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A wide range of brass adaptors is found in D&R Metal Industry. We can manufacture a brass adaptor as your special request.

  • Hundreds of available designs based on your idea
  • 15 years of manufacturing experience
  • 100% brass materials
  • 24/7 online support

Why D&R is Expert in Brass Adaptor Manufacturing

D&R Metal Industry is an internationally leading supplier and manufacturer of the excellent quality brass adaptor. We stock a wide range of D&R brass adaptors to be delivered worldwide. We specialized in manufacturing high-quality brass adaptors to meet your demands. To complete your plumbing requirements, you can order from us and ask for assistance.

D&R Metal IndustryYour Professional Brass Adaptor Manufacturer

Brass Adaptor Ring

D&R brass adaptor rings are constructed from steel and come plated in brass. You can find 1-1/2 and 1-3/8 in. brass adaptor ring to fit into a 2-1/8 in. diameter bore.

Brass Male Adaptor

A wide variety of brass male adaptor options is available in D&R Metal Industry. We choose the best material for this product for durability.

Brass Bike Pump Adaptor

We offer lightweight, easy, high-quality, easy to install, and convenient brass bike pump adaptor for your specific applications. Avail now!

Gunpower Brass Adaptor

We choose the best material for gunpower brass adaptor for long-lasting service life. It is also available in chrome-plated brass.

We offer a wide range of high-quality female brass adaptors for your specific applications. We can do a custom female brass adaptor, just send us your requirements.

Lead-free Brass Adaptor

Lead-free fittings are necessary for any application that will be used for potable water, including plumbing in a residential or nonresidential facility.

Features of Brass Adaptor

Quality Check
Before each batch of brass adaptors is shipped, we would arrange for a special quality inspector to inspect the weight and thread of the valves.
Explosion Protection
D&R's brass adaptors are forged from high-quality brass, which not only resists high temperatures but thickens to prevent explosion and cracking.
Global Markets
D&R has a global presence with customers. Such as in Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Oceania. We have also participated in worldwide exhibitions.
Hot Forging
All D&R Metal Industry, brass adaptors are manufactured with the hot forging process and make sure the premier quality is based on each client's requirement.

D&R Brass Adaptor

We, D&R Metal Industry has more than 15 years of rich experience in the brass valve and fitting industry. D&R Metal Industry can custom your ideal brass adaptor in a very short lead time. Also, we can produce your own drawings or ideas for this product.

Let D&R Metal Industry bring fulfillment to your brand! No matter the number of your brass adaptor orders, we are very capable to provide them. So, choose D&R Metal Industry to provide excellent solutions to your applications!

Brass Valve & Fitting Manufacturer

How We Manufacture Your Brass Adaptor

cut material
We will choose the right brass material based on your order
test material
Material Testing
We will make strict testing on your brass adaptor material, after the material is ok, then we will arrange the material cutting
brass forging
Forging process can ensure the right shape based on your order requirement
sand blasting
Sand Blasting
Sand Blasting will make your brass adaptor surface clean and smoothly.
CNC Machining
CNC machining is the most important process to ensure all details are based on your order requirement.
Brass Adaptor Assembly
We will assemble your brass adaptor from different parts, you will see the final adaptor after this process.
water pressure testing
Water Pressure Testing
We make 100% air pressure testing on each of your brass adaptor before packaging and shipping.

Rocket Your Business with D&R Brass Adaptor

brass valve and fittings design

D&R Metal Industry – Your Reliable Brass Adaptor Manufacturer in China

Whether you want something cost-saving, reliable, and high resistance to corrosives, our range of D&R brass adaptors is what you’re looking for! In D&R Metal Industry, there`s a lot of outstanding designs of brass adaptors with various sizes, specifications, and great pricing.

D&R Metal Industry is a premier manufacturer and distributor of high-quality brass adaptors, ready for installation. D&R brass adaptor is highly resistant to corrosives including saltwater, heat, minerals, water, soils, and chemicals. All of our D&R brass adaptors are guaranteed a perfect fit for your hydraulic applications.

Brass Adaptors Manufacturer

D&R Metal Industry developed a complete range of production lines and machines for the production of brass adaptors. D&R brass adaptors are manufactured, designed, and tested to optimize the system. Our range of D&R brass adaptors is accessible in many sizes.

