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Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

D&R Brass pressure-reducing valves (PRV) are specially fabricated to reduce high water pressure in the pipe to a reasonable threshold for distribution. For safety, our brass PRV regulates water pressure to reasonable levels that will not damage other plumbing systems. Also, these valves reduce wastage.

Designed for versatility and adaptability, D&R brass water pressure reducer valves can regulate pressure from as high as over 250 psi to 10 psi, depending on your supply requirements.

Even when you want brass pressure-reducing valve replacement for your industry, D&R offers custom options. With years of R&D as a brass pressure-reducing valve manufacturer, we will support your OEM business, with competitive prices, flexible MOQ, and long-term cooperation.

Brass Pressure Reducing Valve Applications

D&R brass pressure-reducing valves are specifically designed to reduce inlet pressure to reasonably safe pressure (outlet). The brass PRV are common in city water supply systems, industrial water, and pressure supply systems. Therefore, our PRV will prevent plumbing pipes from bursting or other damages.

Brass Pressure Reducing Valve Applications
Why Choose D&R PRV

Why Choose D&R PRV

At D&R, we understand the harm and damage high-pressure fluids can cause in both home and industrial applications. A reason our brass pressure regulator valves are made from high-quality brass material with robust construction. For water distribution systems, we use lead-free brass.

We offer a range of brass pressure reducer valves with varying features:

  • Pressure-reducing valve with gauge
  • PRV with reinforced diaphragm for hot water applications
  • Optional by-pass feature

To regulate the incoming water pressure effectively, D&R brass pressure-reducing valves have two actuation mechanisms:

  • Manual Actuation – they have a nut or handle for pressure regulation. The valve will remain in the same position until the operator changes the nut or handle position manually. So you will set a static pressure.
  • Automatic actuation – it automatically reduces and maintains pressure to reasonable levels for distribution. It uses sensors to ensure the outlet pressure from the PRV remains the same.
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