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D&R Metal Industry has been producing and supplying metal products for over 20 years. From design to production, we can provide wholehearted support for your product development.

  • One-stop solution for brass manifold
  • Provide high-quality OEM products
  • Loyalty cooperation with you
  • Brass manifolds’ raw material traceability

Brass Manifold Manufacturer

Brass Manifolds for plumbing systems like HVAC with dynamic flow balancing and individual regulation of each individual circuit. Connected to the outlet with a brass, plastic, or multi-layer pipe adapter.

Brass Flow Manifold with Flow Meter

MFBB001 SIZE: DN25*16MM*2L~6L, DN25*20MM*2L~6L

Brass Return Manifold Kits

MFSB005 SIZE: DN25*16MM*2L~10L, DN25*20MM*2L~10L

Nickel Plated Brass Return Manifold Kits

MFBB006 SIZE: DN25*16MM*2L~6L, DN25*20MM*2L~6L

Nickel Plated Brass Manifold with Plastic Handle

MFBB007 SIZE: DN25*16MM*2L~6L, DN25*20MM*2L~6L

Brass Flow Manifold with Adjuster FLUXER

MFBB001 SIZE: DN25*16MM*2L~6L, DN25*20MM*2L~6L

Brass Return Manifold with Isolation Valves

MFBB010 SIZE: DN25*16MM*2L~6L, DN25*20MM*2L~6L

MFBB011 SIZE: DN25*16MM*2L~13L, DN25*20MM*2L~13L

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