Brass Globe Valve

Brass Globe Valve

Brass Globe Valve

D&R brass globe valves are forged or cast from dezincification-resistant brass for accurate flow regulation, throttling, or controlling fluid flow. Being a liner-actuated valve, our brass globe valves use a hand wheel to raise or lower the stem. Therefore, the D&R brass globe valves control flow in three distinct levels – fully open, fully closed, or partially open.

As a brass globe valve manufacturer that cares about specific customers’ requirements, the D&R team will help you throughout the design and fabrication process.

Where to use D&R Brass Globe Valve

D&R brass globe valves are perfect for small pipe applications. However, our brass globe valve dimensions also range from small to large for varying uses. Whether you want to stop, start or regulate flow, D&R brass globe valves withstand dynamic operations in fluid systems.

On the other hand, we do not recommend brass globe valves for applications with large pulsations, or sensitive to large pressure drop.

Types of D&R Brass Globe Valves

As your trusted China brass globe valve supplier, D&R offers many valve options to choose from such as:

  • Manual and automatic brass globe valve
  • Brass valve body comes as straight flow, angle flow, cross flow, or Y-flow design
  • Brass ball-type disc for low-pressure and temperature applications where you want to stop or start the flow
  • Brass needle-type disc for throttling flow condition
  • Brass composite disc type for shutoff requirements

For all your custom brass globe valve orders, D&R is here to be your trusted partner in China – contact us now for competitive prices and OEM support.

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