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Find the best brass pressure-reducing valves in D&R Metal Industry! We are a professional brass valves and fittings manufacturer that offers a wide range of high-quality brass pressure-reducing valves you’ve needed.

  • High-quality brass pressure-reducing valves
  • Professional R&D team to customize brass pressure-reducing valves
  • Competitive prices
  • Professional and skillful engineers

Why D&R Metal Industry is Expert in Brass Pressure Reducing Valve Manufacturing

We have more than 15 years of manufacturing brass pressure reducing valves, which gained the trust of many clients in different industries. We offer a large number of brass pressure-reducing valves to fully support your business. Make D&R Metal Industry as your no.1 manufacturer and supplier in China!

D&R Metal IndustryYour Professional Brass Pressure Reducing Valve Manufacturer

Lead-free Brass Pressure Reducing Valves

This model is manufactured and designed for installation on potable water lines to reduce high inlet pressure to lower outlet pressure.

Water Pressure Reducing Brass Valve

Our water pressure reducing brass valve is manufactured from 100% quality tested brass materials. You can install a water pressure-reducing brass valve in any position.

Brass Lead-Free Water Pressure Regulator

We offer affordable brass lead-free water pressure regulator designed to help protect RV plumbing and hoses from high-pressure city water.

Lead Free Water Pressure Reducing Valve

D&R Metal Industry provides the widest range of lead-free water pressure reducing valve that provides easy installation.

Adjustable RV Water Pressure Regulator Valve

This is manufactured under the NSF lead-free requirements of 0.2%. It is intendedly designed to reduce the original water pressure and make it stable to use.

Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

D&R Metal Industry has capable to manufacture brass pressure reducing valves suitable for hydraulic instability, water purifier, water flow too fast, solar energy, faucet, gas heater, etc.

Features of Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

Various Delivery
D&R supports various delivery methods, sea, air, road and courier are all possible. The customer can choose their own delivery method or we can give advice based on the weight of the brass pressure reducing valves.
Quality Material
The raw material for the brass pressure reducing valve is carefully selected for its high strength and plasticity, Hpb58 brass, which can withstand cold and hot pressures well after forging at high temperatures.
Standard Thread
We know that different regions have different thread standards, and D&R can machine threads to GB, ANSI, BS, DIN, ISO and other standards on brass pressure reducing valves according to the customer's regional requirements.
Company Credibility
D&R was founded in 2002 and D&R Metals became independent in 2008, specializing in all types of valves, brass pressure reducing valves being just one of them. And 90% of our customers, have been with us for over ten years.

D&R Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

Most of the leading industries worldwide have chosen D&R Metal Industry as their number one choice of brass pressure reducing valves. D&R Metal Industry has been trusted for more than 15 years.

We offer D&R brass pressure-reducing valves with great pricing, high-quality, and unparalleled customer service. As a leading manufacturer, D&R Metal Industry is committed to providing a one-stop solution to skyrocket your business.

Brass Valve & Fitting Manufacturer

How We Manufacture Your Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

cut material
We will choose the right brass material based on your order
test material
Material Testing
We will make strict testing on your brass pressure reducing valves material, after the material is ok, then we will arrange the material cutting
brass forging
Forging process can ensure the right shape based on your order requirement
sand blasting
Sand Blasting
Sand Blasting will make your brass pressure reducing valve surface clean and smoothly.
CNC Machining
CNC machining is the most important process to ensure all detais are based on your order requirement.
brass plating
Brass Plating
we can make different plating according to your requirement, including the thickness,t he color, the plating material, the test standard
Brass Valves Assembly
We will assemble your brass pressure reducing valve from different parts, you will see the final valves after this process.
water pressure testing
Water Pressure Testing
We make 100% air pressure testing on each of your brass pressure reducing valve before packaging and shipping.

