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Your Professional PVC Brass Fitting Manufacturer

D&R Metal Industry is specialized in the manufacturing of quality PVC Brass Fitting. We can customize your PVC Brass Fitting based on your preference to meet your demand.

  • Modern machinery and production equipment
  • All products are 100% checked and tested
  • Compliant with UL, CE, SAE standards, and more
  • 100% sturdy PVC brass materials

Why D&R is Expert in PVC to Brass Fitting Manufacturing

D&R Metal Industry is your premier PVC Brass Fitting manufacturer in China. All our products provided to worldwide customers are guaranteed excellent quality at competitive rates. You can rely on our promising quality PVC Brass Fitting perfect for your project business. Message us now, we have an excellent and well-trained sales team ready to help you!

D&R Metal IndustryYour Professional PVC Brass Fitting Manufacturer

PVC to Brass Male Adapter Fitting 1

PVC to Brass Male Adapter Fitting is a rare and hard-to-find brass fitting that transitions from brass to PVC.  These are manufactured with compliance with manufactured to CSA B137.5 and ASTM Standard F1807.

15mm PVC to Brass Fitting 2

15mm PVC to Brass Fitting is an easy-to-install fitting. D&R chooses the best material to manufacture PVC to Brass Fitting that varies in thicknesses, designs, and sizes. All are guaranteed durability, and no leakage.

Custom PVC to Brass Fitting 3

For your Custom PVC to Brass Fitting, always count on D&R. We ensure quality is kept throughout your Custom PVC to Brass Fitting install and water system.

Orient PVC to Brass Fitting 4

All of our PVC to Brass Fitting are manufactured from high-quality raw materials. You can avail of this product at the lowest price. Orient PVC to Brass Fitting is excellent for transitioning from a brass fitting or valve to PVC.

P Tee Pipe Connector PVC to Brass Fitting 5

D&R Metal Industry offers a wide range of P Tee Pipe Connector PVC to Brass Fitting that is guaranteed reliable, safe, and durable. It is a perfect fitting for water pipe system.

PVC Elbow Brass Fitting 6

PVC Elbow Brass Fitting has a smooth interior result in lower pressure loss and higher volume. All of our PVC Elbow Brass Fitting are guaranteed lead-free and in compliance with many standards.

Features of PVC Brass Fittings

Environmentally Friendly
In D&R, all damaged and defective PVC brass fittings generated in the production process are collected and recycled, and then returned to raw materials for secondary production.
Quality Warranty
We guarantee you a free one-year warranty on all your PVC to brass fittings orders. After a year if you have any questions, we can also provide you with free online support.
High Productivity
One of our factories is located in Jiangbei District, Ningbo city, covering an area of 5000 square meters, with a stable and reliable production capacity of PVC brass fittings.
Company Credibility
D&R's head office was established in 2002, while D&R Metals was independently established in 2008. 90% of our customers have been working with PVC brass valves for more than ten years.

D&R PVC Brass Fitting

With more than 15 years of history and development, D&R Metal Industry specialized in producing brass valves and fittings in China. We are an ISO9001 certified company which supplies and manufactures different sizes and types of PVC brass fitting. In short, you can really trust our quality products and services.

As of now, D&R Metal Industry enjoying good business relationships with clients worldwide. We make it possible due to our advanced 10 sets of forging machines of up to 1000 tons, high-tech CNC machines, and more. We can fully support the entire development of your brass valves and fittings in China.

Brass Valve & Fitting Manufacturer

How We Manufacture Your PVC brass fitting

cut material
We will choose the right brass material based on your order
test material
Material Testing
We will make strict testing on your PVC brass fitting material, after the material is ok, then we will arrange the material cutting
brass forging
Forging process can ensure the right shape based on your order requirement
sand blasting
Sand Blasting
Sand Blasting will make your PVC brass fittings surface clean and smoothly.
CNC Machining
CNC machining is the most important process to ensure all detaiLs are based on your order requirement.
brass plating
Brass Plating
We can make different plating according to your requirement, including the thickness, the color, the plating material, the test standard
PVC brass fitting Assembly
We will assemble your PVC brass fitting from different parts, you will see the final PVC brass fitting after this process.
water pressure testing
Water Pressure Testing
We make 100% air pressure testing on each of your PVC brass fitting before packaging and shipping.

