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Brass Service Valve

D&R brass service valves are special accessories for isolating systems during maintenance or parts replacement. One of D&R’s top-selling products is the brass service valve for tankless water heaters.

Our brass services are made from red brass, DZR, or CW617N brass materials. We can also choose specific brass alloy material depending on your service valve requirements. As an OEM brass service valve manufacturer in China, our engineers will help you with the customization process.

Whether you want CW617N brass ball valve for water service or a DZR brass ball valve for water service, D&R engineers are always ready to support you.

Brass Service Valve Designs

Brass Service Valve Designs
Brass Service Valve Designs

Our valves are easy to install and uninstall after completing the servicing operation. They provide quicker installation while ensuring leak-proof operation.

When specifying D&R service brass valves, you should indicate the working temperature range, dimensions, and working pressure.

The best part, D&R makes the entire service valve from high-grade brass, with different configurations such as a 2-position service valve, or a 3-position service valve.

With a perfect slim fit design, integrated pressure relief, and drain valves, the D&R brass services valves ensure seamless operation in most applications. For your unique designs, D&R engineers are on standby to help you in the design and fabrication process. Contact us now for competitive prices.

Where to Use D&R Brass Service Valves

HVAC Service Valve Caps Brass

When maintaining or servicing the HVAC system, you will use these valves to isolate other sections.

Brass Service Valve for Water Systems

You can isolate water and steam systems for any maintenance using brass service valves.

Industrial Setups

D&R service valves made from brass are perfect for boiler system and water heater system maintenance.

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