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Get the highest standards of D&R metal industry DZR valves and we can support your expandable business handled. We will custom your DZR valve ideal features and other selections.

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Why D&R Metal Industry is Expert in DZR Valve Manufacturing

We, D&R metal industry is trusted and expert in many years in the industry. We have supported plenty of projects and many types of business like plumbing, retail and wholesale business, and more. We proudly present our complete range of services trusted with many people in business around the world.

D&R Metal IndustryYour Professional DZR Valve Manufacturer

15mm DZR Valve

Get 15mm sizes for a small flow of water or any gases and even chemical flow. It has perfect features for safe business operations.

35mm DZR Valve

Support your large plumbing projects and other types of applications. We will supply 35mm dzr valves and other ideal sizes as well.

Butterfly Handle DZR Valve

Choose butterfly handle dzr valves here at D&R metal industry. We will guarantee dzr valves quality tested and deliver your orders on-time.

Copper Compression DZR Valve

Get the highest quality of D&R metal industry copper compression dzr valves. It helps businesses get perfect profits.

DZR Brass Gate Valve

We always find the best way and design products to help plumbing and more applications of dzr brass gate valves. Choose ideal finishes.

DZR Double Check Valve

Double check dzr valves are made of quality materials suitable for many types of applications. We can suggest colors based on piping.

Features of DZR Valve

skin protection
Corrosion Resistant
DZR copper is commonly known as corrosion-resistant brass, because it contains a certain amount of arsenic (As), it has good corrosion resistance in both fresh and seawater
water control
Water Control
One of the most important functions of a DZR valve is water control, and we can promise you that our quality DZR valves will Effective control water flow in and out.
Thickened Body
The DZR valve is made of high tensile strength raw materials and has a thickened body for pressure resistance and tight structure. The thickness meets international standards.
Quality Control
Before each batch of DZR valves is shipped, we would arrange for a special quality inspector with rich experience to inspect the weight, thread, and size of the valves.

D&R DZR Valve

D&R metal industry dzr valves are attainable in many features, types of materials, and more dzr valve selections. we offered wide selections from colors, finishes, customizations, and so on. Our dzr valves can save a lot of your money.

We are capable to supply dzr valves in your ideal amount and time. We focus on your request to make it ahead of time. We, D&R metal industry is a professional long-term partner whatever your business handled.

Brass Valve & Fitting Manufacturer

How We Manufacture Your DZR Valve

cut material
We will choose the right brass material based on your order
test material
Material Testing
We will make strict testing on your DZR Valve material, after the material is ok, then we will arrange the material cutting
brass forging
Forging process can ensure the right shape based on your order requirement
sand blasting
Sand Blasting
Sand Blasting will make your DZR Valve surface clean and smoothly.
CNC Machining
CNC machining is the most important process to ensure all detais are based on your order requirement.
brass plating
Brass Plating
we can make different plating according to your requirement, including the thickness,t he color, the plating material, the test standard
Brass Valves Assembly
We will assemble your DZR Valve from different parts, you will see the final valves after this process.
water pressure testing
Water Pressure Testing
We make 100% air pressure testing on each of your DZR Valve before packaging and shipping.

Rocket Your Business with D&R DZR Valve

brass valve and fittings design

D&R Metal Industry – Your Premier DZR Valves Manufacturer in China

With almost 20 years of manufacturing experience for dzr valve, D&R has been one of the best manufacturers in China. We have the widest range of dzr valves at the highest quality and competitive price.  D&R DZR Valve is manufactured to meet the highest industry standards.

Most of our dzr valves are WRAS approved where appropriate. Whether used for water or marine applications, D&R dzr valve offers the ideal combination of operational properties. It is also suitable to use for high-temperature water, seawater, glycon mixtures, soft water, and potable water.

DZR products testing

DZR Products Testing

D&R dzr valve also known as dezincification resistant offers malleability and corrosion resistance, offering added durability to ensure long and trouble-free service life. Robust construction of dzr valve allows resisting cracking and extremely high temperatures, rust-free.

D&R dzr valve are light and compact units. It can be installed easily and operate efficiently.  This valve are stronger and harder than copper. The valve operating temperature ts: -10 °C up to +120 °C; Maximum operating pressure ps is 30 bar pressure impact resistant at 30 °C (PN 30).

