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Here in D&R, you can find the widest range of shower hose. As a professional manufacturer of shower hose, we offer competitive prices and excellent services.

  • Equipped with advanced technology
  • Professional shower hose manufacturer for more than 15 years
  • Can meet your shower hose requirements
  • Flexible MOQ, premium quality, and reasonable cost

Shower Hose Manufacturer

Shower hoses connect the shower valve and the shower head. They can also be strengthened for increased kink strength. Shower hose come in a variety of sizes and can be constructued of PVC or metal.

Extra Long Showerhead Hose

These are flexible shower hose made from superior grade stainless steel raw materials.

Chrome Handheld Shower Hose

D&R Chrome Handheld Shower Hoses features 59 to 70 inches length and double lock.

Explosion-proof Shower Hose

Our Explosion-proof Shower Hose are manufactured using stainless steel materials. These are integrated with anti-corrosion resistance.

Shower Hose for Bathroom

These are widely used for hotels, shower rooms, bidet set, and more.

Shower Set with Shower Hose

D&R Metal Industry manufactures Shower Set with Shower Hose with a wide variety of lengths, sizes, and hose diameter.

Wholesale Shower Hose

Our wholesale shower hoses are made from PVC, stainless steel, and more high-quality materials.


Silver PVC Smooth Shower Hose

D&R Silver PVC Smooth Shower Hoses are environmentally-friendly and high-quality.

Sanitary Shower Flexible Hose

Sanitary shower flexible hoses are suitable for both cold and hot water.

Flexible Shower Hose

Flexible shower hose are applicable for different shower rooms. It can be used for commercial or residential applications.

High Pressure Shower Hose

Our High Pressure Shower Hose are manufactured using stainless steel, brass, zinc, and more raw materials.

PVC Shower Hose

D&R PVC Shower Hose are made from superior grade PVC materials and certified by ISO, CE, etc.

Stainless Steel Shower Hose

We manufacture Stainless Steel Shower Hose with a wide range of diameter and customizable length.

Features of Shower Hose

Don't Entangled
If the shower hose can swing freely without kinking or twisting, it will undoubtedly give customers a sense of excellent use. Apparently, D&R's shower hose can make it.
Shower hoses undergo a sanding and polishing process during production to make the surface smooth so that it does not scratch your skin when showering.
1 Year Warranty
All your shower hose orders come with a one-year warranty. And if you have any other technical or quality problems after one year, you can also contact us for assistance.
D&R Metal Industry has both ISO 9001 and CE approval for brass valves and fittings in making, that means all production processes in the factory are in compliance with standards.

D&R Metal Industry as a Trusted Shower Hose Manufacturer

D&R Metal Industry offers a wide range of shower hose. Our shower hose comes with a variety of lengths and sizes. We manufacture universal shower hose so it can fit any shower head. D&R shower hoses are also made from high-quality raw materials.

Moreover, D&R shower hoses are manufactured in line with different industry standards. These are also tested and inspected by our strict quality control team before shipping. As a professional shower hose manufacturer, D&R Metal Industry offers you one-stop solution to your shower hose needs!

Quality Shower Hose

D&R Metal Industry – Your Reliable Shower Hose Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Making a Shower Hose
Machine of Shower Hose

D&R Metal Industry has more than 15 years of experience as a shower hose manufacturer in China. We spent over a decade in manufacturing the best quality and wide range of shower hose. D&R Metal Industry has a full certification such as RoHS, CE, ISO, etc. You can send us your inquiry for more details.

Here in D&R Metal Industry, we are well-equipped with advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities. All our shower hoses are manufactured using our modern manufacturing equipment. We also have full production capacities that help in reducing production time so we can deliver your orders on time.

As a professional shower hose manufacturer, we produce a wide range of shower hoses. We manufacture shower hoses that will fit in any shower heads and shower fixtures. D&R shower hoses will surely suit your requirements.

We also manufacture shower hoses with a wide range of lengths and sizes. It can fit in any taps and showers in your existing bathrooms. D&R Metal Industry also offers OEM services. We can custom-made shower hoses based on your details and specifications.

Aside from that, D&R shower hoses are manufactured using different world-class quality raw materials such as brass, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, etc. All materials are carefully selected and inspected to ensure durability.

D&R Metal Industry manufactures shower hoses that are fully adjustable. These are free-flowing and easy to clean. Our shower hoses are also easy to install. It can be used conveniently for your desired application.

All our shower hoses are widely used for faucets, water tanks, wash basin, water heaters, and more applications. D&R Metal Industry is a professional manufacturer dedicated to research, design, development, production, and sales of shower hoses.

As a premier shower hose manufacturer in China, we are committed to producing all kinds of shower hoses with high standards and high quality at a competitive price. We offer a one-stop solution to your needs.

