FCU Valve Package

Professional FCU valve package manufacturer since 2008, custom designs based on your requirement.
EPP package which is environmental protection, heat-insulating and flame-retardant.

  • FCU Valve
  • Fan Cooling Coil
  • FCU Valve
  • Fan Cooling Coil

Fan Cooling Unit Kit

  • The material is made by DZR which is anti-corrosion
  • 100% pressure tested for better connection and regulation
  • Ready to install design since it is factory assembled
  • Multifunctional since it can shut off, filter or adjust circuits between the coil system and terminal unit
  • Allows for an easy upgrade by incorporating other cooling, and distribution systems
  • When equipped with a Venturi system, you can determine the flow rate

Custom Fan Cooling Unit Link Kits

D&R Fan Cooling Unit valve, also called the FCU valve is a valve package specially designed to connect AC fan coil and HVAC terminal units to either duct piping network or water chilling system terminal unit. Our new FCU valve installation is easy and guarantees 100% error-free operation due to minimal parts and compact design.

D&R fully assembled connection and regulation kit for HVAC terminal solves all FCU valve problems such as insufficient cooling, flow, or leakage. Even for your existing water chilling or HVAC network, the D&R FCU valve has brass connectors for easy integration. During maintenance, the D&R Fan Coil Unit valve modular design allows for easy isolation for fast flushing.

With years of experience in Fan coil unit design and manufacturing, D&R strives to make the FCU wiring diagram installation simple. Also, the small designs make D&R FCU valve perfect for areas with minimal space offering cost-effective cooling/heating solutions.

Composition of D&R FCU Valve

  • Coil system
  • Valve package consisting of isolation valves, and control valves
  • Strainers
  • Thermal insulation system
  • Hoses for connection


D&R’s new generation of FCU valve is perfect for HVAC, AC, and chilling systems. You can link the FCU in residential, commercial, and industrial setups. It makes connecting hot water or a chilled network easy.

Types of Valves in FCU Valve Package Assembly

The FCU valve assembly comes in many configurations depending on the specific applications. For example, in fan coil valve packages, you can find two or more configurations featuring:

  • Control valves with various settings such as normally open/closed, 2-way option, or 3-way option
  • Union and shut-off valve systems
  • Automatic or manual flow control valves
  • Valve plug, which helps to increase/decrease flow
  • Strainers, which trap foreign particles

Reviewing the FCU valve package drawing will help you know all the components. Your manufacturer will indicate all key parts of the FCU valve package.

Importance of FCU in Ventilation and Chilling Systems

The term FCU means fan coil unit. The fan coil unit regulates air within a space depending on the set conditions. With the help of a fan, it draws in air, then redirects it over a heating or cooling coil. Depending on the settings, the air will leave the FCU when hotter or colder than when it entered the system. For seamless operation, you will connect the fan coil unit to the terminal systems using a special kit called the FCU Valve package.

Advantages of FCU Valve Assembly

FCU valve set in your chiller or HVAC systems are known for:

  • Easy to install since the valve comes as a single package
  • Best for areas with limited space
  • Low installation and commissioning costs
  • Makes both coil isolation and flushing easier
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Minimum system leakage

What is FCU Valve Actuator?

The actuator will open and close the FCU valve package assembly. Usually, the nature of the operation will depend on the type of command the FCU valve kit receives from the controller system.

Is FCU Valve Assembly Motorized?


With the help of the controller systems, the FCU valve actuator can either open or control the fan coil unit system. Besides, you can get magnetic or pneumatic FCU valve kit designs.

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