Rocket Your Business with D&R PVC brass fitting

brass valve and fittings design

D&R Metal Industry – Your Premier PVC brass fitting Manufacturer in China

D&R Metal Industry has accumulated 15 years of experience in manufacturing brass valves and fittings. We can supply different types of brass valves and fittings especially PVC Brass fittings worldwide. Our products and services are all guaranteed, safe, and reliable.

When it comes to your PVC Brass fittings, D&R Metal Industry is the best choice. Owing to our advanced machinery equipment, strong workforce, and mature technology, we can ensure fast production and on-time deliveries.

D&R PVC Brass fittings are a high-quality transition fitting for connecting metal pipes and plastic. Our products are popular due to their great performances like 100% strength, resistance to corrosion, and for connecting plastic to metal fittings it is highly suitable.

PVC Brass fittings

All D&R PVC Brass fittings are accessible at a very affordable price but not compromise the quality. Each D&R PVC Brass fittings are thoroughly checked and tested and compliant with ASTM D1784 standards for quality assurance, and meets NSF standard 61 for potable water service.

As a reliable supplier, D&R Metal Industry manufactures piping components and systems for gas, water, fuel, and other liquid distribution. We can customize your D&R PVC Brass fittings with different material types, shapes, sizes, and required durability. PVC Brass Fittings from D&R are available threaded or unthreaded, in many sizes, shapes, styles, and PVC brass thickness.

Aside from PVC Brass fittings, we are also a certified supplier of high-quality CPVC brass elbow, brass tee fittings, brass gas fittings, brass fuel fittings, and many more. D&R Metal Industry is your brass valves and fittings one-stop-shop provider in China.

PVC Brass fitting

Whether you`re a PVC Brass fittings supplier, distributor, retailer, wholesaler, you are welcome here. Built a strong and genuine business relationship with us to boom your business.

If you`re interested in our PVC Brass fittings products, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. We have a very accommodating sales service team who is ready to help and answer all your inquiries.

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PVC to Brass Fitting: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This article includes all you need to know about PVC to Brass Fittings.

Whether you’re seeking information on the applications, alternatives, usage, and its type, you’ll find it all here.

Continue reading to find out more.

PVC to Brass Fitting

PVC to Brass Fitting

What is PVC to Brass Fitting?

PVC to Brass Fitting is a lighter-weight self-adhesive material that is comparatively cheap, whereas brass is a mysterious, abundant material. 

PVC to Brass Fitting is commonly disguised, whereas brass is frequently displayed. 

Then it necessitates rudimentary fittings experience as well as a few essential equipment and techniques.

Why is PVC to Brass Fitting Used For?

PVC to Brass Fitting

PVC to Brass Fitting

PVC to Brass Fitting functions as a tube fitting substance that guarantees a long-term irrigation project’s materials that are also secure.

PVC to Brass Fitting is worth buying, even though they are quite pricey than different types of fitting.

These are five benefits why PVC to brass fitting must be utilized in your upcoming irrigation assignment:

  1. Long-Lasting 

PVC to Brass fittings can be used in transactional household and business piping.

They’re perfect for excessive use as well as keep in decent shape.

 Brass is a long-term drainage project since it does not disintegrate or break over the period. 

  1. Endure Extreme Heat

The surface is the most delicate component for transmitting heated water since it has excellent resistance and enhances the program’s effectiveness. 

PVC to Brass fittings can withstand significantly greater temperature than fixtures comprised of other components and are even fire resilient.

  1. Flexible

You might want to reshape or form an appropriate material to make it complete in a certain section. Brass is a significantly more adaptable material than irons or steel. 

PVC to Brass fittings are indeed a very versatile solution for several constrained drainage situations.

