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Professional DV80 Ball Valve

D&R Metal Industry is a professional DN80 ball valve manufacturer and producer in China. We have over 15 years of manufacturing experience supplying different countries worldwide. It has quality and an advantage offer for plenty types of applications. Send your dn80 ball valve details and we can lower your cost.

  • Free samples of dn80 ball valve
  • Highest quality and 100% approved materials
  • Trusted and secured services offered since we started
  • Popular and custom dn80 ball valve designs

Why D&R is Trusted in Manufacturing DN80 Ball Valve

D&R Metal Industry has been trusted for more than 15 years producing high-class and effective dn80 ball valves and related products for plenty of applications. We have modern and high-technology machines ensuring our quality production. We have grown and developed our capability in handling the whole process. We can faster your process by providing samples for more ideas you can choose easily and fast. Send your ideas as well and inquiries.

D&R Metal IndustryYour Premier DN80 Ball Valve Manufacturer

2 Piece DN80 Ball Valve

Easy to set up and maintain 2 piece dn80 ball valves for additional lines and perfect shut-offs. Long-life for outdoor and indoor uses.

3-Way Flanged DN80 Ball Valve

Our 3-way flanged dn80 ball valves have great features made of verified materials. It passed the certifications you can trust.

Air Actuated DN80 Ball Valve

Air actuated dn80 ball valves are easy to install, easy to operate, and lesser maintenance. Get the best types of handles and sizes.

Customize Color DN80 Ball Valve

Our dn80 ball valves are customizable from colors, types, shapes, handles, finishes, and more. Colors are widely applicable for plastics.

Female Threaded DN80 Ball Valve

We designed perfect threads of female dn80 ball valves. It has perfect threads that able to prevent leaks that affect the flow.

Flanged DN80 Ball Valve

Ur flanged dn80 ball valves are easier to mount and set up. It is designed with perfect threads to performs perfect sealing.

Features of DN80 Ball Valve

water control
Water Control
One of the most important functions of the DN80 ball valve is to control the flow of water, customers can use it together with our brass gate valves and globe valves. Perfect for controlling the flow of water in the pipeline.
Online Service
We have an excellent sales team always online waiting for customer inquiries about DN80 Ball Valve, contact us by email, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. We will reply to our customers as soon as we see the message.
Quality Inspection
During the production process of DN80 ball valve, we will arrange inspections. Such as pressure test, and the test pressure will be higher than the household to ensure that it can be used normally in the household environment.
We can customize the product with the customer's logo according to the customer's sample or drawing. In fact, we make hundreds of bespoke products for our customers every year, and the feedback has been great.

D&R DN80 Ball Valve

As your reliable partners and #1 choice for a long-term partnership, D&R Metal Industry is your top choice. D&R manufactured a dn80 ball valve using high-quality materials and ensure complete selections. We have different types of dn80 ball valves, finishing, functions, features, and more. You can send your dn80 ball valve drawing and we can assure you we will protect it for you. Message us now right away!

We, D&R professionally handle complete processing lines to ensure quality dn80 ball valve production. Our manufacturing experts are highly trained dedicated to many years in service. Send your inquiries and get perfect customizations!

Brass Valve & Fitting Manufacturer

How We Manufacture Your DN80 Ball Valve

cut material
We will choose the right brass material based on your order
test material
Material Testing
We will make strict testing on your DN80 Ball Valve material, after the material is ok, then we will arrange the material cutting
brass forging
Forging process can ensure the right shape based on your order requirement
sand blasting
Sand Blasting
Sand Blasting will make your DN80 Ball Valves surface clean and smoothly.
CNC Machining
CNC machining is the most important process to ensure all detais are based on your order requirement.
brass plating
Brass Plating
we can make different plating according to your requirement, including the thickness,t he color, the plating material, the test standard
Brass Valves Assembly
We will assemble your DN80 Ball Valves from different parts, you will see the final valves after this process.
water pressure testing
Water Pressure Testing
We make 100% air pressure testing on each of your DN80 Ball Valves before packaging and shipping.

Rocket Your Business with D&R DN80 Ball Valves

brass valve and fittings design

D&R Metal Industry – Reliable DN80 Ball Valve Manufacturer in China

Planning for bulk orders of dn80 ball valves in China? D&R Metal Industry is your perfect choice.

D&R Metal Industry manufactured dn80 ball valves with high-class materials. We have skilled designers that help develop our dn80 ball valves designs. We develop our sales, production, and shipment through our senior employees.

D&R dn80 ball valves are available in many types and functions. We have stainless steel dn80 ball valves. Brass dn80 ball valves, PVC dn80 ball valves, flanged, full port, solenoid, actuated, electric, chrome, quarter turn, and more selections. We have different finishes of dn80 ball valves, coating, textures, colors, and more to make a perfect and attractive appearance.

DN80 Brass Nickel Plated Ball valve

In this industry, we are popular in producing dn80 ball valves and related products produced worldwide. We have over 15 years of experience manufacturing high-class dn80 ball valves that are tested and proven by many types of projects from different places we supplied. We have various dn80 ball valves selections that will suit your final applications like industrial applications, commercial, and residential purposes.

D&R Metal Industry produces dn80 ball valves durable and efficient suitable for plenty types of applications. It is easier to set up and install with perfect sealing that fits other types of piping. Easier to maintain and replace and easier to clean. It is easier to shut off available in lockable types that keep it secured for outdoor applications.

DN80 Brass Ball Valve

Get the best quality dn80 ball valves with D&R Metal Industry. Our dn80 ball valves are offered at competitive prices with great quality and able to generate the best profits in business. Expand your business with D&R dn80 ball valves. We can supply your desired pieces of orders.

Send your inquiries and enjoy our outstanding services. Message us right away!


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