing.

This fitting has nickel-plated brass and can be used on any type of pipe, from steel to plastic.

  • Brass Union Tee

A combination of a sleeve and cap nut is used to fasten the tube. It also supports compressed air lines, water pressure, or hydraulic pressure for an even greater connection strength when needed.

  • Brass Male Elbow

A perfect solution for those who need an easy and quick fix.

The compression rings fit into the flat face on either side of it, while its universal nuts make sure that you can easily attach these pieces no matter what size tube they’re coming from.

Once tightened up tightly with your wrench any leaks will be sealed off.

  • Brass Male Tee

The brass male tee is perfectly fit for water use, oil, or natural gas.

It can also withstand temperatures up to 500F which makes it an excellent choice when working with steam as well.

  • Brass Male Connector

The brass male connector is an essential part of any irrigation system.

It has the ability to connect two parts with ease, and can also hold up well when in use for long periods without breaking or wearing out.

  • Brass Female Connector

The female connector is the perfect solution for connecting cables.

It’s durable and has an aesthetically pleasing finish, making it easy to install in any situation.

How Does Brass Ferrule Fittings Work?

Brass Ferrule Fittings has extremely sealed any connection.

It functions as a leak-proof joint capable of satisfying high-pressure vacuum and vibration applications.

Brass Ferrule Fittings Parts

Brass Ferrule Fittings Parts

What Are Different Parts of Brass Ferrule Fittings?

Brass ferrule fittings have 5 parts which include a 

  • male connector
  • front ferrule
  • back ferrule
  • nut
  • tube

Each part of the brass ferrule has a strong construction enables to provide an outstanding connection of the whole item.

Every brass ferrule fitting part works according to its functions.

All of these elements are necessary for the strength and success of connections.

For a good fit and exact installation, it is necessary that each brass ferrule fitting part are extremely connected.

What Are Advantages of Brass Ferrule Fittings?
  • Provides metal-to-metal connection non-elastomeric seals for leak-free connections.
  • Designed to have a maximum allowable working pressure that is higher than any tubing.
  • Passed industry-standard design for all instrumentation grade tubing.
  • Available in various sizes
  • Provides a secure and stable performance
  • Can work with high temperatures
  • Affordability and string corrosion-resistant

Different Sizes of Brass Ferrule Fittings

Different Sizes of Brass Ferrule Fittings

What Are The Sizes of Brass Ferrule Fittings?

The brass ferrule fittings are designed with multiple sizes which fit in any piping’s.

These are the following brass ferrule fitting sizes:

  • 1/2 inch
  • 3/4 inch
  • 1 inch
  • 2 inch
  • 3 inch
Is Brass Ferrule Fitting Reusable?

A brass ferrule fitting can nevermore be used again once they become done compressed.

They are not reusable because of the characteristic essence of the method.

Moreover, if you use it again the brass ferrule fitting will never suit as tightly as it applied at the primary time.

Reusing brass ferrule fittings can cause leakage.

So it is advisable if you use again the new brass ferrule fitting for the best result.

What Are Typical Applications of Brass Ferrule Fittings?
  • Water
  • Fuel
  • Oil
  • Gasses
  • Structure pipe
  • Chemical pipe
Are Brass Ferrule Fittings Durable and Reliable?

Since the brass ferrule fittings are made from pure and excellent brass materials, they are 100% durable.

In fact, due to their durability, they are capable of providing better services and stable functions.

If they install and use correctly, brass ferrule fitting’s life will be extended.

Brass ferrule fittings operate in a reliable way. It gives a better piping solution for any plumbing industry.

In addition, brass ferrule fittings are not only durable and reliable, but they also give awesome services during the applications.

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