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We’ve part of being your inmost trusted manufacturer and distributor of study non-return ball valve products. The D&R metal industry is inhabited to be your trustworthy non-return ball valve partner in achieving a flourishing business of your valves and fitting. We are dedicatedly willing to supply all your demands and inquiries involving your non-return ball valve.

  • Have over 20 years in non-return ball valve production
  • Specialized in innovating world-class non-return ball valve
  • Durable non-return ball valve at a reasonable cost
  • Owns enough forging product machines and expert engineers
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Why D&R is Outstanding in Non-return Ball Valve Manufacturing

The D&R metal industry is highly honored for being a top-tier manufacturer and distributor of non-return ball valves. We own this modernized product technologies for the immediate process of non-return ball valves. Through the help of our veteran engineer and manufacturer, we continue to pursue our duty to provide you with the best option of non-return ball valve for your purposes and business. The D&R metal industry only provides you the most satisfying selection of non-return ball valves. 

D&R Metal IndustryYour Professional Non-return Ball Valves Manufacturer

Small Plastic Non-return Ball Valve

Commonly used in water, household, medical or any types of industrial usage. Easy to attach in your water pipes and can sustain for longer of using.

High Pressure Non-return Ball Valve

D&R high pressure non-return ball valves can apply either vertical or horizontal pipeline. Comes from the most sturdy product material and doesn’t need any maintenance. 

Double Brass Non-return Ball Valve

The D&R metal company can offer you different sorts of double brass non-return ball valves with different sizes according to purpose. We can offer you this as low as it costs.

Double Flanged Non-return Ball Valve

Generally applicable to all industrial working media applications. Made from high-quality control material, that keeps it stable and sustainable while using.

Stainless Steel Non-return Ball Valve

Highly approved to all product certification. Made from pure steel material and commonly used for preventing or reversing direction of liquid components.

Customized Brass Non-return Ball Valve

Most on-demand classification of non-return ball valves from D&R. comes with a pure brass component and is so satisfying to attach and use.

D&R Non-return Ball Valve

The D&R non-return ball valve is extremely well matched to all industrial applications and functions. Using this kind of valve and fitting materials allows the water or any liquid materials to flow in a medium manner and moves into one direction. We are confidently sure that you will never feel any regret or contrition since the materials used come from the most sturdy component.

Whether you have this plan to purchase a non-return ball valve in development for your business, you are free to ask us for your concern. We have plenty of non-return ball valves in order for you to spontaneously choose. The D&R metal industry can offer you non-metal ball valves with preferable cost.

Brass Valve & Fitting Manufacturer

How We Manufacture Your Non-return Ball Valve

cut material
We will choose the right brass material based on your order
test material
Material Testing
We will make strict testing on your Brass Gate Valves material, after the material is ok, then we will arrange the material cutting
brass forging
Forging process can ensure the right shape based on your order requirement
sand blasting
Sand Blasting
Sand Blasting will make your Brass Gate Valves surface clean and smoothly.
CNC Machining
CNC machining is the most important process to ensure all details are based on your order requirement.
Brass Gate Valves Assembly
We will assemble your Brass Gate Valves from different parts, you will see the final valves after this process.
water pressure testing
Water Pressure Testing
We make 100% air pressure testing on each of your Brass Gate Valves before packaging and shipping.
brass plating
Brass Plating
We can make different plating according to your requirement, including the thickness, the color, the plating material, the test standard

Rocket Your Business with D&R Non-return Ball Valve

D&R Metal Industry – Your Excellent Non-return Ball Valve Manufacturer in China

The D&R proudly represents an out of ordinary non-return ball valve. We stand as one of the most respected foundations in non-return ball valve production in China. We also have this stable source of non-return ball valves throughout the country.

We owe this fortunate status to give an everlasting and irreplaceable service towards the customers. We responsibly engaged in establishing the most renowned peripherals of non-ball valve which perfectly matches to your present and future business career. The availability of your needed non-return ball valves is always accessible in our company. 

