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The D&R metal industry can fully support your improving connector, fittings and valve business by supplying you with excellent quality products like stainless steel ball valves. We are only creating valuable types of stainless steel ball valves and other related products.

  • Accountable metal manufacturer
  • Provides wide selection of products
  • Supply high-quality stainless steel ball valves
  • Offer products with competitive price

Why D&R is Expert in Stainless Steel Ball Valve Manufacturing

Manufacturing important products like stainless steel ball valves is not easy, but we, the D&R metal industry, have intelligence when it comes to producing high-quality and lifetime stainless steel ball valves. We know how to process and what materials to be used to create the best operating stainless steel ball valves and our customers can also benefit its qualities.

D&R Metal IndustryYour Professional Stainless Steel Ball Valve Manufacturer

Stainless Steel Wine Machine Ball Valve

This type of stainless steel ball valve is made up of high grade stainless steel elements that makes it protected from corrosion and assures health and safety usage.

Stainless Steel NPT Thread Ball Valve

Stainless steel NPT thread ball valve composed of solid chrome brass. It has a handle that can be rotated the other side when you want to close it.

Stainless Steel “L” Shaped Ball Valve

The D&R metal industry manufactures stainless steel L shaped ball valves with high checking standards that determines its easy to clean rusts.

Stainless Steel Full Port Ball Valve

This stainless steel full port ball valve supplied by the D&R metal industry operates of about -60°F to 450°F temperature. It is highly constructed with a total stainless steel material.

Stainless Steel Mini Ball Valve

Stainless steel mini ball valve is secure and durable with an aluminum alloy holder. It has great flow access and into the same angle of the specific systems.

Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Ball Valve

This high-quality stainless steel heavy duty ball valve flows in a higher performing capacity than the other usual ball valve. It has inline valves that are attached with double pipes alike direction.

Features of Stainless Steel Ball Valve

Timely Delivery
Customers can be assured of our production efficiency because, with our extensive experience and efficient equipment, we are committed to producing and delivering to the warehouse for delivery within the specified time frame.
Easy to Repair
D&R's stainless steel ball valves are designed to operate at room temperatures up to 1.0 MPA, fully meeting the pressure requirements at room temperature. Moreover, they are easy to install and remove。
Heat Resistance
The brass stainless steel ball valves are forged with high precision and have been tested to operate at temperatures of up to 120°C. So guests can be assured that they can be used in high-temperature environments without fear of bursting.
Online Service
We have a great sales team waiting for customer inquiries and you can contact us via email, WeChat, Facebook, LinkedIn, or WhatsApp. We will reply as soon as we see the message.

D&R Stainless Steel Ball Valve

The D&R metal industry set up high-quality performance of stainless steel ball valves. We are your well-known manufacturer of stainless steel ball valves in China, considering that we made a clear and outstanding name in the manufacturing industry. We are managing product analysis before shipping it anywhere you are in the world. Our company is formed by professional individuals whom you can trust.

Our stainless steel ball valves are made up of high-standard and reliable materials. Giving you the assurance that you can use our stainless steel ball valves more than the value of its price. Its  valve is operating at about 2000 psi valve pressure and functions up to 400°F max temperature. Just keep on touching on the D&R metal industry and we will provide all your ball valve needs.

Brass Valve & Fitting Manufacturer

How We Manufacture Your Stainless Steel Ball Valve

cut material
We will choose the right brass material based on your order.
material testing
Material Testing
We will make strict testing on your stainless steel ball valve, after the material is ok, then we will arrange the material cutting.
brass forging
Forging process can ensure the right shape based on your order requirement.
sand blasting
Sand Blasting
Sand Blasting will make your stainless steel ball valve surface clean and smoothly.
CNC machining
CNC Machining
CNC machining is the most important process to ensure all details are based on your order requirement.
brass plating
Brass Plating
We can make different plating according to your requirement, including the thickness,t he color, the plating material, the test standard.
brass fitting and valves assembly
Stainless Steel Ball Valve Assembly
We will assemble your stainless steel ball valve from different parts, you will see the final stainless steel ball valve after this process.
water pressure testing
Water Pressure Testing
We make 100% air pressure testing on each of your stainless steel ball valve before packaging and shipping.

