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D&R is the most dependable manufacturer in China. We are producing complete lines of brass non return valves to all places.

  • Brass non return valves, your reliable manufacturer in China
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  • Rich history of making brass non return valve
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Why D&R is Expert in Brass Non Return Valve Manufacturing

D&R Metal Industry is very glad to support your business by providing your brass non return valve requirements. As a premier supplier, D&R gives brass non return valves with durable quality for over 15 years. You can fully rely on us since we are producing all types of brass valves, especially brass non return valves with the help of superior quality materials. Just inquire today!

D&R Metal IndustryYour Brass Non Return Valve Manufacturer

1-inch brass non return valve

1-inch brass non return valve made by D&R is used to safely transferred liquids and does not flow back. D&R is the perfect provider when it comes to your brass non return valve needs.


2-inch Brass Non Return Valve

At D&R, you can get the high-quality and best 2-inch brass non return valve. All products from D&R have good conditions fit for every application.


15mm brass non return valve

We manufactured all series of brass non return valves available in 15mm sizes. We strictly follow international standards while creating your desired products.


Brass Dual Check non return valve

D&R Brass dual check non return valves are fit for a variety of water system applications. Only at D&R, you will find the right product you need at affordable rates.


Brass Forge Non Return Valve

Our range of brass forge non return valves has owned advantageous features like leak-resistant, corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, etc. D&R can be your ideal partner for your business!


Brass Sight Glass Non Return Valve

D&R brass sight glass non return valves are in good condition and offer a long life service span. All models of brass valves at D&R are offered for budget-friendly prices.


Features of Brass Non Return Valve

24/7 Online
We have an excellent sales team 24/7 hours online waiting for customer inquiries. We will get back to our customers as soon as we see the message.
D&R Metal Industry has iso9001 and CE approval for valves in making, and all production processes in the factory are in compliance with standards.
Quality Inspection
Before each batch of brass non return valves is shipped, we would arrange for a special quality inspector to inspect the weight and thread of the valves.
Explosion Proof
D&R's brass check valves are forged from high-quality brass, which not only resists high temperatures but thickens to prevent explosion and cracking.

D&R Brass Non Return Valve

D&R Metal Industry has obtained more than 15 years of manufacturing history. Throughout the years of efforts, we have provided only high-quality brass non return valves. Because of that, we have received good comments and reputation from customers all over the world. With our wide expertise in the field and our quality products, we can help your business succeed!

If you choose D&R as your brass non return valve solution provider, we won’t disappoint you! Our products are even customizable according to your request to achieve your satisfaction.

Brass Valve & Fitting Manufacturer

Customize any Brass Non Check Valve You Need

Not only does D&R Metal Industry have the advantage of experience in the valve industry, but we have a professional design team and sales team. You can communicate with our colleagues for any customization needs and we will give you advice from both marketing and product design perspectives.

Professional Team
High Quality Brass Gate Valve

Rich Experience for Your Brass Non Return Valves

D&R Metal Industry is a trusted brass non return valve supplier in China, we have accumulated more than 15 years of experience in the brass valve industry. The brass non return valve which is made by our D&R Metal Industry is used for regulating flow in a pipeline, consisting of a movable disk-type element and a stationary ring seat in a generally spherical body.

Regular Replacement of Brass Non Return Valves

Usually, brass non return valves which are broken are easy to replace, but to prevent is a much brighter method. These problems are usually caused by mineral build-up, so you should check your brass non return valve every few months to confirm that there is no potential problem.  If your brass non return valve has severe pitting or corrosion, it will need to be replaced.

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Repair Brass Gate Valve

How We Manufacture Your Brass Non Return Valve

cut material
We will choose the right Brass Non Return Valve based on your order
test material
Material Testing
We will make strict testing on your brass compression fittings material, after the material is ok, then we will arrange the material cutting
brass forging
Forging process can ensure the right shape based on your order requirement
sand blasting
Sand Blasting
Sand Blasting will make your Brass Non Return Valve surface clean and smoothly.
CNC Machining
CNC machining is the most important process to ensure all details are based on your order requirement.
Brass Non Return Valve Assembly
We will assemble your brass compression fittings from different parts, you will see the final brass compression fittings after this process.
water pressure testing
Water Pressure Testing
We make 100% air pressure testing on each of your Brass Non Return Valve before packaging and shipping.

