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Why D&R is Expert in 75mm PVC Ball Valve Manufacturing

In over 20 years of service, D&R Metal Industry always prioritizes customers’ demands whatever your business types handled. For your 75mm PVC ball valve orders, D&R fully supports you to choose easier with complete samples and provides 3D images and videos. We will make your purchase easier, fast, and satisfying. Message us now!

D&R Metal Industry- Your Trusted 75mm PVC Ball Valve Supplier in China

75mm PVC 2-Way Ball Valve

2-way 75mm PVC ball valves can produce different water flow locations. It is able to extend the flow and affect the pressure.

75mm PVC 3-way Ball Valve

You can choose 3-way 75mm PVC ball valves that we assure passed the quality standards for protection and quality performance.

75mm PVC Ball Solenoid Valve

Our 75mm PVC ball solenoid valves have complete selections for all types of applications which also suitable for any business type.

75mm PVC Ball Transparent Valve

We designed transparent 75mm PVC ball valves with high quality and effective applications. High efficiency 75mm PVC ball valves ling life span.

75mm PVC Ball Valve Red Lever Handle

You can choose different lever handles for your 75mm PVC ball valves. It is made of verified materials at affordable prices.

75mm PVC Ball Valve Solid Colors

You can get all the solid colors of our 75mm PVC ball valves and more choices from thickness, finishes, textures, and more.

Features of 75mm PVC Ball Valve

Clean Surface
Unlike metal ball valves, the surface of 75mm PVC ball valves is smooth, clean, and shiny without the need for plating. This facilitates the cleaning of surfaces.
Various Models
Our PVC ball valves have the advantages of attractive shape, and various styles, like 25mm and 75mm. They are non-toxic and tasteless materials, with acid and corrosion resistance.
Quality Assurance
In order to ensure the quality, we arrange for experienced inspectors to inspect the goods and take photos and videos for archiving before each batch of 75mm PVC ball valves is shipped.
Easy to Repair
D&R's 75mm PVC ball valves are capable of working pressures of up to 1.0MPA respectively at room temperature and have a long used life and are very easy to install and remove.

D&R 75mm PVC Ball Valve

Searching for a responsible 75mm PVC ball valve producer in China is your perfect choice for your satisfaction. D&R Metal Industry can surely meet your specifications. We have complete senior employees that support the whole process.

We, D&R produce 75mm PVC ball valves using excellent production, manufacturing experts, plant area, equipment, and more. We offered competitive 75mm PVC ball valve rates to save customers cash. Send message us directly for a fast response!

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How We Manufacture Your 75mm PVC Ball Valve

Rocket Your Business with D&R Ball Valves

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D&R Metal Industry- Your Trusted 75mm PVC Ball Valve Supplier in China

Looking for durable and effective 75mm PVC ball valves in China? D&R Metal Industry supplying all types of PVC ball valves.

D&R 75mm PVC ball valves has great threads that provide perfect seal available in straight flow, 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, T types, Y 75mm PVC ball valves, and more selections. D&R 75mm PVC ball valves have perfect finishes and more that suit water supply applications. It has different sizes and functions you should consider.

D&R 75mm PVC ball valves are easy to work and install which will save your money. You don’t have to pay for labor for replacement and other maintenance. Our 75mm PVC ball valves have a lot of capabilities which able to control the flow of water.

PVC Ball Valve for water supply

D&R Metal Industry provides the best 75mm PVC ball valve quality and competitive selections for plenty of applications. It is able for industrial, commercial, residential, and more which perfect for business.

D&R 75mm PVC ball valves are made with many manufacturing staff skilled engineering that uses the best materials and verified. We can ensure you can get long-lasting 75mm PVC ball valves.

You can consider us as your reliable partner to get 75mm PVC ball valves for your business. Our broad range of 75mm PVC ball valves is made of many types of materials to produce a lot of selections for all industries. In many years in service, we passed a lot of certifications and certified ISO and CE standards.

