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What is CPVC Ball Valve?

CPVC ball valve is also known as chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. It consists of a solid thermoplastic material ideal for residential; applicable in cold and hot potable water applications. A CPVC ball valve is an ideal tool for controlling to opening and closing of the flow of water also other liquids. It is a thermoplastic pipe that can build various types of equipment that include ball valves. It can usually cover a wide range of water system needs and provide control over the flow of a large capacity of fluids.

true union cpvc ball valve

The True Union CPVC Ball Valves are widely used for cold water use. We choose the best materials for these ball valves to ensure their quality.

compact pvc ball valve

The compact CPVC ball valve from us is made from PVC materials for high strength, corrosion resistance, and less weight while ensuring saving cost and accelerating the project for easy installation.

Compact CPVC CTS Ball Valve

Our compact CPVC CTS ball valve is precisely manufactured that is perfect for hot and cold water pressure distribution systems in residential and commercial applications. Avail them now!

pvc true union ball valve

We have a wide range of CPVC True Union Ball Valve in many sizes, rated for 150 PSI at 73-Degree. You can use our True Union Ball Valve for cold-water applications. We can also customize according to your request.

pvc threaded true union ball valve

We offer a wide range of cpvc threaded true union ball valve suitable for commercial plumbing, general service, aquariums, swimming pools, irrigation, water parks, and OEM applications

sch 80 pvc compact ball valve

We choose high-grade materials for Sch 80 cpvc compact ball valve to ensure long life service. We also produce cpvc compact ball valve according to your request. Just send us your specifications.

pvc true union ball valve

Our range of cpvc true union ball valves is available in all sizes. All of our cpvc true union ball valves are compliant with ASTM-B88.

pvc true union ball valve

We have a wide range of cpvc true union ball valves that is accessible in many different sizes such as 3/4 “, 1”, and so on.

CPVC CTS Ball Valve

Our cpvc cts ball valve can be customized according to your specifications. Just send us your requirements and we can help you boom your business.

Physical Properties of D&R CPVC Ball Valve

  1. The maximum service temperature of the CPVC polymer is increased to 210 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Above the useful temperature range for PVC, CPVC has proven to be a great material for hot corrosive liquids, cold and hot water distribution, and other related applications.
  3. In the 110°F to 140°F temperature range, CPVC may even be preferred over PVC because of its higher temperature resistance, which requires fewer piping supports and can result in a lower total cost than PVC.
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What are the Materials Used for CPVC Ball Valve?

CPVC is a resin made from a PVC polymer that has been post-chlorinated. Its chemical resistance material is nearly comparable to that of PVC.

It is designed to assist ranchers and enterprises do suitable cultivating. With the help of these ball valves, one may easily control the water system.

CPVC Ball Valve

CPVC Ball Valve

Is it safe to Use CPVC Ball Valves?

A CPVC ball valve is a great tool for controlling the flow of water or other liquids with ease.

It has a great solution for a broad range of plumbing applications, with a variety of maintenance and high-temperature solutions.

Ball valves, a form of quarter-turn valve commonly used in industrial applications, rely on a simple process to provide the user with the best possible control.

What are the Types of CPVC Ball Valves?

There are different types of CPVC ball valves listed below:

True Union CPVC Ball Valves

Ball check valves enable flowing in one path while preventing flow in the other path. A CPVC ball valve “checks” the passage of water or other liquid media via a pipeline.

This Union CPVC check valve is utilized to work with Schedule 80 CPVC pipelines.

This valve line comes with both Socket and Threaded (NPT) ends. Despite after installation, you can easily remove the valve due to the double union ends.


China CPVC Ball Valve/PVC True Union Ball Valve/Double Union Ball Valve - China Ball Valves, Adapting Ball Valves

True Union CPVC Ball Valves

  • At 73°F, it’s rated at 250 psi with non-shock water service.
  • The cartridge, nuts, and end connectors are fully replaceable.
  • It contains threaded and socketed end connections.
  • Handle features an ergonomic design with a built-in carrier wrench for added comfort.
  • It is made and put together without the use of silicone chemicals.

CPVC 3-Way 3-Position Ball Valve

A CPVC 3-way 3-position (multiport) ball valve flow can be mixed, diverted, and bypassed. It provides a wide range of material selections that ensure complete chemical tolerance in harsh environments.

This design enables easy removal of the valve and operating components from the pipe system for maintenance or replacement. It is simple to connect using the socket end connections.

CPVC 3-Way 3-Position (Multiport) Ball ValveCPVC 3-Way 3-Position (Multiport) Ball Valve

  • It is perfect for applications that require flow direction and on-off control.
  • It has compact, ergonomic designs that make maintenance simple.
  • It prevents cross-contamination of the two incoming streams.
  • It was designed and developed without the use of silicone compounds.
  • All ball valves are assembled with silicone-free lubrication.

CPVC 3-Way 2-Position Ball Valve

This CPVC 3-way 2-position ball valve has a water non-shock full-port valve with a pressure rating of 150 psi at 73°F. It has a 210°F maximum temperature for service. This is a diverter type, EPDM O-rings, socket end connectors, orange handle, and true union design.

Spears True Union 2000 Three-Way Ball Valve, 2" Socket Connection, Horizontal Single L-Port Design, PVC Body / Ball, PTFE Seats, EPDM Seals - Harrington Industrial Plastics

CPVC 3-Way 2-Position (Diverter) Ball Valve

  • It attains diversion flow in quarter-turn even though shut-off is not required.
  • Its flow diverts from the side of the run-inlet to the branch of the center-inlet port.
  • Its internal port in this diverter has no requirement for shut-off.