Rocket Your Business with D&R Brass Non Return Valve

brass valve and fittings design

D&R Metal Industry – Your Leading Brass Non-Return Valve Manufacturer in China

D&R is full of expert personnel that professionally manufactured all kinds of brass nonreturn valves. We have gained more than 15 years’ of experience in manufacturing the best kinds of brass valves, including brass nonreturn valves. For the past years, we are keeping on providing satisfying services so that we have gained a reputation and high praises from our clients worldwide.

Horizontal Brass Non Return Valve

Horizontal Brass Non-Return Valve

Our brass nonreturn valve is designed with different sizes up to small, medium, and large. We are only providing the best quality brass non-return valves in all types such as Threaded Brass Non-Return Valve, Horizontal Brass Non-Return Valve, Golden Brass Non-Return Valve, Brass Spring Check Valve, Brass Sight Glass Non-Return Valve, Brass Forge Non-Return Valve, and many others.

D&R Brass non-return valve is fitted to ensure that the medium flows by the pipe in the precise direction. This is used with mixing loops in cooling and heating systems to certain precise operations. It is also useful to prevent backflow in domestic water systems. Ideal in several important applications including district heating, water distribution, and safer wastewater transport. You can choose D&R for your brass non-return valve orders!

structure of brass check valve

Structure of Brass Non-Return Valve

We, D&R known to provide our customers with the most promising, best quality brass nonreturn valve at an affordable cost. Here at D&R, there are different types of brass nonreturn valves that can match your applications.

Moreover, we have complete brass nonreturn valve production machines we used to produce your valve orders. If it`s hard for you to choose the right brass nonreturn valve, D&R Metal Industry is glad to offer help! Just send us your request, and allow us to achieve your desired product.

disc of brass non return valve

Disc of Brass Non-Return Valve

D&R can be your perfect business partner. You can fully rely on us when it regards to satisfying services and productions. Feel free to contact us when you want us to be your partner!

Feel free to send your inquiries to us! Contact now.


Brass Non-Return Valve: A Complete FAQ Guide

This guide will help you to understand what is a brass non-return valve, its functions, and feature.

It will also help you know its advantages and how to choose the right brass non-return valve for your application.

Keep reading!


What is a Brass Non-Return Valve?

A brass non-return valve is also called a brass check valve. It is also known as the retention valve, NRV, or one-way valve.

It has a specific design that allows media (water, steam) to flow in one direction. Thus, preventing an automatic backflow.

Brass Non-Return Valve
Brass Non-Return Valve

What are Common Materials Used for Brass Non-Return Valve?

Brass is a common material used for a non-return valve. It is composed of zinc and copper to achieve good chemical resistance.

Brass is also known because of its high corrosion resistance, good malleability, and excellent temperature resistance.

Hence, brass materials are widely used for making a non-return valve.

How Does a Brass Non-Return Valve Functions?

A brass non-return valve is an automatic type of valve. That means it doesn’t need a person to control it.

A brass non-return valve’s body is designed with two openings. One opening functions as an inlet and the opening is an outlet.

It also has a distinguishing feature called a closing member. It can be found between its two openings.

Function of a Brass Non-Return Valve
The function of a Brass Non-Return Valve

What are the Types of a Brass Non-Return Valve?

There are different types of brass non-return valves such as:

Brass Ball NRV

Ball NRV features a spherical ball. The spherical ball is a movable closing member used to block the media’s flow.

Most of the ball NRVs are the spring-loaded type to keep it tightly shut. If not, it is necessary to have a reverse flow. The reverse flow will move the ball into the seat to make a tight sealing.

Brass ball non-return valves are cost-effective, simple, and compact structured.

Ball Non-Return Valve
Ball Non-Return Valve

Diaphragm Non-Return Valve

By using a flexible rubber diaphragm, a brass diaphragm NRV can form a normally closed valve.

To open the NRV, downstream side pressure should be lesser than the upstream side pressure. Then, the media will start flowing.

The rubber diaphragm will be flexed automatically to its closed position if the pressure stops.

Swing Check Non-Return Valve

It features a movable part that is used to block the media flow. This movable part will swing from a hinge into the seat to allow forward media flow or block a reversed flow.

The cross-section seat opening of a swing check NRV is right-angled to the center of the two ports.

Swing Non-Return Valve
Swing Non-Return Valve

Stop Check NRV

A stop check non-return valve can prevent a media flow through its override control.

Through the external mechanism of a stop check NRV, a backflow or forward flow can be purposely shut regardless of its pressure.