  1. Condensation Proof

Brass doesn’t really rust and is extremely corrosion resilient. 

Rust and corrode increase the regular use and strain procedure on the component, so brass is the finest substance for the task when you need durable components.

  1. Adaptable

PVC to Brass fittings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you’ll still be able to obtain precisely everything you need for any irrigation task.

What are Some of the Alternatives to PVC to Brass Fittings?

Whereas the PVC to brass fittings are appropriate for several applications, there are numerous solutions to consider.

Many of the most widely known possibilities to PCV to brass fittings are metals, PVC, CPVC, PEX, metal, and wrought iron.

PVC to Brass Fitting

PVC to Brass Fitting

What Are The Types of PVC to Brass Fittings?



  • Adapters 

Adapters can expand the drainage systems or modify the variety of connectors at the structure’s ends.

This enables the connection of incompatible fittings avoiding the use of a further complicated installation.



  • Bushings 

Bushings are utilized to connect pipelines of various diameters, typically by decreasing a more comprehensive compression to an inner pipe.

Bushings are connected on the interior and exterior.

They occupy relatively less area when contrasted to a coupling or junction that accomplishes the exact task.

Caps & Plugs

Caps & Plugs

  • Caps & Plugs 

Apparently, capping is being used to seal the tip of a tube.

Connectors do the equivalent job, except they usually clamp within the fitting and are screwed to ensure the line to be utilized in the long – term.

Caps for tubes can really be connected, fitted, or welded on (depends on its composition).



  • Couplings

The coupling is a device that allows you to expand the pipeline’s length or adjust the pipeline’s length (According to its design, a reduced coupling is also described as “bell” reduction).

This is one of the best frequently utilized connectors, whether with female threading or main highlights for vinyl glue (fluid welder) or copper soldered.



  • Elbows 

If you ever need to reverse the inflow and outflow, elbows are often the most excellent option.

Elbows, which are usually accessible in 90 or 45-degree angles (also in diameters such as 22.5 and 60), can be screwed or dripped.

Are among the most critical fittings using for piping.



  • Flanges 

Flanges are then used to link pipelines together. In commercial processes involving extreme tensions, flange connectors are frequently deployed. 

Additionally, connectors are used to link household pumping devices.



  • Nipples 

Nipples are quite a simple segment of piping with male threading on both ends used to attach pipe length lines. 

For exceptionally secure connectors, closed nipples were thread through the edge to edge throughout its entire diameter.



  • Tees 

Whenever a water system requires or more than one division, tees are the solution option of going. 

Typically a wide connection with such a lateral source, these connectors have outlets that are 90 ° from either the input. 

Are proportioned based on the “length” and lateral outlet.



  • Crosses

“Crossing” connectors are four-way couplings that are effectively multiple tees combined. Several people choose to wear numerous tees simultaneously.

Saddle Tees

Saddles Tees

  • Saddle Tees 

These connectors will also be used to easily connect a tee to an established stream tube without cutting and resoldering the current pipeline. 

You can most frequently do it with agriculture facilities to add spray connections. 



  • Unions 

Whenever connectors are impossible or uncomfortable, the union offers a solution. 

This gives them an advantage for combining multiple stable pipelines that cannot be screwed into a standard connection.

Simplifies upcoming maintenance.



  • Wyes 

Wyes are typically irrigation fittings with a 45° diversion pipe to guarantee a seamless process. 

Although sanitation tees are typically utilized drainage connectors vertically, they might present complications when utilized flatter on horizontal connections; in these cases, a wye is required.

What is the Usage of PCV to Brass Fittings?

PVC to Brass Fitting is a component that is frequently often used to manufacture pipeline connectors.

Since their inception, zinc-copper alloys have also been widely employed for a range of applications due to their special qualities.

Of course, brass is most commonly utilized in irrigation pipelines and connectors, all through relatively prior development and current durations.


It offers excellent longevity and is perhaps fairly durable when utilized with PVC to Brass Fitting fittings.

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