Non-return ball valve made from D&R can show you the most satisfying performance. It works in various functions. It keeps any liquid components flowing conveniently without any leaking or problem. It enables the fluid to moderately flow and move in the right one direction. Other than this, non-return ball valves are also a doable business.

One Way Plumbing Non Return Valve

One Way Plumbing Non Return Valve

Moreover, the D&R metal industry accompanies a selected group of engineers and manipulators who’s in charge to build up this kind of non-return ball valve. Through the companionship and unity towards our team and staff, we are able to share our own knowledge and insights in determining how to capture this kind of ball valve. We strictly follow all of the proper procedures in making non-return ball valves

We take this biggest responsibility to establish the best output of a non-return ball valve. The D&R metal industry is rigid in choosing the materials in producing non-return ball valves. We examine first every component of the materials if it surpasses the product quality control before we move onto the next step of processing. 

Our non-return ball valve is so durable and advantageous to use. Not easily damaged or destroyed due to rigorous process, can conditionally endure for longer years of use and so easy to assemble and fix. The D&R metal industry can surely offer you a bulk of non-return ball valves and promptly deliver it to you immediately. 

At a lowest cost, you can now own this sturdiest and highest quality non-return ball valve. We take this responsibility to keep all the packaging of non-return ball valves safe and secured. We can lend you our manual samples of non-return ball valve in testifying our non-return ball valve

DN15 Brass Non Return Valve

DN15 Brass Non Return Valve

Don’t feel so bothered to look for a trusted non-return ball valve manufacturer and distributor because D&R is 24/7 always accessible to entertain your concerns. Your orders and inquiries are top priority in this field. Non-return ball valve bears spectacular features and specialties. 

Choosing the D&R metal industry in achieving a prosperous business is your best solution you’ve made. We are dedicatedly trustworthy in our words and actions. We can do an immediate response for your non-return ball valve and automatically deliver it wherever you have been. We can be your right hand and solid partner for a successful business of yours.

Please don’t hesitate to inquire us for your concern in non-return ball valve!

What Is Non-Return Ball Valve?

Non-return Ball Valve

Non-return Ball Valve

A non-return ball valve is a device that enables a passage of fluid for one way but stops it all in an opposing way.

The reason this sort of valve is becoming more popular is that it is self-cleaning.

What Is The Specification Of Non-Return Ball Valve?

  • Effective pressure of up to ten pounds per square inch
  • Pvc, aluminum, or cast steel balls
  • Internal threaded (BSP) or flanged
  • Temperature range of fluids: – 10 ° C to +80 ° C
  • Diverse provisions
  • Suitable vertically or horizontally
  • Connectors ranging from 1″ to 14″
  • Cast iron structure

How Does Non-Return Ball Valve Work?

A non-return valve prevents the reversal of the flow of a substance in a tube by blocking the flow of the substance in one way.

The non-return valve causes a substantial velocity loss, which must be included in the platform’s structure.

What Are The Types Of Non-Return Valve?

  • Ball NRVs

Ball check valves are frequently very compact, uncomplicated, and affordable.

Ball NRVs have a closure component, the moveable portion to halt the circulation, that is a radial sphere.

The primary seats of ball NRVs are cylindrical in shape to assist the ball into its saddle.

Ball NRVs

Ball NRVs

  • Stop Check NRVs

Put an end to the check NRVs have an overdrive feature that allows them to cease flow depending on the route or intensity of the flow.

Apart from shutting off due to inadequate forward current or backflow, it could also be closed down purposely by an exterior device.

This can effectively eliminate all flow, independent of forwarding direction.

Stop Check NRVs

Stop Check NRVs

  • Diaphragm NRVs

Diaphragm NRVs have typically sealed valves that are created by a flexible rubber flap.

It needs to be higher than the force at the bottom (pressure difference) for the NRV to release and enable circulation.

When positive stress is released, the diaphragm returns to its proper locked state mechanically.

