Top 9 Shower Head Types in the Market

Shower heads are apparatus installed at the end of water pipes, designed with holes that disperse water evenly during a shower. Below is a detailed discussion of the available types shower head designs.

Types of Shower Heads

1. Rainfall Shower Head

A rainfall shower head is an overhead installation that allows water to fall straight on the person taking a bather. The shower, in this case, mimics heavy rainfall.

Rainfall Shower Head
Rainfall Shower Head

Benefits of Rainfall shower Head

Relaxation – Rainfall shower head types create a relaxing experience.

Adjustable pressure – The water pressure and the spray styles can also be adjusted as desired during the shower.

Water saving – Water usage is minimized due to the whole-body coverage during a shower.

Limitations of Rainfall Shower Head

Large space – Installation of a rainfall shower head requires a spacious bathroom.

Costly – Rainfall shower heads are expensive.

Recommendations about Rainfall Shower Head

Rainfall shower head types are generally recommended for non-rental houses due to the expenses and space requirements.

2. Dual Shower Head

A dual shower head type combines rainfall and handheld shower heads. Such shower heads are specifically designed for more luxury.

Dual Shower Head
Dual Shower Head

Benefits of Dual Shower Head

Luxury – They offer a luxurious experience

Easy clean for kids and pets – Kids and pets can easily use this type of showerhead.

Two or more people showering – A double shower head can easily accommodate two or more people bathing together.

Limitations of a Dual Shower Head

High energy bills – Dual shower head types consume more energy and may raise your bills.

More space – Space is also a requirement for double shower head types.


Go for better energy-saving shower head types to cut energy costs. Also, if the bathroom space is not spacious enough, install shower heads that fit better.

3. Handheld/Adjustable Showerhead

A handheld shower head is attached to a long horse, making it flexible. The user can move it easily to direct water where needed.

Adjustable Shower Head
Adjustable Shower Head

Benefits of Handheld Showerhead

Better cleaning – A handheld showerhead shower can easily reach every part of your body for a better cleaning and rinsing experience.

Easy shampooing – a handheld showerhead saves you the hassle during shampooing. All you need to do is direct the water where needed.

Easy clean for kids and pets – with a handheld showerhead, you won’t need to stress when giving your kids or pets a shower.

Limitations of Handheld Shower Head

Frequent maintenance – Your handheld showerhead will require frequent maintenance and replacement because it develops holes easily.

Costly – A good quality handheld showerhead will cost more since the cheaper ones get spoilt easily.

Recommendations for Handheld Showerhead

To enjoy a good shower every time you use your handheld showerhead, buy a good quality one that will last for years.

4. Water-saving/Low-Flow Showerhead

A water-saving showerhead can use either aeration or smaller holes on the showerhead to restrict the amount of water coming through it.

Low Flow Shower Head
Low Flow Shower Head

Benefits of water-Saving Showerhead

Cutting water and energy bills – using less water during a shower means using less energy to heat it.

Limitations for Water-Saving Showerhead

Low water pressure – most water-saving showerheads result in low-pressure water flow, hence no massaging experience.

Longer time in the shower – Low-flow showerheads release low volumes of water; hence, a rinse of the whole body will take longer.

Recommendations for Water-Saving Showerheads

Only use water-saving showerheads if you are metered and need to save on water and energy bills. However, if you need those quick morning baths before work, the low-flow showerhead is not your best choice.

5. High-Pressure Showerhead

A high-pressure showerhead ensures that no part of your body leaves the shower room with soap or foam. Water comes out at a very high pressure, making it enjoyable.

High Pessure Shower Head
High Pressure Shower Head

Benefits for High-Pressure Showerhead

Massage effect – high water pressure touches the skin with a massaging effect that soothes the joints and muscles.

Efficiency – High-pressure showerheads offer efficiency during a shower; water reaches most body parts easily, saving time.

Water saving – Since water comes out at a higher pressure, you will take a shorter time in the shower, minimizing water wastage.

Limitations for high-Pressure Showerhead

Encourages water wastage – the feeling that comes with a high-pressure water flow can encourage someone to overstay in the shower.

High electricity bill – You will need more energy to heat water during a shower.