Rocket Your Business with D&R Stainless Steel Ball Valve

brass valve and fittings design

D&R Metal Industry – Your Premier Stainless Steel Ball Valve Manufacturer in China

The D&R metal industry as your top manufacturer in China supplies the bestselling and in-demand metal and stainless products like stainless steel ball valves. We are always looking forward to the productive valve businesses as your supplying partner. We have a continuous outlook on excellent services and handling cost control for the best result overall.

We, the D&R metal industry, spend time for the good of our purchasing clients and even for those end-users. Believe that we will always bring up-to-date details for you about modernized designs and functions specifically stainless steel ball valves. We have solid principles implemented and being followed which is to give the best of the best products to our customers.


The D&R metal industry has well-trained members and has more than 10 years of sourcing experience. And that is why the D&R metal industry becomes your premier and successful manufacturer of stainless steel ball valves. Our stainless steel ball valves are constructed with superior types of materials which can ensure lasting services.

We generate high-quality stainless steel ball valves with different types, sizes and functions for you to choose your preferred stainless steel ball valves based on its applications. Associate with us, and we are glad to support your heightened business by handing over our best conditioned stainless steel ball valves.


You can select on this following types of stainless steel ball valves, we have stainless steel wine machine ball valve, stainless steel NPT thread ball valve, stainless steel “L” shaped ball valve, stainless steel full port ball valve, stainless steel mini ball valve, stainless steel heavy duty ball valve, stainless steel shut-off ball valve , stainless steel bulkhead ball valve, stainless steel ball valve with locking handle, and many others.

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Stainless Steel Ball Valves: The FAQs Guide

This guide will talk about stainless steel types, applications, features, advantages, and so on. You will learn from different factors from this topic and what should you consider when buying this unit.

If you want to know more about the stainless steel ball valve units, check this out! It is worth reading.

What is Stainless Steel Ball Valves?

This refers to the most popular valves in use today! Stainless Steel Ball Valves are a type of valve that uses hollow, pivoting balls to regulate medium flow passing through it.

It can be defined as either one part in piping systems where shutoff or control is achieved by utilizing round seats and holes on sphere-like bodies called seat plates for the ball’s stem; another way would be to refer to them generally as “valve”.

Stainless Steel Ball Valve

Stainless Steel Ball Valve

The term ‘stainless steel’, meaning not contain any iron.

What are the Advantages of Stainless Steel Ball Valves?

Stainless Steel Ball Valves are a great way to regulate the flow of water in your household. It is ideal, especially for high-pressure applications. They come with different features, like an adjustable nozzle that can be opened or closed depending on what you want it to do!

You can also customize how much air is released when they open by adjusting some screws near its base – this will affect both pressure loss during operation as well.

It can holds up pretty well under high temperatures. There’s no Nickle plating involved which makes these valves resistant against corrosion caused by organic materials such as steel proteins & more.

A stainless steel ball valve works by utilizing hollow spheres and round seats that can open or close off medium flow passing through them when lined up with its hole, allowing only for admitting one-way traffic from beginning till the end of the pipeline system (or vice versa).

They come complete with an easy-to-installed cap so you don’t have anything else holding your project back anymore – get started today!

  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Offer higher pressure ratings
  • Can be used in a broad range of applications
  • Handle hot and cold temperature
  • Endure harsher water types
  • Durable, long-lasting unit
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Competitive price
  • Simple, Effective Design
  • Low leakage rate
  • High efficiency
  • High resilience

Purchasing a stainless steel ball valve is a great investment. It is one of the best options for your business.

What are Commonly Types of Stainless Steel Ball Valves?

