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D&R Metal Industry to help you grow your business by providing threaded check valves with a low MOQ of 500 pieces are available. We provide a large selection of threaded check valves to help you run your business.

  • High-quality raw materials were used to create this threaded check valve.
  • Expert threaded check valves manufacturers
  • We are available 24/7online for your requirements
  • Threaded check valve solution from a single source

Threaded Check Valve

A threaded check valve can prevent the backflow from a water-based system. This system includes standpipe and sprinkler systems. Moreover, the threaded check valve has a spring-operated mechanism. It closes the valves at decreasing flows.

Threaded Y Type Spring Stainless Steel Check Valve

Our D&R Threaded Y Type Spring Stainless Steel Check Valve complies with all quality requirements. It’s commonly used in water-related applications.


One-Fourth Screw Threaded Brass One Way Non Return Check Valve

Our 1/4 Screw Threaded Brass One Way Non-Return Check Valve has life, size, leakage testing, and other tests are performed. It guarantees that you receive the appropriate items.

Stainless Steel Check Valve High Pressure Male NPT Threaded Non-Return Valve

D&R Stainless Steel Check Valve High Pressure Male NPT Threaded Non-Return Valve are corrosion-resistant, durable, and high-performance are what you can expect.

Threaded Ball Check Valve Ductile Iron

D&R is the finest choice for your Threaded Ball Check Valve Ductile Iron needs. You can get high-quality and high-performance products.

Stainless Steel Vertical Female Thread Soft Sealing Check Valve

D&R Stainless Steel Vertical Female Threaded Soft Sealing Check Valve is made with high durability. We can customize the model according to your requirements.

Thread Hydraulics Non Return Vertical Spring Brass Check Valve

Quality is guaranteed with the D&R Threaded Hydraulics Non-Return Vertical Spring Brass Check Valve and offer a on-time delivery.

ABS Check Valve with NPT Threaded

For household water service, heating, and plants, an outlet ABS Check Valve with NPT Threaded can be used.



NPT and BSP Threaded Soft Seal Brass Swing Check Valve

We are dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality NPT and BSP Threaded Soft Seal Brass Swing Check Valve. It’s commonly used in industrial applications.


Stainless Steel Horizontal Internal Thread No-Return Swing Check Valve

We have a large selection of Stainless Steel Horizontal Internal Threaded No-Return Swing Check Valve in a variety of sizes. It may also be customized to meet your specific needs.

Female Thread Brass Check Valve Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Brass Foot Valve with Strainer

D&R’s high-pressure Female Threaded Brass Check Valve with Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Brass Foot Valve with Strainer meets a number of international quality standards.

Brass Double Check Valve Internal Thread Brass Backflow Preventer

D&R Brass Double Check Valve Internal Threaded Brass Backflow Preventer is produced with 100% brass materials. We can customize your ideal check valve based on your needs.

Threaded Non-return Brass Swing Check Valve for Water System

D&R Threaded Non-Return Brass Swing Check Valve for Water System are produced with high-quality stainless steel, ceramic valve core and by electroplating process.

Features of Threaded Check Valve

The flap of a threaded check valve opens automatically under fluid pressure and the water flows from one side to the other. After the fluid has stopped flowing, the flap closes automatically by gravity to prevent the fluid from flowing backwards.
D&R Metal Industries will manufacture threaded check valves according to the thread standards of the customer's target region and country or, if the customer has special requirements, we can manufacture the threads on the threaded check valve to exact specifications.
When our threaded check valves are produced, they are classified according to different specifications. For valve bodies below DN50, they are generally produced using hot forged blanks, and for hot forged blanks above DN50, they are sand cast.casting for hot forged blanks above DN50.
D&R Metal Industries is ISO 9001 and CE certified for the manufacture of valves, ensuring that all threaded check valves in the factory are manufactured in accordance with the standards and with good attention to detail.

D&R Threaded Check Valve

D&R Metal Industry, an ISO-certified company, has been manufacturing and delivering high-quality threaded check valves to customers all over the world for over 15 years. We create a threaded check valve with one-of-a-kind, long-lasting, and high-end features.

When it comes to threaded check valves, D&R Metal Industry can provide you with the right solution. We offer a comprehensive line of production equipment and machinery to provide a faster lead time on your threaded check valve order. Now is the time to make D&R Metal Industry your trusted business partner!

