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Brass Angle Valve

D&R brass angle valves are specially designed to regulate, shut off, or change the flow direction of fluids. We use high-grade brass material for our brass angle valves to match extreme performance requirements. For example, the D&R CW617N brass angle valve performs well in both cryogenic and high-temperature applications.

With the help of D&R engineers and unmatched craftsmanship, D&R brass valves are designed for trouble-free operation and longevity. D&R, will support your OEM brass angle business.

Types of D&R Brass Angle Valve

Working with a trusted brass angle valve manufacturer gives you an edge over your competitors. Apart from the 3 port brass valve designs, or 90 degrees brass valve configurations, D&R offers unlimited options to choose from:

  • Brass angle stop valve
  • Automatic angle brass valve
  • Brass angle gate valve
  • Brass angle globe valve
  • Brass angle isolation valve
  • Brass angle needle valve

As your experienced OEM brass angle valve manufacturer in China, we will help you get the right options. D&R will support you throughout the design and valve fabrication process.

Modes of Operation

Understanding the dynamic needs of the gas and liquid piping is key to the D&R research team. A reason we bring you brass angle valves designed for specific uses. A good example is the D&R compression brass angle valve for faucets. Other modes of operating D&R brass valves in this category include:

  • Manual actuation
  • Pneumatically actuated brass angle valve
  • 2-way, or 3 ways valves
  • Half-turn, quarter-turn, or multi-turn valves
  • Angle stop or compression angle valves

Let us know the types of brass angle valves you need, and D&R will provide exactly that.

D&R Customization Options

D&R team understands the need for optimal, longevity, and leak-proof brass angle valves. A reason we have a dedicated drafts team to help you with brass valve designs.

D&R has adopted many fabrication techniques for brass angle valves. Therefore, we can produce many brass valves of different sizes and designs. Depending on the brass angle valve requirements, D&R may cast, forge or use both heat extrusion and cold drawing to produce the valve.

When it comes to material, D&R uses CW617N, DR Brass, or C200 brass. First, we have to understand where to use the brass angle valve.

At every stage, the D&R team will ensure the brass angle valve prices remain affordable while maintaining high-quality standards and reliable performance. You can talk to the D&R team for a brass angle valve custom solution, we offer free design and consultations.

Brass Angle Valve Applications

Brass angle valves play an important as industrial valves to control various processes. For instance brass angle valves for fire sprinkler systems in case of fire outbreak.

Faucets, flow control, bathrooms, sinks, and other water piping systems in the domestic industry use brass angle valves.

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