What’s more, the D&R brass adaptor features strong and durable designs guaranteed long-last life. We can also customize your brass adaptor according to your own design to meet and exceed your requirements. Just send us your specifications and we will precisely work your brass adaptor.

When you buy brass adaptors here in D&R Metal Industry, you are assured of high-quality, durable, safe, and cost-effective brass adaptor products. D&R Metal Industry has all you need for your plumbing applications. We will support and help you boom your business!

Brass Adaptor

D&R Metal Industry is your trusted brass valve and fitting manufacturer and supplier. Whether you need high-quality brass fitting such as brass adaptor, brass elbow, brass connector, brass plug, brass tee, brass gas fitting, brass flare fitting, and many more, D&R Metal Industry has you covered!

Aside from that, you can also avail yourself of D&R Metal Industry with a wide range of sanitary fittings, custom machinery parts, and piston rods.

D&R Metal Industry has rich experience in manufacturing hundreds of brass fitting, researching the best use of solid brass material to emerge with high-level state-of-the-art solutions. D&R Metal Industry manufactures D&R brass adaptors to satisfy every type of your requirements.

If you need more information regarding the D&R brass adaptor, our technical staff is available 24/7. Contact us now!

Brass Adaptor: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Learning this guide will help you determine the exact brass adaptor you need.

More information about brass adaptors is listed below. Study each point to have great knowledge.

Let’s get going!

What is a Brass Adaptor?

What is Brass Adaptor

Brass Adaptor allows a well-built and sturdy fit when used for hydraulic purposes.

A unique brass adaptor provides heat resistance, chemical resistance, soils resistance, water resistance, minerals resistance, saltwater resistance, and other corrosive substances.

Brass Adaptors are constructed, inspected, and fabricated thoroughly by experts. These can function in accordance with current systems. Provides maximum beneficial operating life, brass adaptors can be also custom-made.

Below, we listed the common brass adaptor specifications:

  • Diameter: 4mm/ 6mm/ 8mm/ 10mm/ 12mm/ 14mm/ 16mm/ 19mm/ customized
  • Liquid Type: Gas, Oil, Water
  • Material: High-quality Brass
  • Color: Gold tone color
  • Application: Hydraulics, Pipe fittings, Pneumatic add-on, Plumbing attachment, etc.

Why the Brass Adaptors are Popular?

Here are some reasons why brass adaptors are frequently used in many industries.

  • Safe to use
  • Extreme durability
  • Fit for heavy-duty projects
  • Able to tolerate high temperatures
  • Outstanding conductivity
  • Fire-retardant and rust-free
  • Easy to shape in production
  • Offers Highly corrosive protection
  • Higher flexibility
  • Reliable Construction

Does Brass Adaptor Free from Lead Contamination?

Brass Adaptor

All adaptors or fittings made from brass have lead. The brass adaptor still contains 8.0 lead or less. Even brass adaptor has small lead content, it is still safe to use in water utilization. Its lead level is acceptable after many months or weeks. But, flushing of water anytime is needed if the adaptor is brass.

Indeed, any adaptor that contains lead is a probable origin of the contamination.

Note:  You won’t find expert distilleries that used brass. Brass adaptors are not the best choice for safe drinking and brewery sectors.

What are the Brass Adaptor Advantages and Disadvantages?

Now let’s talk about the 2 important factors of the brass adaptor. It’s the advantages and disadvantages.


Using a brass adaptor brings high class and an exceptional outer appearance. Brass adaptors are perfect for constructive purposes. It brings several advantages to the applications, like exceptional corrosion protection. Also brings exceptional finish, polishing, coating, and connecting features. The brass adaptor is also easy to machine.


Brass adaptors are likely to get blackish rust, so it demands high maintenance. The removal of tarnish is difficult. This is the biggest challenge of brass adaptors. All materials, including brass adaptors, are rust liable when displayed to the air.

What Makes the Brass Adaptors Special?

The excellent brass adaptors’ properties are making it special.

We tackle below the numerous properties of brass adaptors.

  • Brass adaptors have stunning gold looks. Besides, these can be also available in silvery-white and reddish-gold.
  • They have the ultimate adaptability, unlike zinc adaptors or bronze.
  • Brass adaptors are a soft metal type. This is the most preferred adaptor in applications which low sparking chance is required.
  • These provide better heat conductivity.
  • Brass adaptors offer corrosion resistance and saltwater resistance.
  • These are very easy to model and flexible.
  • These are easy to recycle.