Brass Valve & Fitting Manufacturer

Common Threaded Check Valves

Most of the threaded check valves on the market are horizontal check valves, although there are also many vertical check valves. As the name suggests, threaded check valves are threaded to connect to various pipe fittings. In order to make the connection tighter, a raw material band is usually wrapped around it to make the seal better.

D&R Manufacturer
Threaded Check Valve Failure

Why Threaded Check Valve Fail?

Failure of the threaded check valve is quite common. There are some factors why threaded check valve fails, including:

  • The pipelines have debris
  • The valve uses seat seals or elastomers
  • Working in high-temperature situations
  • Improper maintenance, installation, and assembly

How We Manufacture Your Threaded Check Valve

cut material
We will choose the right brass material based on your order
test material
Material Testing
We will make strict testing on your 1 Brass Ball Valve material, after the material is ok, then we will arrange the material cutting
brass forging
Forging process can ensure the right shape based on your order requirement
sand blasting
Sand Blasting
Sand Blasting will make your 1 Brass Ball Valve surface clean and smoothly.
CNC Machining
CNC machining is the most important process to ensure all details are based on your order requirement.
brass plating
Brass Plating
We can make different plating according to your requirement, including the thickness, the color, the plating material, the test standard
1 Brass Ball Valves Assembly
We will assemble your 1 Brass Ball Valve from different parts, you will see the final valves after this process.
water pressure testing
Water Pressure Testing
We make 100% air pressure testing on each of your 1 Brass Ball Valve before packaging and shipping.

D&R Metal Industry – Your World-Class Threaded Check Valve Manufacturer in China

D&R Factory Checking
D&R Factory Packing

For almost 15 years, D&R Metal Industry has been China’s primary distributor of threaded check valves. We specialize in providing high-quality threaded check valves to customers all over the world. D&R Metal Industry has built a solid reputation for offering high-quality products and services. Now is the time to brings up with D&R Metal Industry! We can assist you in expanding your business!

D&R Metal Industry is a leading manufacturer of check valves in China. D&R Metal Industry can produce threaded check valves to meet and exceed your requirements. We are dedicated to delivering one-stop threaded check valve solutions to our loyal clients.

Threaded check valve goods are guaranteed to be of high quality and safe by our expert engineers and employees. D&R Metal Industry has the experience and expertise to manufacture and distribute high-quality threaded check valves all over the world.

We carefully select the best and high-end materials for these goods as one of the largest producers of threaded check valves. Our threaded check valves provide the features you want for your application. It can function in temperatures ranging from -20 to 100 degrees Celsius.

Threaded check valves from D&R come in a variety of thicknesses. The body, seat, disc, and cover are the major and central components. Balls, stems, springs, and other basic components can be added according to on the design and function.

A D&R threaded check valve is a type of safety device that is used to prevent backflow from flowing fluids. It also guarantees that all fluids in a system flow in the same direction. Unlike conventional valves, these threaded check valves don’t require an actuator, a handle, or a lever to operate.

D&R Metal Industry is a leading producer and supplier of threaded check valves in China. We make certain that you can get the right threaded check valves at a reasonable price.

D&R Metal Industry welcomes small and big orders accordingly. We aim to assist you in expanding your company and increasing your earnings. Send us a message right now!

D&R Factory Material Cutting

There are different views when considering the cost of threaded check valves. For installations, the essential costs may be installation or purchasing.

Otherwise, energy or maintenance cost is more important. If your criteria of selection for your valves are costs, you need to consider the total price rather than the valve’s life.

Overall, when the valve is more straightforward, it offers lower maintenance requirements.

D&R Factory Polish

How will you know if your threaded check valve is about to fail? Failing of threaded check valve will start to vibrate, and the internal part will lose. Additionally, excessive component damage and reverse flow are the signs of failing threaded check valves.