You can take advantage of D&R dzr valve as it is dezincification resistant. It features a blow-off-proof stem, as well as simple insulation with an extended plastic handle using insulation shells.

DZR fittings testing

If you are looking for DZR valve, you can count on D&R Metal Industries. By exploring our product line, you can select your DZR valve that perfectly fits your project. If by any chance, you are unable to find the item you are looking for, we can provide customized service for you.

D&R can custom your DZR valve based on your specific requirement. We will support the development of your product, from product design, material testing, to assembly and final product packaging, strict quality control on every process is observed.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our DZR valve and service. Our friendly team is happy to help!


What is a DZR Valve?

A DZR valve has a body that is made from DZR brass or dezincification-resistant brass. It is commonly used for plumbing and other water system applications, especially for potable waterworks. DZR valve can provide superior dezincification corrosion. When you purchase a DZR valve, it should have a “DR” mark.

DZR Valve WRAS Approved
DZR Valve WRAS Approved

What is Dezincification?

Dezincification is mainly a corrosion process primarily caused by water contact. This process removes zinc from copper alloys resulting in reduced mechanical strength and leaving a copper-rich and porous structure. There are two types of dezincification that include

Plug-type Dezincification

This type of dezincification is a localized process mostly on the surrounding surface that can deeply penetrate the valve’s sidewalls. It can result in a loss of mechanical strength that can also cause a fracture.

Uniform-Layer Dezincification

This dezincification process mostly affects the broad area of the surface. It can uniformly reduce the valve’s wall thickness.

What Materials are Used to Create a DZR Valve?

Mostly, DZR Valve is made from DZR brass materials. These materials are easier to form and machine while providing increased strength and superior dealloying or dezincification.

What is the Chemical Composition of a DZR Material?

DZR brass materials for plumbing and valves are comprised of 35-39% of Zinc and 57%-63% of copper. Copper-Zinc alloys with over 15% Zn are accepted as the maximum limit to avoid dezincification.

Why Should You Use a DZR Valve?

In a water system, there are common conditions that will lead to dezincification such as

  • High chlorine levels
  • Corrosive soils like waterlogged clays, salt marsh, acid peat, and more
  • Fewer water flows
  • High temperature
  • Polluted atmosphere
  • Alkalinity, acidity, and hardness of water
  • High chloride concentrations
  • Brackish or seawater

To avoid problems caused by the conditions above, it is best to use DZR valves. With their lower Zinc, higher copper content, and lead-content, along with heat treatment process and trace elements, these valves can provide superior qualities. It is notably effective for resisting dezincification and dealloying.

What are the Different Types of DZR Valves?

There are several types of DZR valves that include:

DZR Ball Valves

DZR Brass Ball Valves with Compression Ends

These are applicable for HVAC and industrial applications, especially for domestic heating.

DZR Brass Ball Valve with Compression End Material List
DZR Brass Ball Valve with Compression End Material List

DZR Brass Isolating Ball Valve with Swivel Nut

It features a blow-out-proof stem and adjustable packing nut.

DZR Brass Isolating Ball Valve with Swivel Nut
DZR Brass Isolating Ball Valve with Swivel Nut

DZR Brass Ball Valves with Male/Female Long Thread

It features 10,000 times opening and closing tests with high working and operating temperature.

DZR Brass Ball Valves with MaleXFemale Long Thread Material List

DZR Gate Valves

DZR gate valves will enable you to connect BSPT male threads while secured shut-off flow to the other side.

DZR HVAC with Mini Ball Valve

These types of DZR valve mini ball valves are widely used for HVAC testing purposes. It should be fully opened or closed when used.

DZR Mini Ball Valve

These are widely used for potable and drinking water applications. It comes with a male-female thread.

DZR Brass Check Valve

These are designed to avoid contamination by allowing the fluid to flow in only one direction.

DZR Float Valve

A DZR float valve has a locknut that can be machined-fix on the valve’s body.

What are the Components of DZR Valve?

These are the most common components of a DZR valve


It is the outer casing of the valve that is mainly made from DZR brass materials typically CW602N, CW6265, or CW626N.


