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Get your brass elbow with D&R metal industry. You can get desired nice garden hose fitting quantity at cheaper rates.

  • over 15 years of expertise
  • Custom your garden hose fitting drawing
  • Quality and 100% tested garden hose fitting
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D&R——the Expert in Garden Hose Fitting Manufacturing

As a premier supplier and manufacturer of valves and fittings, we, D&R metal industry manufacturing garden hose fitting offering customization services, which one of our vision to provide full support to all hardware clients around the world. We can value you, satisfy and make you first. We can offer you ideal brass garden hose fitting samples for other great ideas.

Features of Garden Hose Fittings

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New Models
D&R's garden hose fittings are the latest and hottest of the moment. We are aware of your purchasing needs and will provide you with the best garden hose fittings to suit your needs.
Free Sample
We are willing to give you free samples so that you can see for yourself the high quality and craftsmanship of the garden hose fittings that we produce at D&R.
Video Record
Whether it is during the production of garden hose fittings or during the shipping inspection, we take video and photo records. In this way, the videos can give you assurance.
Chrome Plated
Our brass garden hose fittings are chrome plated on the surface to give these fittings a brighter and more attractive appearance and also to increase corrosion resistance.

D&R Garden Hose Fitting

D&R Metal Industries specializes in the production of brass garden hose fittings and valves from high-quality materials. We check every process before production. We can do material testing, product inspection, application testing, etc. Packaging can be printed with the logo and brand name according to your requirements, all details of shipping are also provided for you.

We can guarantee our excellent services offered. You can get your ideal brass garden hose fitting at a cheaper cost offer from products to shipping. We can meet all your brass garden hose fitting requirements. We can build our perfect connection long-term as well.

Different Type of Brass Garden Hose Fittings

Why We Chrome Plated on Our Fittings

The hardness and heat resistance of the chrome-plated surface are very good, so we chrome plated the brass garden hose fittings not only to increase the aesthetics of the fittings, but also to provide protection. This is because garden hose fittings and valves are often used in the garden or in outdoor scenarios. The sun, rain and wind can all damage them.

Garden Hose Fitting Thread CNC

Advantages of Garden Hose Fittings

We are a factory, with our own red punch and processing equipment, direct from the manufacturer, at a good price. D&R guarantees the quality of our products from the source and insists on using high quality raw materials. This is why our brass garden hose fittings stand out from the crowd of suppliers.

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