Lift Check Non-Return Valve

A brass lift check non-return valve is designed with a lift or a disc. The inlet fluid can create a higher pressure that can lift the disc off in its seat. Thus, the media can flow to the downstream or outlet.

However, the disc will be back to its original position in the seat if the pressure lowers down. Then, the valve will be shut off tightly preventing a reverse flow.

In-line Non-Return Valve

An in-line NRV has a close characteristic with the lift check NRV. However, an in-line non-return valve uses a spring.

A high pressure caused by the upstream flow will lift the spring up. Cracking pressure is necessary to reduce the spring tension.

If the pressure in the upstream side becomes lower than the cracking pressure, backflow can be prevented if the spring will close the valve.

In-line Non-Return Valve
In-line Non-Return Valve

What are the Advantages of Using a Brass Non-Return Valve?

  • Brass non-return valves have a simple and compact structure.
  • Also, brass non-return valves are generally inexpensive.
  • It can protect your compressor and pumps against damages caused by reverse and backflow.
  • It features a low-pressure drop that helps to save energy.
  • A brass non-return valve can also prevent water hammering.
  • By using a brass NRV, a sudden valve failure can be avoided.
  • A brass non-return valve doesn’t have plenty of moving parts. Thus, it can lower down the maintenance cost.

What are the Applications of a Brass Non-Return Valve?

A brass non-return valve can be used for different applications such as pumps, industrial processes, and domestic use.

For pump applications, it includes:

  • Steam boiler feed pumps
  • Metering pumps
  • Chromatography
Brass Non-Return Valve in Pump System
Brass Non-Return Valve in Pump System

For industrial processes applications, it includes:

  • Fluid processing systems
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power plants
  • Transportation fuel system
  • Pipeline systems
  • Nitrogen feed systems
  • Dump lines, fuel injection systems, aircraft fuel systems
Brass Non-Return Valve for Industrial Processes
Brass Non-Return Valve for Industrial Processes

For domestic applications, it includes:

  • Domestic water supply
  • Inflatable mattresses
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Home heating systems
Brass Non-Return Valve for Hot and Cold Water Application
Brass Non-Return Valve for Hot and Cold Water Application

What is the Difference Between Brass Check Valve and Non-Return Valve?

The brass check valves and brass non-return valve is basically just the same. Both of these valves have the same functions.

Check valves are also called non-return valves. Their function is to stop a media’s flow in one direction. Thus, the media can flow freely in another direction.

Is There a Better Alternative for a Brass Non-Return Valve?

The answer is no. A brass non-return valve prevents backflows.

You can choose from the different types of non-return valve that suits best in your application. However, you cannot use other types of valves as an alternative to non-return valves.

What are the Different Parts of a Brass Non-Return Valve?

Depending on its type, a brass non-return valve is composed of various parts. However, regardless of its type and size, all brass non-return valve has common parts including:

  • Valve body
  • Cover plate
  • Seat ring
  • Disc
Parts of a Brass Non-Return Valve
Parts of a Brass Non-Return Valve

Why is it Necessary to Choose the Right Size and Types of Brass Non-Return Valve?

Choosing the right size and type of brass non-return valve will provide advantages to your application.

  • Choosing the right size and type of brass non-return valve will provide high efficiency and smooth operation.
  • It can cut down the cost of your maintenance by reducing shutdown and repair.
  • Choosing the right size and type for your application will extend the lifespan of the valve.

What to Do You Consider When Choosing a Brass Non-Return Valve?

Flow Media

You should consider the types of media that will be used for your brass non-return valve.

By considering the type of media, you can know the right type of brass non-return valve to choose.

Minimum and Maximum Flow Rates

Each brass non-return valve type can work with different flow velocities.

Thus, understanding the minimum and maximum flow rates of your application will help you choose the right valve size.

Inlet and Outlet Working Pressure

The inlet and outlet working pressure can help you determine a brass non-return valve’s working pressure.

A non-return valve is available in different pressure ratings such as PN10, PN16, PN25, and more.

Installation Type

It is also important to determine the installation type of the valve.

Commonly a non-return valve is installed in a horizontal position.

For vertical installation, proper precautions must be taken. Vertical configuration is different from horizontal valve configuration.

Acting Type Requirements

Check whether your applications require fast, normal, or slow closures.

Fast closure brass non-return valve is usually used for multi-pump systems.

If a slow closure valve is used, it should be installed with a hydraulic damper.


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