Recommendations for High-Pressure Showerhead

Since a high-pressure showerhead means more water and energy bills, be sure you can cater to the bills.

6. Waterfall Showerhead

A waterfall showerhead is designed like a rain showerhead minus the small holes. Water pours from it without any restrictions.

Waterfall Shower Head
Waterfall Shower Head

Benefits of Waterfall Showerhead

Quick shower – Since water is not restricted, shower times can be easier and shorter.

Rainforest waterfall experience – a waterfall showerhead offers all the luxurious experiences of a rainforest waterfall.

Limitations of a Waterfall Shower Head

High water and energy bill- A waterfall showerhead consumes a lot of water and energy, even during a short shower duration.

Recommendations for Waterfall Showerhead

A waterfall showerhead may not be a great choice in areas with limited water supply.

7. Filtered Water Showerheads

Filtered water showerheads are fitted with shower water filters that remove various compounds from the shower water. Compounds such as fluoride, lead, sulfur odour, or metals can make your water hard and unbearable to your skin.

Filtered Water Shower Head
Filtered Water Shower Head

Benefits of Filtered Showerheads

Skin and hair protection – A sensitive skin may not be able to stand the harshness caused by the impurities in the water. Water filters in your showerhead will protect the hair and skin from damage.

Protecting bathroom and fixtures from damage – Hard water is a destroyer of good things, and getting a filter for your shower head will prevent this.

Limitations for Filtered Showerheads

Lowered water pressure – Since water has to be filtered before it pours out through the showerhead, pressure may go down.

Extra maintenance costs – A frequent maintenance procedure is needed for the attached water filter, leading to high maintenance costs.

Recommendations for Filtered Showerheads

If you have sensitive skin or want to keep your skin and hair healthy, get a showerhead fitted with a water filter.

8. Exterior Showerheads

A shower built outside in the open will need the kind of showerhead specifically designed for the outdoors. Such a showerhead must resist pressure from harsh environmental conditions.

Exterior Shower Heads
Exterior Shower Heads

Benefits of Outdoor Shower Head

A great open-air experience – getting your shower and shower head installed in the open air is a good step to getting a luxurious shower in the open air.

Getting rid of pool water after a swim – the chlorine and other compounds in the pool water can make you uncomfortable.

Limitations for Outdoor Showerhead

Costly – Outdoor showerheads may cost more money during purchase and installation due to the various features that will withstand the harsh weather outside.

Recommendations for Outdoor Showerhead

Getting a good-quality exterior showerhead may save you the headache of having to replace showerheads now and then.

9. Fixed Showerheads

Fixed means you can’t move them around; they are installed on the ceiling and positioned to let water flow freely on your body.

Fixed Shower Head
Fixed Shower Head

Benefits of Fixed Shower Head

Affordable – They are the most affordable shower heads available in the market.

Fits into any shower space – Fixed shower heads are recommended for use in houses with limited spaces, like rented houses.

Durability – They are durable because of the limited movements involved.

Cons of a fixed showerhead

Not flexible – Using a fixed showerhead forces you to position your body in a certain position to get cleaned.

Recommendations for fixed showerheads

Fixed showerheads are now advanced, and most come with a multi-function sprayer, giving you a better experience.

How to Choose the Best Shower Head Type

Showerheads have been around for several years, and manufacturers have come up with better options that suit everyone’s needs. Choosing the best showerhead for your bathroom requires you to consider a number of factors. Some of these factors are discussed below.

  • Spray Pattern

Knowing the shower pressure, you prefer and the spray pattern needed will help you choose the best showerhead for your bathroom.

  • Mount Type

Mount type can be fixed or adjustable showerheads. Your choice depends on the household’s needs. Of course, you may need accessories such as shower valve fitting for mounting.

  • Surface Finishing

Since showerheads are part of luxurious living, you may need one that fits well with your bathroom finish.

  • Water Pressure

Choose a showerhead that will suit your water pressure needs based on your bathing habits.

  • Cost of Showerhead

A showerhead can be cheap or expensive, depending on the features you need in a showerhead. You need to factor in your budget.


Any showerhead can get you clean and serve your shampooing needs. However, a showerhead type that will give you the best experience is one that offers luxury.

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