How Long Does Brass Adaptors Last?

Plumbing systems are different for everyone. In that case, the longevity of brass adaptors will be based on the plumbing systems. It depends on how your plumbing system is built, or if it’s new or old.

Usually, a brass adaptor can stay in good condition between 8 to 10 decades. It has a longer duration compared to zinc adaptors and copper adaptors.

Are Brass Adaptors Made from 100% Brass?

Brass Adaptor is Made of Solid Brass
Brass Adaptor is Made of Solid Brass

A brass adaptor is fabricated using rods built from brass material.

These do not need different tubing arrangements, such as flaring up or welding.

Manufactures use pure brass to achieve lifespan properties and other brass qualities.

What are Different Types of Brass Adaptors?

There are 12 total types of brass adaptors. Let us examine each type and its properties.

  • Brass Adaptor Ring

Brass adaptor rings come from pure brass materials. It is available in 1 ½ or 1 3/8 inches diameter port. This is a top choice in plumbing applications.

  • Brass Male Adaptor

These are available in standard or custom sizes. It is made from 100% brass for reliability and durability purposes.

Ideal for piping, plumbing, hydraulic purposes, etc.

  • Brass Bike Pump Adaptor

The brass bike pump adaptor provides simple installation, portable weight, and superior quality.

Expert manufacturers chose brass material for this one due to its extreme quality.

  • Gun Power Brass Adaptor

These are totally built out of brass. Gunpower brass adaptor has a goldish appearance. It is used by connecting the gun to the pressure washer tubing.

These are the best choices for car wash, windows wash, cleaning the walkway, patio washing, etc.

  • Female Brass Adaptor

The female brass adaptor is made from improved quality brass. It provides high-temperature security and corrosive resistance.

These are built to attach fittings. It offers relevant fitting, leak protection, simple installation, and has universal use.

  • Lead-free Brass Adaptor

The lead-free brass adaptor is widely used in residential and nonresidential potable water systems.

  • Brass Sprinkler Adaptor

Brass sprinkler adaptor enables sprinkle guns and yard sprinklers to be simply attached on a hosepipe. It is ideal for commercial usage also. After adaptor installation, it can fasten easily to a hose.

These types are made from firm brass. These fit the tough commercial domain excellently.


  • Long-term use
  • Highly reliable
  • Non-corrosion brass assembly
  • Massive weight
  • Brass Meter Adaptor

A brass meter adaptor is constructed meant for gas metering applications. It allows the 22mm pipe attachments.

These features a pre-fitted channel –appropriate for meter bracket connection.

The brass meter adaptor is provided with washer components. It is perfect for LPG and Natural Gas use.

  • Brass Gauge Adaptor

The brass gauge adaptor is NSF certified. It operates up to 302 degrees F maximum temperature.

  • Brass Welding Handle Adaptor

The brass welding handle adaptor is built out of anti-corrosion brass materials.

These are indeed a good fit with an excellent price. Perfect for a wide range of plumbing applications.

  • Brass Fire Hydrant Adaptor

The brass fire hydrant adaptor has a brass exterior finish.

These have the best high-temperature resistance, corrosive resistance, ductility resistance, and minimum absorbent.

Further specifications:

  • Standard item weight: 0.160 ounces
  • Standard length: 4 inches to 9/16 inches
  • Material: Pure Brass
  • Brass Adapter T Fitting

Brass adapter T fitting is applicable for Natural Gas, Oil, Fuel, Refrigeration, LP Gas, Hydraulic and Instrumentation use.

More product specifics:

  • Equitable vibration resistance
  • Consists Lead substance
  • Temperature extent: -65°F to +250°F
  • Condition: Latest designs, damage-free, brand-new

Does Brass Adaptors Safe for Drinking Water?

Brass Adaptor for Drinking Water Use
Brass Adaptor for Drinking Water Use

If there’s lead in water drinkable water, how do people remain safe?

Brass adaptors contain a small amount of lead. Therefore, there is a big possibility lead can melt into drinkable water from brass adaptors.

The water can be exposed to brass adaptors for a long time. However, the rainwater complex can also melt metals from piping items. The rainwater brings delicate acidities, and this can make the brass adaptors corrode.

In general understanding, adaptors made of brass are not 100% recommended by experts.

Brass adaptors are prone to rust and impurities, harmful to people’s safety.

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