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D&R Metal Industry is well-known in China as the most reliable and consistent manufacturer of ball drip valves. To meet your needs, you can choose a ball drip valve from our production collection.

  • ISO certified manufacturer
  • Provides a win-win solution as well as innovation
  • High-tech and modern ball drip valve
  • Cost-effective ball drip valve

Why is D&R the leading manufacturer of Ball Drip Valves?

When you need a ball drip valve for your business, D&R Metal Industry is the place to go. Your trust is valuable to us because we are capable of meeting your requirements. We are competent enough to manage your requested product for your business because we have been creating ball drip valves for so long. As a result of our excellent services, we have built a successful business with customers from all over the world.

D&R Metal IndustryYour Expert Ball Drip Valve Manufacturer

Brass Ball Drip Valve Fire Sprinkler Protection

D&R brass ball drip valve fire sprinkler protection is made of two pieces of brass. D&R metal industry can supply you with bulk orders of brass ball drip valve fire sprinkler protection.

NPT Brass Ball Drip Valve Fire Sprinkler System

It is a brass ball drip that is classified as a fire hydrant and hose fittings. D&R Metal Industry is the place to go when you need an NPT ball drip ball valve fire sprinkler system.

Angled Ball Drip Valve

Our angle ball drip valve seals automatically under pressure. It is horizontally installed and has a ball seal that operates at 8-10 PSI.

Straight Ball Drip Valve

D&R straight ball drip valve features a connection size 1/2″ NPT male thread. You can avail of our outstanding straight ball drip valve and other ball drip valve products.

FPPI Brass Ball Dip Valve

This application assists in preventing moisture from accumulating inside the fire department connection. It is also only intended for horizontal installation.

2 Way Angle Ball Drip Valve

This item can assist you by resolving dual connector issues. It can also connect fully automatic washing machine shower pipes, inlet pipes, and other similar items.

Features of Ball Drip Valve

Custom Design
This valve is not a conventional valve, without a valve switch. D&R supports the customization of unconventional valves and produces them according to customer requirements.
CNC Threaded
The valves are all male threaded for connections, although the thread specifications can be customized and manufactured to suit the standards of the target market area or country.
Stable Productivity
Our factory in the Jiangbei district of Ningbo covers an area of approximately 5,000 square metres and has an annual production capacity of approximately 2,000 tonnes, enabling us to deliver ball drip valves on time.
Heat Resistance
The ball drip valves have been forged with high precision to work safely at temperatures up to 120℃, and can be used in hot environments without fear of bursting.

D&R Ball Drip Valve

D&R Metal Industry can make the best ball drip valves for you. We have a large selection of ball drip valves to choose from, so you can find the one that is right for you. It is mostly used by a fire department installed at the lowest point in the fire department’s connection piping for automatic sprinkler systems. Water pressure from a fire department pumper pumping into the FDC automatically closes this valve during a fire. 

The D&R ball drip valves are also highly flexible, making them the preferred choice for a wide range of applications over other types of ball valves. D&R ball drip valves’ compressive strength ensures the best performance. We can assist you with your D&R ball drip valve requirements to complete your project. D&R Metal Industry is the largest manufacturer and supplier of ball drip valves in China.

Brass Valve & Fitting Manufacturer

How We Manufacture Your Ball Drip Valve

cut material
We will choose the right brass material based on your order
test material
Material Testing
We will make strict testing on your ball drip valve material, after the material is ok, then we will arrange the material cutting
brass forging
Forging process can ensure the right shape based on your order requirement
sand blasting
Sand Blasting
Sand Blasting will make your ball drip valve surface clean and smoothly.
CNC Machining
CNC machining is the most important process to ensure all detais are based on your order requirement.
Ball Drip Valve Assembly
We will assemble your ball drip valve from different parts, you will see the final connectors after this process.
water pressure testing
Water Pressure Testing
We make 100% air pressure testing on each of your ball drip valve before packaging and shipping.

Rocket Your Business with D&R Ball Drip Valve

D&R Metal Industry – Your Worthy Ball Drip Valve Manufacturer in China

D&R Metal Industry is one of the most well-known suppliers of ball drip valves in China. We can provide a high-quality ball drip valve. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best ball drip valve. 

Finding the right manufacturer is challenging. D&R is a reputable manufacturer that can help you with your project needs. We are experts at fixing disputes with ball drip valves. D&R ball drip valves are used in a wide variety of applications.