Rocket Your Business with D&R Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

brass valve and fittings design

D&R Metal Industry – Your Leading Manufacturer of Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

D&R Metal Industry has the complete brass pressure-reducing valves for commercial, residential, institutional, and industrial applications. When it comes to your brass pressure-reducing valve requirements, D&R Metal Industry can manufacture and provide your needs.

D&R Metal Industry offers a comprehensive range of brass pressure-reducing valves that are perfect for reducing the pressure in industrial applications. Our D&R brass pressure reducing valves are accessible in 1/2″ to 2″ sizes at competitive prices.

Customized Brass Pressure Reducing Valves

Here in D&R Metal Industry, you can find brass pressure-reducing valves in screwed, union, and compression stop end connections, with specific sizes. D&R brass pressure-reducing valves are fabricated to reduce steam pressure or incoming water to a safer constant predetermined downstream level.

Moreover, D&R brass pressure-reducing valves are manufactured for a system that requires regulated and reduced pressure such as a drip irrigation system. D&R Metal Industry manufactures brass pressure-reducing valves that are the best choice for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

For a decade of manufacturing experience, D&R Metal Industry is capable of providing your brass pressure-reducing valve request. D&R Metal Industry has the most advanced production line in China that can assure the short delivery time.

Customized Brass Pressure Reducing Valves

D&R Metal Industry will never delay your orders! We can let you got your products 30% faster than a normal lead time. Our company has an effective fabrication quantity of 300,000 tons annually and can distribute 3000 pieces of brass valves and fittings every day.

D&R Metal Industry, operating in China becomes popular for manufacturing and supplying reliable brass pressure-reducing valves with exceptional quality.

Actually, most industrial and commercial worldwide clients have always counted on D&R Metal Industry for the remarkable service we offer. No matter what you need for your business, D&R Metal Industry is the right solution! We provide a one-stop-shop to fulfil your necessities.

For any custom requests, you can call our technical sales representatives. Our dedicated team provides 24/7 online assistance for your business. Contact us today!

What Is Brass Pressure Reducing Valve?

Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

Brass pressure reducing valves decrease water flow rate or pressure gradient to a specified range.

Regardless of the valve model, pressure modification mechanism or exterior sensors determine streamflow.

Brass pressure-reducing valves are used for domestic, promotional, institutional, and economic purposes.

What Are The Key Feature Of Brass Pressure Reducing Valve?

  • Union, Threaded, and Compressed End couplings are accessible in diameters ranging from 1/2″ to 2″ (Union and Screwed).
  • 22mm (Threaded End) and 22mm (Compression End).
  • Temperatures range from -10°C to 80°C.
  • Limit pressure at the inlet: 25 / 22 Bar.
  • Average exhaust pressure ranges from 0.5 and 6 bars.

What Is The Purpose Of Brass Pressure Reducing Valve?

Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

The pressure reducing valve is the most frequently used component for controlling gas supply in pipes.

These valves create a mechanical obstruction in the pipes.

Similar to an expansion valve decreases the bridge surface of the circulation, resulting in a temporary pressure change in the streams.

Should I Install Brass Pressure Reducing Valve In My House?

A pressure reducing valve protects pipelines, plumbing, and water-using equipment from breakage.

Pressure reducing valves can lead to significant savings by lessening water loss in your house.

A properly regulated pressure reducing valve will still provide enough water to meet your household’s demands.

Where Can I Usually Use Brass Pressure Reducing Valve?

Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

They are generally utilized in sectors such as irrigation, heating, and energy and utilities.

A Pressure Reducing Valve can decrease an uncontrolled entrance pressure to a consistent, lower exit pressure regardless of river flow.

What Is The Difference Between Pressure Reducing Valve And A Pressure Regulator?

Regulating valves are synonymous with pressure reducing valves.

The valve lowers the entering pressure to a preset value.

Adjustment of the set pressure is possible.

Pressure is maintained upstream of the pressure regulating valve at a given input.

How Long Does Brass Pressure Reducing Valve Last?

Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

A brass pressure reducing valve has a life expectancy of between three and five years.

A residence that has a malfunctioning brass pressure reducing valve may experience difficulties.

When a householder observes his pressure reducer valve is not functioning properly, it must be repaired.

What Do The Brass Pressure Reducing Valve Used For?

Public water can enter a residence at a pressure that exceeds the capacity of a private drainage system.

If the water pressure is not controlled, it can cause serious damage to more delicate household infrastructure.

This type of damage can involve leaking valves, including tap valves, resulting in a steady trickle in the sink.

It can also harm devices, especially heaters, that were not designed to handle high-pressure water.

High water pressure can severely reduce a water heater’s endurance.

High pressure can also cause sufficient damage to create a leak in your house if the fragile area is inside the pipeline.

What Are The Signs That The Brass Pressure Reducing Valve Is Getting Bad?

Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

Low pressure water or complete lack of pressure are two indications that a pressure reducer is faulty.

Moreover, water pounding, banging, or rattling in the pipelines are indications.

Additionally, abnormally high pressure is a symptom that the pressure reducer has broken.

A leakage outside the pressure reducer could also be an indication of a failing valve.

Or even something as innocuous as observing that you have a higher than a specific number of leaky pipes.

A pressure reducing valve is easy to assemble, and it must be done by a professional except if the client knows piping and welding.

A pressure reducing valve lowers the water flow to a level that is less damaging to your pipes.

When Should I Replace The Brass Pressure Reducing Valve?

Problems with placement or replacement of components trigger approximately 99 percent of brass pressure reducing valve malfunction.

A brass pressure reducing valve that malfunctions can cause a fire. 

Materials breakage, disruption of word circulation, and even injuries are possible outcomes.

This article will help you determine the duration and efficiency of your brass pressure reducing valve.

How Should I Test The Brass Pressure Reducing Valve?

Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

When a brass pressure reducing valve malfunctions as a result of age or failure, blasts might occur.

The valve must be examined every six months to diagnose and correct defects, but check your requirements for higher criteria.

Follow these procedures to ensure that your brass pressure reducing valve is operating optimally.

  • Numerous cycles move up and down the testing lever to ensure the network flows out and runs to the pipeline.
  • Reduce pressure to halt the leaking, then reinstall the testing lever and gradually increase the burden.
  • Confirm that the pipes are completely clear of natural salts, oxidation, and deterioration.
  • If all this evaluation is unsuccessful, it is necessary to replace the device.

Should I Replace The Brass Pressure Reducing Valve Or Repair It?

Replacing a brass pressure reducing valve is significantly less costly than repairing it.

Purely based on the quantity of brass pressure reducing valves to be replaced, preventative maintenance can save you money.

How would you determine whenever a replacement is necessary versus when a repair is suitable? 

Here are five typical signs that your brass pressure reducing valve is in need of replacement.

  • Brass Pressure Reducing Valve Life Expectancy

Through period, the diaphragm’s springs may regain their pressure.

To minimize age-related difficulties, upgrade your brass pressure reducing valve every 4-5 years.

  • Geographical Areas

If your corporation is located in the desert, the environment might be difficult for brass pressure reducing valves to cover.

  • Utilization of Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

The duration of effort the brass pressure reducing valve is in operation also increases its structural damage.

A brass pressure reducing valve should be replaced after every release as a general guideline.

Even so, brass pressure reducing valves that see a lot of users might need more regular adjustments.

  • Water Tension

If water rushes in a stream rather than a surge, this might indicate a waste clog.

In this scenario, thoroughly cleanse the pipelines and recheck.

If the flow rate continues to be inadequate, it may be necessary to replace the brass pressure reducing valve.

  • Leakage and Unusual Noises

Leakage from a brass pressure reducing valve is typically indicative of a defect in the valve.

If your brass pressure reducing valve is leaking or overflowing or creating unusual noises, it’s appropriate to replace it.

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