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Why D&R is Expert in Brass Y Fitting Manufacturing

Here in the D&R metal industry, we only focus on valves and fittings manufacturing. We can ensure the safety and faster processes since we only focus on your orders. We are capable of supplying plenty brass y fittings base on your quantity request and delivered them safely ahead of time to your location.

D&R Metal IndustryYour Professional Brass Y Fitting Manufacturer

Threaded Brass Y Fitting

D&R metal industry manufactured threaded brass y fittings in different types and sizes. It is suitable for industrial and commercial plumbing.

Male Brass Y Fitting

Male brass y fitting is one of the useful application supports accessible in the lowest cost offer. We can produce your ideal customization.

Female Brass Y Fitting

Female brass y fittings are partners of male brass y fitting. It can be purchase in different types, features and more selection that can be very advantaged.

Barbed Brass Y Fitting

It used to grip interior and seal the connection. The dominant system remains. D&R metal industry can produce your sent ideas perfectly and affordable.

3way Brass Hose Splitter

A wide variety of 3-way brass hose splitter options is offered for you. You can request brass y fitting amount based on your business demands.

Brass Y Filter Fitting

Whatever your purpose of having brass y filter fitting, D&R metal industry is perfect to rely on. We can supply your ordered brass y filter fitting everywhere.

Features of Brass Y Fittings

new item
Hot Recommend
We regularly send our customers updates on the latest models and popular hot-selling models to keep them abreast of the market. You'll be one step ahead in sales.
Video Inspection
Before each delivery, we take videos and photos of the inspection and send a detailed quality report to our customers. So that the customer can check the product.
Company Credibility
The head office was established in 2002 and D&R Metals was established independently in 2008. 90% of our customers have been working with us for over a decade.
Precise Thread
We know the thread has many types, different countries have different thread standards, D&R can process GB, ANSI, BS, DIN, ISO according to customer requirements.

D&R Brass Y Fitting

D&R metal industry brass y fitting have plenty of types and applications. It is applicable for industrial and commercial plumbing applications which offer suitable features. D&R metal industry has a wide range of selections offered to many clients.

Here in D&R metal industry, we warmly accept OEM orders. We fully support plumbing projects and supplying hardware stores worldwide. We are professionally custom brass y fittings with our senior engineers, technicians, and designers. Ensure our satisfying services offered and support for your expandable business.

Brass Valve & Fitting Manufacturer

Named after Brass Y Fitting's Shape

Brass Y fittings are similar to brass T fittings. Because that both of them are named after their shape, and brass Y-fittings, like brass T-fittings, have three rings, allowing for a water inlet from one port and a water outlet from two outside ports. In this way, we can use a brass Y fitting to solve difficult problems.

Three Brass Y Fittings
High Quality Brass

Strict Raw Material Selection

D&R Metal Industry’s Y  fittings are made from brass. This brass Y fitting is used to connect three pieces of equal-sized pipe. Brass is a copper-zinc alloy that has a low melting point, but is hard and corrosion-resistant. However, the other metal components in brass have a large impact on the performance of brass, so the raw materials are carefully selected in principle.

Good Review from Customers

We accept ODM and OEM, and customised brass Y fittings. For more than ten years, we have been developing new products constantly according to our customers’ needs. The feedbacks from our customers on our products are all very good and there are no bad reviews. That is why our customers also have a very close relationship with us, not only as partners but also as friends in life.

Good Feedback from D&R's Customers

How We Manufacture Your Brass Y Fitting

cut material
We will choose the right brass material based on your order
test material
Material Testing
We will make strict testing on your Brass Y Fitting material, after the material is ok, then we will arrange the material cutting
brass forging
Forging process can ensure the right shape based on your order requirement
sand blasting
Sand Blasting
Sand Blasting will make your Brass Y Fitting surface clean and smoothly.
CNC Machining
CNC machining is the most important process to ensure all detais are based on your order requirement.
brass plating
Brass Plating
we can make different plating according to your requirement, including the thickness,t he color, the plating material, the test standard
Brass Valves Assembly
We will assemble your Brass Y Fitting from different parts, you will see the final valves after this process.
water pressure testing
Water Pressure Testing
We make 100% air pressure testing on each of your Brass Y Fitting before packaging and shipping.

Rocket Your Business with D&R Brass Y Fitting

brass valve and fittings design

D&R Metal Industry- Your Premier Brass Y Fitting Manufacturer in China

If you’re searching for a reliable producer and brass y fitting manufacturer for your needs, D&R Metal Industry can provide satisfaction for you. We fabricate plenty brass y fitting selections and suggest a better option for your project.

It is not easy to choose the best choice when handling a business is. But here in D&R Metal Industry, we will know and be familiar with your applications and we can give you effective suggestions.

D&R Metal Industry brass y fittings are most materials suitable for pipe support with perfect usage. Brass y fittings can support application flow like water, chemicals, hot and cold water, oil, gases, and more purposes. There are different features that suit different applications. You can choose impact-resistant, high corrosion resistant, and more.

Brass hose Y fittings

D&R Metal Industry brass y fittings are applicable for industrial and residential installations suitable for outdoor. Brass is a popular material in terms of fitting or pipe and related product accessory fabrications. It is accessible in different types of materials including zinc and copper which have unique properties that provide plenty of uses.

If you have a plumbing project handled, you can fully rely on D&R Metal Industry. We have over 15 years of making brass y fittings and other products with a great experience. We ensure our brass y fitting production is all set with convenient facilities, complete equipment, skilled and hardworking team, and supportive staff.

Brass Y-shapes Barb Fitting

D&R Metal Industry brass y fittings are accessible in plenty of ready-to-ship stocks. It will support your urgent needs. We fabricated brass y fittings designed to support and carry flammable gasses, chemicals, and many other plumbing substances. It has the capability to carry, connect, and control flows in the pipes. You can always choose your project’s needs of brass y fittings from sizes, features, types, and more.

We can always meet your request and support your project or hardware business. we will supply brass y fittings according to your request and always provides samples.

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