Ball Drip Valves

The D & R ball drip valve is widely used by the fire department. On a water-based fire suppression system where a fire department connection is required, a ball drip is one type of automatic drain valve that can be attached to the supply pipe for the fire department connection. When properly installed, the valve closes under pressure and prevents leaks during system activation. As the water flows cease, gravity returns the ball to its open position. D&R Ball Drip Valve is used in plumbing, fire prevention, and industrial piping systems. Ball drip valve is a fire system category, guide fire sprinkler.

D&R Metal Industry has different kinds of ball drip valves. You can openly share your ideas, sketch what you need. We are so delighted to answer all your concerns in detail. 

Ball Drip Valve

To manufacture your ball drip valve, our experienced engineers carefully selected the best ball drip valve materials. We can ensure that you have a long-lasting ball drip valve by using these superior materials.

If you require a ball drip valve, D&M Metal Industry is the manufacturer to go with. We offer a wide range of valves made of various materials to support a variety of industries.

We believe that every customer, internal and external, deserves to have an exceptional experience when partnering with us.

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Ball Drip Valve: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you are not familiar with ball drip valves, this article will help you.

Here you will find clear and effective answers to important questions about ball drip valves.

After reading this article, you can have more pieces of information and learn regarding this valve.

Please keep reading and enjoy!

Ball Drip Valve

Ball Drip Valve

What is Ball Drip Valve?

A ball drip valve is an ideal protection against ice damaged that caused by moisture.

They are applicable for fire sprinklers and also standpipe systems. A ball drip valve stops leakages through mode activation.

Commonly, the ball drip valve can be found in plumbing, fire prevention, industrial piping mode, and other industries. 

How Does The Ball Drip Valve Works?

A ball drip valve gives a strong proof facing operation wrong and disfunction created by opening ice in water-based orders.

The ball drip valve intends to connect against the activation deluge and dry valve during enough flow in the alarm line.

During the regular or open status, the ball drip valve enables the relieving tension of the pipe signal assembly.

Next to the valve activation, start the ball drip valve’s plunger to naturally discharge the water load and remove the valve’s signal line.

Automatic Ball Drip Valve

Automatic Ball Drip Valve

What Are The Types of Ball Drip Valve?

i. Automatic Ball Drip Valve

The automatic ball drip ball valve is one of the important valves in the fire department.

In addition, this automatic ball drip valve has automatically drained any liquid.

This valve should be placed at the deepest end of the fire area connection pipe.

The automatic ball drip ball valve includes a tiny curved brass ball inside the cover. 

ii. Straight Ball Drip Valve

The straight ball drip valve seals directly under pressure.

It should be installed among a swing check valve and fire area connection.

Moreover, the straight ball valve can be installed horizontally. Its working pressure is about 175 PSI at 70°F (21°C).

A straight ball drip valve’s application is to drain the lowest point of orderliness.

They can be manufactured from brass or plastic materials.

iii. Brass Ball Drip Valve

A brass ball drip valve is composed of lead-free brass materials.

This valve is easy and convenient to install. Plus, the brass ball drip valve is available in two colors such as gold and silver.

This valve is widely used in fire sprinklers and also for protection.

The brass ball drip valve can last longer.

It features high reliability, high stability, stable functional, and sustainability.

The brass ball drip valve offers a trouble-free operation during the applications. 

What is Ball Drip Valve Made From?

A ball drip valve can be made from superior and high-quality brass materials.

Brass materials are not only given high-class and excellent looks. They also feature corrosion-resistant, high-durability, and last longer.

Since the ball drip valve is fabricated from brass, it has a long-lasting life and high strength.

In addition, the ball drip valve can sustain with hot and cold water because due to its the best characteristics of brass materials.

What Are Typical Applications of Ball Drip Valve?

A ball drip valve is designed for a wide range of applications.

They are suitable for the following applications:

  • Compressed air
  • Water
  • Oil

Ball Drip Valve Specifications

Ball Drip Valve Specifications

What Are The Features and Benefits of Ball Drip Ball Valve?

The ball drip valve is a well-known valve due to its features and characteristics.

It has the full capability to handle plumbing problems. 

They are the following features and advantages of a ball drip valve:

i. Stronger and high-durability

ii. Lead-free surface

iii. Provides a better and excellent connection

iv. Ease of installation

v. Easy to control

vi. Good impact-resistant

vii. It can last longer

viii. Offer a simple and easy maintenance

Is Ball Drip Ball Valve Reliable?

A drip ball valve is very reliable in draining any liquid substances.

If the ball drip valve installation is correct, it provides better and excellent performance.

Commonly, this valve is used in fire department connections because of its reliability and stability.

Ball drip ball valve close toward an uptick in movement pressure. It can open automatically at a deliberate reduction in pressure. 

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