It is bolted or semi-permanently screwed into the valve’s body as cover.


These are a valve part that allows the fluid to pass through. It is connected to the pipes or other piping components.

Handle or Actuator

It is used for manual valve control. A valve can be opened or closed by turning the handle. It may be a butterfly handle or lever handle.

Components of a DZR Valve

What are the Common Types of DZR Valve End Connection?

Threaded Connection

DZR valves with threaded connections can provide a streamlined and compact connection between valve and pipe.

It has commonly a female threaded end connection that fits into the male threaded pipes. There are three types of common threaded connection mainly male to male thread connection, female to female thread connection, and male to female thread connection.

DZR Valve with Threaded Connection

DZR valves with threaded connections need to adhere to different standards in the industry. Both pipe and valves must be produced adhering to the same standards to make a proper connection.

Threaded connections must adhere to tapered and straight thread standards.

NPT – National Pipe Thread Tapered

NPT is an American standard thread. It is also referred to as NPT (M), MNPT, or MPT for male threads. For female threads, it is also referred to as NPT(F), FNPT, or FPT.

In order to attain a leak-free seal, a thread sealant must be used.


BSP or British Standard Pipe is based on the trade size instead of the diameter size. There are two types of BSP threads.

  • These are male and female threads.
  • The male thread is tapered while the female thread is parallel.

What are the Size Options for DZR Valves?

DZR valves commonly have different sizes ranging from 1 to 4 inches. However, most manufacturers offer to customize sizes based on your piping needs.

What Markings Used for DZR Valves?

Most types of valves have markings on them.

These are the different markings that you may encounter when purchasing DZR valves.

Quality and Testing Assurance

  • UL or Underwriter’s Laboratories. If the valve passed UL’s test, it must have a UL logo on the body.
  • ANSI or American National Standards Institute
  • UCP/cUPC or Uniform Plumbing Code/Canadian Uniform Plumbing Code
  • CSA or Canadian Standards Association

If your DZR valves have these quality and testing assurance markings, these valves are tested to ensure quality.


WOG (Water, Oil, Gas) is a non-shock pressure rating at an ambient temperature.

CWP (Cold Working Pressure) is used to indicate pressure rating at 100°F working temperature.

CWP and WOG are both valve’s pressure ratings. Your valve should have WOG or CWP with a number in it.

DZR Valve with WOG Markings
DZR Valve with WOG Markings

Other markings you may notice also includes:

  • LF for lead-free
  • Size of the valve
  • Manufacturing code and manufacture identification

What are the Features of DZR Valves?

DZR valves have the following features:

  • Full port to DIN 3357 to assure maximum flow
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Dual sealing systems for easy installation
  • Flexible lip design
  • Sandblasted or hot forged DZR unplated body
  • Blow-out proof unplated DZR brass stem
  • Removable valve handle
PN25 DZR Valve with Butterfly Handle
PN25 DZR Valve with Butterfly Handle

What are the Standard Specifications of DZR Valves?

DZR valve should be certified and approved by international standards such as the following;

  • NR-BFS 1988:18
  • ADZ-P brass approved to SBN-PFS 1983:2
  • Dezincification Resistant ADZ-T
  • 24h 100% seal test guaranteed
  • EN 10226-1, ISO 228
  • Watermarked to AS 5830.1
  • ISO 6509 for determining dezincification depth of copper alloys

Does DZR Valve Lead-Free?

Most of the DZR valves are lead-free. It must adhere to and comply with lead-free plumbing laws.

When you purchase DZR valves it should have passed ANSI/NSF 372 (Lead-Free Drinking Water Laws) ANSI/NSF 61 IAPMO/ANSI Z1157.

Where Can You Use DZR Valves?

DZR Valves has been very popular nowadays. Because of its excellent resistance to corrosion, it can be suitable for different applications typically includes:

  • HVAC like hot water heating systems, chilled water, and condensers
  • Irrigation applications
  • Potable/drinking water systems
  • Petroleum applications
  • Natural gas
  • Domestic hot and cold water
  • Compressed air
  • Pipe fittings, and more

How Does DZR Valve Function?

DZR valve can be closed or opened by turning the handle or lever by 90-degree.

You can distinguish its position through the lever’s position indicated in its handle.


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