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D&R brass radiator valves are uniquely designed to control the heat radiator emits. After installation, our brass radiator valves control either steam or hot water into the radiator system thereby preventing steam trap failure.

We use high-quality brass material that can withstand elevated temperatures in the radiator systems. Mostly D&R uses dezincification-resistant brass, but we can use another brass allows according to customer request.

With years of experience in the brass radiator valve manufacturing industry, D&R engineers strive to ensure the heating system in the radiator functions optimally. Whether you want antique brass radiator valves or customized brass radiator valves, D&R is your trusted partner in China – talk to us now.

Manual vs. Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Our brass valves for the radiator system come either manually or automatically operated.

For D&R manual brass valves for radiators, operators will open and close valves. D&R equips the manual brass steam radiator valve with a lever or knob for easier ON/OFF operation.

Alternatively, D&R offers brass thermostatic radiator valves. These brass valves for radiators automatically adjust according to the working temperature. We have fitted the valves with temperature control sensors.

As a trusted brass radiator valve manufacturer, we are ready to customize these radiator accessories, according to your requirements.

Manual vs. Thermostatic Radiator Valves
Applications of Brass Radiator

Applications of Brass Radiator

Radiator Heating Systems

Heating rooms by controlling which specific rooms to heat using the brass valves. They offer efficient heating control mechanisms for the best energy control.

Depending on the configurations, these systems can fit both low and high air capacity.

D&R Brass Radiator Manufacturing Capability

D&R Brass Radiator Manufacturing Capability
D&R Brass Radiator Manufacturing Capability

Since our inception, D&R has designed many highly efficient brass valves for radiator systems. Depending on where you intend to install the radiator system, D&R offers many options such as:

  • Brass steam radiator angle valve – suitable for pipes connecting at 90 degrees. They are common for vertical installations.
  • Brass straight radiator valves – you can use these for vertical or horizontal radiator pipes
  • Brass corner radiator valve – if you are using radiator systems with either side or underside inlets, then you can consider these valves. These brass valves for radiator systems leave the wall horizontally.

Furthermore, D&R offers more specialized valve systems such as brass radiator bleed valves, brass cross-head radiator valves, or brass radiator drain valves.

We also understand how aesthetics can impact your architectural structure design. A reason D&R offers various finishing options such as brushed and polished surfaces. For example, if you want brushed brass angled radiator valves or polished brass radiator valves, D&R will ensure you get a perfect surface finish.

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