Other symptoms of failing threaded check valves are:

  • Emits noises
  • It starts to leak and stick that cause breakdown

D&R Thread Check Valve Recommend


Body material: brass

Nominal pressure: 2.0MPa

Medium: water, non-corrosive liquid, saturated steam(≤0.6MPa)

Working temperature: -10℃≤t≤120℃

Cylindrical pipe thread complies with ISO230, NPT, BSP

Surface: natural color


Body material: brass

Nominal pressure: 2.0MPa

Medium: water, non-corrosive liquid, saturated steam(≤0.6MPa)

Working temperature: -10℃≤t≤120℃

Cylindrical pipe thread complies with ISO230, NPT, BSP

Surface: natural color


Body material: brass

Nominal pressure: 2.0MPa

Medium: water, non-corrosive liquid, saturated steam(≤0.6MPa)

Working temperature: -10℃≤t≤120℃

Cylindrical pipe thread complies with ISO230, NPT, BSP

Surface: natural color


Body material: brass, PPR

Nominal pressure: 2.0MPa

Medium: water, non-corrosive liquid, saturated steam(≤0.6MPa)

Working temperature: -10℃≤t≤120℃

Cylindrical pipe thread complies with ISO230, NPT, BSP

Surface: natural color


Body material: stainless steel

Nominal pressure: 2.0MPa

Medium: water, non-corrosive liquid, saturated steam(≤0.6MPa)

Working temperature: -10℃≤t≤120℃

Cylindrical pipe thread complies with ISO230, NPT, BSP

Surface: natural color

Rocket Your Business with D&R Threaded Check Valve

Threaded Check Valve: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Not everyone knows how to use a threaded check valve. This guide will help you learn more about the threaded check valves regarding their functions and uses.

It is essential to read this article to answer most of your questions about threaded check valves. In addition to this, you will also learn different types of threaded check valves, their uses, and how they work.

Just keep reading!

Types of Threaded Check Valve

There are three main types of threaded check valves. These are piston, ball, and stop check valves. However, various types of threaded check valves are helpful in specific applications.

Below are the descriptions of each type of threaded check valve.

Non-Return Valve

It has a thread that connects both ends, thread/push-in connector, and push-in connector in both ends. It has a maximum pressure of 5.80 – 174.05. The non-return valve uses aluminum materials to construct.

The function of the non-return valve is to allow the mediums to flow in one direction. It needs to be fit so that the medium will flow through a pipe in proper order.

Additionally, the non-return valve is a one-way valve that features two openings – entering fluids and leaving fluids.

Restrictor Check Valve (RCV)

Also known as a throttle relief valve in pneumatics. The restrictor check valve reduces flow in other directions. It allows straightforward full flow.

The purpose of the restrictor check valve is to maintain the high pressure in the RO membrane. It only maintains high pressure by controlling the recovery ratio of the cleaner and produces back pressure on the membrane.

Furthermore, the restrictor check valve is versatile, spring-assisted, all-purpose, and in-line check valves. That’s why it is highly suitable for higher cracking pressures applications to open the valves.

Mostly, the restrictor check valves use stainless steel materials to construct.

Check Valves 

The main uses of the check valve are to protect other equipment and pumps from damage that causes backflow. The check valve is applicable for flow control, such as line isolation, media injection, priming pumps, maintaining head pressure, etc.

The check valves have a maximum pressure of 70.00 – 150.00. Their sizes range from 1.50 – 3.00. PP, PVC, PVDF are the materials to use in constructing high-quality check valves.

Foot Valves

Other types of threaded check valve are the foot valve. It is commonly installing at pipelines in the bottom or just a pump. It also has a similarity with the ball check valve.

However, foot valves have open ends with a screen or shield over them. It could block any debris from the line entering.

Threaded In-Line Check Valves

The primary function of threaded in-line check valves is to utilize a check mechanism. This mechanism functions in the media pathway or fluid line of a piping system process.

Moreover, threaded in-line check valves have a compact design. It allows easy installation and space-saving into an occurring system.

The feature of a threaded in-line check valve is versatile all-purpose that offers low maintenance, reliable service for gases and liquids at different pressure and temperature combinations.

Threaded in-line check valves also consist of spring, cage, valve disc, and many more.

Self-Closing Thermoplastic Check Valve

The self-closing thermoplastic check valve is a patented, unique diaphragm that usually offers closed operation. It can operate with a bubble-tight seal even without reverse pressure.

Threaded Check Valve – How They Work?
threaded check valves
Threaded Check Valve

The threaded check valves have two ports. It is mainly the inlet and the output for the media. The threaded check valves also work depending on their differential pressure.

To open the valve, the input side of the valves needs higher pressure than the output side. On the other hand, the valve will close when the outlet side has higher pressure.