Diaphragm NRVs

Diaphragm NRVs

  • In-line NRVs

In-line NRVs are comparable to lift-check NRVs but have a spring that rises when force is exerted upstream.

The force required to exceed the spring strain is known as the ‘crack propagation force’.

The valve closes whenever the pressure drops below the fracturing force.

In-line NRVs

In-line NRVs

  • Swing Check NRVs

Swing Check To prevent backward circulation, an NRV has a flexible flow-blocking component that swings onto the saddle.

The cross-section of the seat’s entrance could be parallel to or at the offset to the midline of the two outlets.

While swing check NRVs are available in a variety of dimensions, they are usually used as swing check valves on larger NRVs.

Swing Check NRVs

Swing Check NRVs

  • Lift Check NRVs

Lift Check increases the tension of the upstream fluid.

An NRV’s lift disc can be raised off its seats to enable circulation to the downstream end.

Gravity or increased current tension pushes the disc into its seating, closing the valve and preventing backflow.

Lift Check NRVs

Lift Check NRVs

Where Can I Install Non-Return Ball Valve?

  • New space outside your land

If you can’t find an inspection compartment or a sewage pipe terminus, you’ll use blueprints to find your sewers.

Once the pipe has been located, contact a drainage professional to consider setting up a new receptacle for a non-return valve.

  • Inspection Chamber

An inspecting chamber is a hole located on the exterior of your residence.

It enables the authorities to conduct drainage inspections without having accessibility to your property.

The inspection chamber can just be up to 3m long, however, most are reasonably attainable and within close reach (12-18″ below ground).

  • End of Pipe

If you’ve had a sewage pipe that leads to a lagoon, waterway, or rivers, you also might want to install a non-return valve over the surface.

In this case, you could add a non-return valve at the tip of the tube.

Example includes:

  • Buffalo 110mm Non-Return Valve
  • Capricorn Non-Return Valve

What Is The Difference Between Non-Return Ball Valve And Check Valve?

Non-return Ball Valve

Non-return Ball Valve

A non-return ball valve permits only a one-way flow of water.

Whenever the route of circulation in pipe shifts, a check valve avoids backflow by permitting just one route of movement.

Typically, check valves are intended to operate at a specific pressure.

Does Non-Return Ball Valve Reduce Water Pressure?

To raise the water level, we could utilize a non-return ball valve.

A non-return ball valve permits the one-way flow of a substance.

A non-return ball valve is used to ensure that a substance flows in the desired way thru a pipeline.

What Is The Advantage Of Non-Return Ball Valve?

Non-return Ball Valve

Non-return Ball Valve

Non-return ball valves are often tiny, straightforward, and affordable.

Additionally, they safeguard pumps and compressors against harm sustained by backflow and reversed flow.

They minimize disruption and productivity loss caused by inappropriate valve failures.

They maximize energy efficiency by minimizing pressure losses and are extremely good at reducing liquid hammering.

Non-return ball valves are great for irrigation, drainage, and pumping since they eliminate valve breakage and require less operation.

How To Install Non-Return Ball Valve?

Eliminate any protective/storage covers from valves.

The valve, pipes, and mated fittings must all be free of waste, dirt, and protruding of any kind.

All necessary tools, such as spanners, nut-bolts, hex wrenches, and seals, should be maintained available.

Examine the valve for debris and gently move the ball from the intake edge to test its functionality.

The valves can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Validate that the valves and mated gaskets have the same gap size between the gaskets and drills (PCD).

The valves must be aligned on the tube’s center.

Similar flanges must be used for fitting.

Upon valve implementation, no soldering on pipes or flanges can be performed.

If this is performed, the ball and seats may be significantly harmed.

While constructing the valve, keep an eye out for the route of flow indicated by the symbol on the valve.

Using nuts, bolts, and gaskets between the connectors, fasten the flanges.

In the roughness area, the valve must not be placed directly after the pumps.

It is advised that the space between the pumps and the pipes be three to ten times the pipeline size, based on the flow circumstances.

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