There are so many available stainless steel ball valves types in the market. It has different classifications based on your applications. If you’re looking into investing money but don’t know where should start with mechanic equipment consider our recommendations below:

  • Hydraulic Stainless Steel Ball Valve
  • Motor-driven Stainless Steel Ball Valve
  • Electrical Stainless Steel Ball Valve
  • Air Signal ON/OFF Stainless Steel Ball Valve
  • Manual Stainless Steel Ball Valve

You can classify stainless steel ball valves according to ball access, design, bore size, body assembly, etc.

What are the Main Components of Stainless Steel Ball Valve?

Most of the stainless steel ball valves have the same parts. It is assembled and manufactured precisely to function well in different purposes. It includes:

  • Valve Housing
  • Central Metal Ball
  • Seats
  • Stem
  • Lever
  • Bonnet
  • Packing

Stainless Steel Ball Valve Parts

Stainless Steel Ball Valve Parts

Where Do You Use Stainless Steel Ball Valve?

Stainless steel material is ideal in manufacturing ball valves. It has excellent properties suitable for a wide range of medium and harsh operations in residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

It getting more popular nowadays and many users feel satisfied using and installing it.

Several applications are listed below:

  • Cooling and feedwater systems
  • Irrigation system
  • Petroleum refining
  • Gas distribution
  • Seawater desalination
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Water treatment
  • Cooling and feedwater systems
  • Chemical process equipment
  • Brewing systems
  • Plumbing systems
  • Paint Production
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Crude Oil Refineries
  • Marine Environments
  • HVAC systems

How Does Stainless steel ball valve Work?

A stainless steel ball valve is a quick-turning device designed to regulate flow.

The working principle of this unit, which houses the large borehole through its center and has an open end at one side or another depending on design preference (for example flow restrictor), relies on the weight balancing act between two parts:

A cup shape piece that sits securely within ducts with various sizes available for fitting purposes; then there are three metal bands making up what’s called sleeve float rings found just outside these openings when looking down into them from above – all being held in place by weights against their seats inside partway along both sides so long as they remain still enough not be pushed off balance effortlessly.

The stainless steel ball valve is a device that allows fluids to flow from one location to another. The working principle behind it can be described as straightforward, with the large borehole running through its center and seating at either end secured by an operating handle which often has additional controls near it on top or side panels of some models.

Is There a Difference Between Stainless Steel Ball Valves and Gate Valves?

Stainless steel balls open when they’re parallel to a pipe.

It stays closed otherwise, like with all other types of handles on these two different pieces of equipment!

Gates work differently because handles must be perpendicular for opening them – if not then it will simply close that’s why these two types make good combinations!

Stainless Steel Ball Valves opens when the handle is somewhat parallel with the pipe whereas the Gate valve stays closed at any angle!

Why Stainless Steel Sometimes Damaged?

Stainless steel ball valves are one of the most commonly used control devices for medium to high flow rates.

When it comes to flow control, stainless steel ball valves are the workhorse.

However, over time this device’s components can wear out and fail due to their elastomers or seal seals and they can accumulate debris that becomes abrasive over time which eventually wears out the elastomers inside resulting in leaks at worst-case scenarios!

Certain reasons charge to the damage or failure of stainless steel ball valves are:

  • Substandard repair of the device
  • Incorrect valve selection
  • Incompatibility of the material use
  • Lack of proper maintenance
  • A build-up of abrasive debris in the pipeline system
  • Excess pressure and temperature beyond the designated parameters
  • Too much pressure and temperature
  • Inappropriate installation process

Is Customized Stainless Steel Ball Valve Available?

Yes, of course.

Several manufacturers offer standard and custom-made stainless steel ball valves to meet the various requirements and specifications of clients.

Stainless steel ball valves are used in many sectors in industrial, commercial, and residential, so different types and models are made to acquire those needs.

Stainless Steel Ball Valve Sizes

Stainless Steel Ball Valve Sizes

Depending on your specific demands, logo, designs, sizes, function, etc. you can request your manufacturers.

How Can You Repair Stainless Steel Ball Valve?

You can fix a ball valve by shutting off the flow supply and removing any debris from the inside.

It’s important to inspect for malfunctions first, as this will allow you access when repairing or replacing it later on down the line!