D&R Metal Industry has a full certification such as RoHS, CE, ISO, etc. These are also tested and inspected by our strict quality control team before shipping. You can guarantee the best quality shower hose at D&R Metal Industry!

Choose D&R Metal Industry as your trusted shower hose manufacturer. Enquire now for your next shower hose orders!

Shower Hose Winding Stainless Steel

As regards the construction of the shower hose, the inner tube is usually made of PEX, EPDM, or TPV and the outer ring is wound with stainless steel wire in a continuous rotating braiding machine. For the metal clasp, we usually use stainless steel ferrules, and finally, we attach the brass, stainless steel, or plastic nuts to the shower hose.

Cutting the Shower Hose

Due to the qualities of the shower hose itself, the shower hose can be customized at any length. Customs can specify how long, what size and how many shower hoses they want. Also, they can only describe what size and how many meters.

Rocket Your Business with D&R Shower Hose

Shower Hose: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you need further information regarding the shower hose? We give you the most detailed and concrete responses to all your questions.

Take time to learn this FAQ guide and explore more fascinating things about the shower hose.

Learn More!

Are Shower Hoses Universal?

Most shower hoses have universal properties that make them suitable for most of all shower types.

Different Features of Shower Hose:
  • High-durability
  • Flexible
  • Universal
  • Robust
  • Long-lasting
  • Leak-free
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy for any installment and repair
  • High-quality materials

Why Do Shower Hoses Leak?

There are two common causes of having leaking shower hose:

  • Defective head gasket
  • Failed connection betwixt the showerhead and hoses

Figure-2 Shower HoseFigure-2 Shower Hose

How to Fix the Faulty Shower Hose?
  • Remove the Hose. By the use of an adjustable wrench, undo the compression fittings in both hoses. Fasten the hose fitting by turning it in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Clean and check the threads. Examine the lines in the shower head and hose and check if you notice some defects. If you find some faulty traces, immediately clean them to lessen the risk of damage.
  • Overlook the rubber gasket. In-depth checkups of the rubber gasket under the flange and detach the gnarled nut. If you discover some cracks, this is time you need to replace it.    
  • Immerse mineral deposits. Within 6-8 hours, soak all the components with white vinegar. Scour it with a stiff-bristle nail brush and cleanse it in running water. 
  • Band the threads. Through using the Teflon tape, fully cover the male line and wrap it clockwise in the fitting.
  • Reconnect the hose. Connect and screw up the shower hose and tighten it using the adjustable wrench. 
  • Attach the new rubber washers. In the compression fittings, insert your new washer for both ends of the hoses. Thread and tighten it for security. 
  • Install the new rubber gaskets. Glide your current gasket beneath the flange. Thread and screw it using your hands. 
  • Evaluate the hose connectors. Turn on the water system and check all the connections.

Figure-3 Shower HoseFigure-3 Shower Hose

What are the Things to Consider in Choosing the Newest Shower Hose?

In choosing the new shower hose, take a look first at the style and measurement of your shower head to have the most compatible shower hose.

How to Replace the Shower Hose?

These are the most straightforward scheme you can follow in installing your new shower hose:

Safety reminders:

  • Make sure that your shower area is arid
  • It is advisable to provide a rag or water basin for safety purposes
  • Place it beneath the shower to catch the excessive water

i. Remove the current shower hose from the showerhead and shower unit

ii. If you find difficulty in opening the joint, you can use a cloth and a plier to generally remove the fittings 

iii. Get now your new shower hose

iv. Put the washer into the joint and put it in a shower unit

v. Checked if the joint is firmly secure (REMINDER: Be cautious and not to over tighten it since it might damage the washers and crack the joint)

vi. Install now the showerhead into the new host (Insert first the washer into the joint)

Figure-4 Shower Hose

Figure-4 Shower Hose

How Do I Determine the Bore Measurement of the Shower Hose?

The initial thing you can do is determine the exact measurement of the interior diameter of your hose. Choose the righteous size that equals your present shower hose.

How Much Does Shower Hose cost?

It depends on the hose measurements as well as the materials they use.  

How to Extend the Shower Hose?
  • Take the shower hose extender
  • Attach it to one end of the hose and tighten it by hand
  • Get the other end portion of the hose and connect it to the shower hose extender
Highly Advantageous Shower Hose: Which Measurements?

The measurement of your shower hose connector more likely depends on your specific application. Here are some of the standard measures of shower hose and consider its primary application:

  • 1.25 meters: The most appropriate shower hose length for bathtubs.       
  • 1.60 meters: It allows every individual to experience the most enjoyable and pleasurable shower. 
  •  2.00 meters: It gives the most pleasing and generous bath time experience.
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