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Brass Non Return Valve

D&R brass non-return valves, also called brass check valves or brass one-way valves are unidirectional valves made from DRZ brass material.  They don’t require any valve actuation since the opening and closing depend on the D&R brass non-return valve flow control mechanism. Our valves automatically open when fluid flows in the forward direction and close in case of any reverse or backflow.

As an OEM brass non-return valve manufacturer in China, we offer varying end configurations, with varying pressure and temperature ratings. D&R offers many design options, from brass discs to brass bonnets depending on customer request.

Valve Design Options

D&R offers many brass non-return valve options for various uses such as:

  • Lift check valves for high-pressure and high-flow rate applications
  • Swing-type non-return valve which best for most versatile uses due to its leak-tight design
  • Inline non-return valve for pulsating flow systems
  • Stop check valves which are perfect for isolation
  • Folding disc non-return valve for low-pressure applications

You can visit the D&R brass non-return valve factory in China or contact our technical support to discuss our valve designs.

Quality Testing

D&R adopts strict quality control for all light-duty and heavy-duty brass non-return valves. From sizing, brass material composition, to design, D&R ensures all your brass one-way valves meet the RoHS, CE, ASME, and ISO standards.

Irrespective of the size, whether you want a 1-inch brass non-return valve or a 2-inch brass non-return valve, D&R engineers will determine:

  • Minimum differential pressure
  • Efficiency of the self-actuating mechanism
  • Operating pressure range
  • Operating temperature
  • Low noise operation
  • Leakproof

All our high-quality brass non-return valves meet the dynamic application requirements.

Where to Use Brass One-Way Valves

Heating and Cooling Systems

They prevent water backflow hence, how and cold water do not mix.

Pump System

When installed at the discharge section, brass one-way valves prevent possible backflow.

Mixing Chambers

The valve will prevent possible contamination.

Industrial and Domestic Applications

Fluid processing systems, nuclear industry, sprinkler systems, water heating systems, etc. all depend on the brass one-way valve to prevent backflow.

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