Once everything has been drained of moisture/water (depending), use some clothes in order to dry out your stainless steel ball valve before putting them away again properly after their work here is done.

The following are the steps to repairing stainless steel ball valves:

1) Shut off the flow supply to an affected system or area by unplugging it.

This will allow you time for inspection and prevention of further damage caused by leakages, as well as wasting any remaining water in its path;

2) Once drained, dry out all parts with a cloth until no more moisture remains inside them – this may take some elbow grease depending on how moist things got prior but don’t worry!

You’ve already done about 90%+ worth now before we even get started so give yourself full marks here;

3) If unsure whether there is actually any need at all, then consult your local plumber first in your area.

What are the quality standards for a stainless steel ball valve?

To ensure long-lasting application and great performance, stainless steel ball valves must obtain many quality standards. It must comply with National and international certifications such as:

  • CE

Quality assurance is also called The Conformitè Europëenne. A management mark of quality denotes that the product sold has meet health, high safety, and environmental protection points.

It is an important qualification when exported products to the EU region and another part of the world.

  • ASTM International

An abbreviation of American Society for Testing and Materials. In charge of the information-gathering stage of the manufacturing such as sampling process, planning, and design of experiments and test procedures, etc.

  • ISO 9001

It approves or acclaims the ability of the valve manufacturer to offer excellent products and reliable services that exceed clients and regulatory requirements.

  • PMPA

Responsible for examining and supervising the manufacturing of various fabricated valves.

What is the Equipment Used in Fabricating Stainless Steel Ball Valves?

Stainless steel ball valves fabrication needs advanced manufacturing machines and state-of-the-art technology to ensure efficient production. Manufacturers use various tools from initial design to the end. Some of the machines used in this industry are the following:

  • Milling machine
  • Electrical discharge machine
  • 3D printers
  • Lathe
  • CNC machine
  • Automatic screw machines
  • Shaper
  • Grinding machine
  • Hobbing machine

What Should You Consider in Using Stainless Steel Ball Valve?

Choosing the right stainless steel ball valve for your applications is not easy.

You need to consider several details about the product before purchasing. Here is the common factor you must overlook:

  • Product brand
  • The materials use in production
  • Quality standard comply
  • Compatibility of the stainless steel ball valve to your system
  • Level of maintenance
  • You must consider the cost and shipping
  • Product warranty

Is Stainless Steel Ball Valve Low Maintenance?

Steel valves are a high-performing, low-maintenance option for your water supply.

They don’t require much work to keep them functioning properly and they have an extremely long lifespan too!

They have an extremely low failure rate that contributes towards their efficiency and makes them the best choice for your home or business!

It has an extremely high level of efficiency due in part to its resilience – meaning there is very little chance for failure leading against lower costs on your overall budget spending.

Like all plumbing fixtures in general (steel ones included), steel valve needs regular upkeep like cleaning to avoid clogging from residual debris build up inside it over time which can lead to costing you more money down below with unnecessary repairs while also reducing productivity due to missed days at work because this has been taken care off beforehand.

Is Stainless Steel Ball Valve Cost-Effective?

Stainless steel ball valves are a cost-effective way to replace your old plumbing fittings!

It can also serve you well, even if it’s installed!

These durable and long-lasting options can last for generations with proper care.

They’re affordable enough that you won’t need to worry about frequent replacements, which makes them even more attractive as one of the top contenders in this category.

This material will last your lifetime with only one or two servings per year needed at most.

There are many benefits to using stainless steel ball valves.

These fittings can be acquired for a lower cost than other options, and they’re maintenance-free!

Why Choose China as Your Stainless Steel Ball Valve Origin?

China is one of the best countries in the world that supply durable and versatile stainless steel ball valves. It has so many manufacturers that adopt mature technology and obtain various management certifications to perfect many production processes. In choosing the right supplier you must overlook their:

  • Fast Production
  • Management certifications
  • Long history and rich experience
  • Extensive product offer
  • Cost-effective options
  • Flexible MOQ
  • Before and After-sale Service

For all your concern about this product, contact us now.

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