CZ132 Brass – Know the Properties, Benefits & Applications

CZ132 Brass, which is also known as CW602N DZR (dezincification resistant) brass represents brass that has minute amounts of lead and arsenic and comes with a duplex structure.

This brass alloy has been made ideally to provide high resistance levels to dezincification corrosion – which is a feature easy to find in hot working brasses.

CZ132 Brass Chemical Composition

Iron0.2% max
Tin0.2% max



Below are some benefits of CZ132 brass:

  • High level of strength and ductileness
  • Good resistance to dezincification
  • Resistance to corrosion is good.
  • Easy to form and machine.
  • Hot forging this brass is easy.


  • Not recommended for oxyacetylene welding.
CZ132 Brass Valve
CZ132 Brass Valve

Mechanical Properties

  • Comes with an ultimate tensile strength of 350 N/mm
  • Its elongation is at 22%

Fabrication Properties

  • It has good hot formability.
  • Comes with a 75% machinability rating.
  • The hot working temperature range of CZ132 is from 800 – 850O
  • Cold formability is good.
  • The range for annealing temperature is from 450-650°C.
  • The range for stress relieving temperature is from 250-350°C.

Welding Properties.

  • Brazing – Good
  • Oxyacetylene welding – Not ideal
  • Soldering – Excellent
  • Gas-shielded arc welding – Not ideal.
  • Welding resistance – Not ideal.

Application in Plumbing Systems.

CZ132 brass is used mostly in plumbing setups like water fittings needed to be made by machining and hot stamping. Some common applications include:

  • Valves
  • Taps
  • Stopcocks, etc.

Is CZ132 Brass Dezincification Resistant?



Knowing more about the different types of brass such as CZ132 Brass has a way of making its appreciation easier. Knowledge of their properties helps in using them to achieve the right results or outcomes as is needed.

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