CPVC Compact Ball Valves

It has the same functionality as our standard CPVC ball valves but in a more compact, smoother design.

These seals can resist up to 150 psi pressures with an EPDM O-ring. The CPVC body can withstand temperatures of up to 200°F.

Our compact CPVC ball valves are ideal for all applications requiring high pressure and higher temperatures.

CPVC Compact Ball Valves

CPVC Compact Ball Valves

CTS CPVC Compact Ball Valves

It is perfectly great for applications that require a lot of high pressure and heat. These valves are preferred over related CTS valves due to their compact design.

Socket End Connections are available on current CPVC CTS Valves.

PVC that has been through an extra chlorination procedure is known as CPVC or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride.

As a result, it has excellent resistance to extreme heat. CPVC is ideal when it comes to conveying hot water.


1 Inch Schedule 80 CPVC Compact Ball Valve, Socket Connect

CTS CPVC Compact Ball Valves

CPVC True Union Vented Ball Valve

CPVC true union vented (bleach) ball valve has a double O-ring stem seal that prevents leaks. It has a maximum flow that is possible with true union connections and a full-port design.

The handle doubles as a carrier wrench while servicing the ball, making it even more convenient. You can use this for bleach or sodium hypochlorite applications.

Chemical off-gassing can be vented through the vent hole on the ball’s upstream side. This maintains inner surfaces persistently wet, preventing gas pressure and crystallization.


CPVC True Union Vented (Bleach) Ball Valve

CPVC True Union Vented (Bleach) Ball Valve

Differences between PVC Ball Valve and CPVC Ball Valve

PVC Ball Valve is a very convenient thermoplastic substance that can be used for piping systems made from the same material.

It is more lightweight than metal vibes, less expensive to produce, strongly corrosion-resistant, and applicable in residential and industrial.

But it is unideal for high-temperature applications because it melts or warps at temperatures above 140°F.

PVC ball valves are employed wherever there is a lot of PVC piping, such as:

  • Irrigation Systems
  • Plumbing Pipes
  • Pool and Spa Pipes
  • Electric Conduits
  • Chemical Production

CPVC Ball Valves have a lighter weight, are corrosion-resistant, and are affordable. Its enhanced chlorination makes CPVC more resistant to bacterial growth and enables it to resist temperatures up to 200°F.

CPVC Ball Valves are convenient for different applications, including:

  • Drinkable Water Distribution
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Corrosive Chemical Conveyance

PVC is only available in nominal pipe sizes, but CPVC comes both in nominal pipe and copper tube sizes. CPVC is more flexible than PVC and needs to be supported every three feet interval to maintain its position.


Schedule 40 PVC

Schedule 80 PVC

Schedule 40 CPVC

Schedule 80 CPVC
ColorWhite, Dark GreyDark Grey, WhiteLight Grey, Off-White, YellowYellow, Off-White, Light Grey
End ShapePlain, BellPlain, BellPlainPlain
Tensile Strength7500 PSI7500 PSI8200 PSI8200 PSI
Standard Length10′, 20′10′, 20′10′10′
Min. Temperature33°F33°F33°F33°F
Max. Temp.140°F140°F200°F200°F
Working Max Pressure450 PSI630 PSI450 PSI630 PSI
What are the Advantages of Using CPVC Ball Valves?

Durable & Long-lasting

You can normally take them out, clean them, and replace them, but there’s no reason to be concerned if you don’t. These valves, designed and built to perform under extreme pressure, are unquestionably the end of the ball valve.

Size Variation

You can indeed select a size that suits your requirements. Because of the variety of sizes available, everyone can have the best item launched in their industries and businesses.

Fulfill Customized Requirements

CPVC Ball Valves can be customized to meet the specific requirement you want. We can customize its types, color, dimensions, etc.

Additional Features

This has a PTFE seat and a 150psi pressure rating. It has easy maintenance and support due to its EPDM and FPM seals. This is a movable transporter seat that anyone may use.

CPVC Ball Valve

CPVC Ball Valve

Benefits of CPVC Ball Valve
  • It is made of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, which allows them to tolerate higher temperatures. Because of its high resistance to temperature, you can use it in a different applications up to 180°F.
  • These have CTS associations, which have a much smaller channel size than IPS.
  • It ensured low force without spilling in concentric machined seats and balls.
  • Every closure connector is CNC machined for precise measurement without using stuffing in the joint funnel.
  • A beige coloring distinguishes CPVC ball valves from ordinary white minimized ball valves.

D&R Metal Industry – Your Premier CPVC Ball Valve Manufacturer in China

D&R CPVC ball valve is an efficient solution for easy closed and open control of water flow and other liquids.

Moreover, D&R CPVC ball valves are designed by our expert engineers and guaranteed 100% reliability for installation in existing or new hot water lines. As a superior manufacturing factory in China, we manufacture CPVC ball valves that are perfect use for swimming pools, the chemical industry, wastewater lines, aquariums, and other corrosive applications.CPVC Double Union Ball Valve

D&R Metal Industry is committed to supplying a satisfying CPVC ball valve to different industries worldwide. Our D&R CPVC ball valve is available in many specifications, designs, and sizes.

If you want a customized CPVC ball valve for specific applications, then you’ve come to the right place. D&R Metal Industry is a leading manufacturer of standard and customized CPVC ball valves. We manufacture CPVC ball valves according to your specific requirements.

You can also trust D&R Metal Industry too. Boom your business with us now!

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