However, the closure mechanism differs depending on the type of valve.

What is the Quality Standard of Threaded Check Valve?

Below are the popular testing standards of threaded check valves.

  • ASME B16.34
  • API 598
  • MSS SP70
  • MSS SP71
  • MSS SP78

Some manufacturers have quality inspectors to perform quality testing for threaded check valves.

What Are the Materials Used for Threaded Check Valve?

There are different types of materials to construct threaded check valves. Let’s discuss the materials and their features.


Brass threaded check valves have characteristics for various valuable water, air, fuels, or oil applications. But brass materials are not resistant to purified water, seawater, or chlorinated water. Unlike stainless steel, brass materials have minor corrosion and are resistant to heat.

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel materials have superior heat resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent mechanical properties, and low-temperature resistance. However, it is not practical for applications that do not require high resistance and durability.


Threaded check valves from PVC materials are most useful in the water management system and irrigation. PVC materials are corrosion resistant to various corrosive media, such as acids, seawater, chloride solutions, bases, acids, and organic solvents.

However, PVC materials are not resistant to chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons.


Threaded check valves from PP materials are suitable for aggressive media, water, and liquid food products. It is highly resistant to different corrosive media, such as aqueous solutions, bases, and inorganic acids that corrode metals.

But PP materials are not resistant to oxidizing agents and concentrated acids. Typically, PP materials have a maximum temperature of up to 80°C.

Is Threaded Check Valve and Backflow Preventer the Same?

The answer is no. Let’s find out.

Backflow Preventer

The backflow preventer is suitable in high-hazard situations. It has a fail-safe design to protect the potable water.

Threaded Check Valve

The threaded check valve is suitable in low-hazard situations. Its fail-safe components are not the same as the backflow preventer.

Which Threaded Check Valve is the Best?

Lately, we have discussed the types of the threaded check valve. To choose the correct thread check valve for your application, you need to consider some criteria.

Fluid Compatibility

The purpose of the threaded check valve is to treat wastewater and handle water. However, taking sewage or raw wastewater may cause issues. That’s why it is vital to consider the presence of solids may affect the works of the valve.

Flow Characteristics

The check valve prevents slamming if it is closing very fast. But it doesn’t mean that it can protect against the surges that cause pumps to start and shut down.

However, surges occur, and the flow changes suddenly if the valves are close and open quickly.

Head Loss

The headloss is a basis of fluid velocity. It can affect the condition of the flow into the system and the interior top of the valve.

Furthermore, it is a combination of friction head and static head. There are different formulas for rating and headloss of valves according to this.

Non-Slam Characteristics

The slamming of threaded check valves occurs when system pressure surges. Slamming is the result of hitting a seat that can make some noise.

It is crucial to close the valves before any reverse velocity occurs. However, that will never happen.

The valves with non-slam characteristics are swing check valves because they have a disc in the flow stream. Nowadays, most pumps can frequently convert to adjust the closure and start-up time to avoid water hammers.

Typical Applications of Threaded Check Valve

Threaded check valves have many uses and functions.

  • Prevent Siphoning
  • Prevent Contamination Results by Reverse Flow
  • Protect Equipment Downstream Against Damage
  • Keep a Vacuum Seal

Such uses and functions make them ideal in numerous applications. They are instrumental in household appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, and wastewater lines. They are also popular in industrial applications:

  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Pumping application
  • Gas system
  • Vacuum system
How to Prevent Threaded Check Valve from Failing?

There are many ways on how to maintain your threaded check valve. Maintaining your threaded check valves means it can extend life.

Here are the solutions on how to maintain your threaded check valves.

Keep Your Valve Clean

One of the most effective and most accessible solutions to prevent failure is to clean your valve. It needs to properly install covers or filters to avoid the debris from entering into the system.

Lubricate the Valves

Using suitable lubricant for the valves can enhance performance. In addition to this, it can ensure the correct operation. Also, regularly applying oil can extend the life of valves and the system they are working.

Use as Directed

Proper use of valves is the most important thing. It is needed to maintain and install the valve correctly to prevent valve failure and damage.

Replacing Valve

Lastly, the valves need to replace regularly for safety and optimum operation. So, when you find the signs of trouble in your system, then this is the time you need to replace it. Otherwise, it can cause an ultimate system failure.

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