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D&R DZR valves, also called dezincification resistance valves are high-performance valves with exceptional corrosion resistance. We fabricate these valves for use in extreme environments that are prone to corrosion such as seawater applications.

Even in the harshest environments, our DZR brass valves will neither develop pinholes nor corrode. We design these dezincification resistance valves to maintain their structural integrity throughout their service lifespan. At D&R, we help you remain competitive in the industry, which explains the reason for our flexible MOQ, strict quality inspection, and competitive DZR valve prices.

D&R Product Options

D&R dezincification-resistant valves come in both standard and custom options. Our top-selling products include the DZR brass ball valve, DZR double check valve, DZR brass gate valve, DZR check valve, and DZR stop valve, among others.

Even if you are looking for DZR valve parts or replacement components, D&R will help you in the design process and cooperate with your team throughout the fabrication. At D&R, we know time is of essence; a reason we guarantee fast turnaround time for all DZR brass valves.


D&R DZR Valve Specifications

D&R valve body is fabricated from dezincification-resistant brass material with the handle made from steel or material according to the client’s request. Depending on the DZR brass valve type, the following specifications may vary:

  • Valve stem and opening port
  • Valve operation mechanism which may vary from lever handle to automatically actuated options
  • Quality specifications: NSF 61, UL Listing, ANSI 61, ASTM B-88
  • End connection: threaded, flanged, push-in, etc.
  • Temperature and pressure rating
  • Size and dimensions

DZR Brass Valve Applications

Industrial and Domestic Applications

D&R DZR valves are suitable for areas prone to corrosion such as salty water environments or systems with corrosive elements. You can use our valves in both industrial and domestic systems. However, for drinking water systems, we have the NSF/ANSI 372-compliant DZR brass valves.

DZR Brass Valve Applications

Advantages of DZR Brass Valves from D&R

Advantages of DZR Brass Valves from D&R
Advantages of DZR Brass Valves from D&R

D&R engineers understand the dynamics in the plumbing industry. A reason D&R dezincification-resistant valves are fabricated to offer many benefits:

  • Better performance than normal brass valves
  • Suitable for harsh environments such as salty water conditions
  • Superior strength and inert valves
  • Maintains mechanical strength for long
  • Increased service lifespan than normal brass valves

At D&R, our team control the chemical element in the dezincification-resistant material before fabricating the brass valves. Additionally, D&R offers lead-free or NSF/ANSI 372-compliant DZR brass valves.

Our quality control process, from material selection, and fabrication to post-production processes, we ensure DZR valves maintain high-performance specifications. Furthermore, D&R testing standards conform to the ISO 6957:1988 requirements. So with D&R DZR brass valves, you don’t have to worry about frequent parts replacement or unexpected failure.

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