Ball Valve for water supply

Don’t hesitate to deal with us to support your growing business. We help plenty of businesses from different places that successfully meet their excellent success from handling a business, personal needs, small to large projects, and more.

Make a deal with us so D&R Metal Industry can build perfect connections for easier purchases. Message us now!

75mm PVC Ball Valve: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

This article will help you learn more about the 75mm PVC ball valve.

The information about the 75mm PVC ball valve is here from its materials, benefits, sizes, uses, and features.

Let’s dive right in!

What is a 75mm PVC Ball Valve?

PVC derives from the word Polyvinyl Chloride. The 75mm PVC ball valve is standard for plastic shutoff valves application.

The 75mm PVC ball valves accommodate a rotary ball with bores. This bore aligns perpendicular or inline to the piping when it rotates to a quarter-turn. Therefore, it allows to block or open the flow of media.

75mm PVC Ball Valve
75mm PVC Ball Valve

What Are the Primary Uses of 75mm PVC Ball Valves?

The 75mm PVC ball valves are applicable for a wide range of media. It is mainly corrosive chemicals, air, bases, and acids. They are also cost-effective and durable.

The 75mm PVC ball valves have several piping connections like glue connections or solvent sockets. It also has different pipe threads or flange types.

On the other hand, true union, also known as the double union, has special pipe connection ends. With the use of a threaded connection, the valve body is fixed to the pipe.

Why is PVC Used for 75mm Ball Valve?

Unlike stainless steel or brass, PVC materials have lower pressure resistance, temperature resistance, and mechanical strength.

PVC materials have essential characteristics that make them ideal for constructing 75mm ball valves:

  1. Long service life
  2. Durable
  3. Lightweight
  4. Recyclable
  5. Offers low collision on the environment
  6. No corrosion
  7. Chemical resistance, acid resistance, and base resistance
  8. Suitable for sanitary applications (drinking water)
  9. Great for transferring or storing food products

What Are the Designs and Constructions of 75mm PVC Ball Valves?

The 75mm PVC ball valves have two different designs and constructions. It is a two-way ball valve and a three-way ball valve.

Two-Way PVC Ball Valve

The two-way is a straight ball valve. It has two ports – the outlet and the inlet. The media flows straightforward in the valve. Furthermore, the two-way PVC ball valve can be closed or open. It has a quarter-turn feature that detects open and close valves. It also makes them easy to use. Furthermore, the valve is open when its handle is parallel to the hose or pipe. Likewise, the valve is closed when the valve’s handle is perpendicular to the hose or line.

Two-Way PVC Ball Valve
Two-Way PVC Ball Valve

Three-Way PVC Ball Valve

It has three ports, and it is the most used multiport valve. The three-way PVC ball valve also has two designs – the T-port and L-port. The ports refer to the ball’s bore design, which is the media flow path. The ports also allow the three-way PVC ball valve to distribute, divert, or mix the media flow. The three-way PVC ball valve is also operated with a handle. By turning it to a quarter-turn, it allows the flow direction to change.

Three-Way PVC Ball Valve
Three-Way PVC Ball Valve

Factors to Consider When Selecting 75mm PVC Ball Valves

There are many factors to consider when you are about to purchase 75mm PVC ball valves:

Bore Design

The 75mm PVC ball valves are available in L-port or T-port three-way and two-way bore design. If you require a straight flow, then the two-way valve is preferable. For diverting, distributing, or mixing applications, then the three-way valve is preferable.

Flow Media

75mm PVC ball valves are applicable for corrosive media, such as acids, seawater, bases, organic solvents, and salt solutions. But PVC is not aromatic-resistant and chlorinated hydrocarbon-resistant.


PVC has a somewhat low melting and softening point. The temperature of PVC ranges up to -15°C to 60°C.


Unlike stainless steel or brass valves, PVC offers a low-pressure rating.


75mm PVC ball valves are the most efficient alternatives to stainless steel and brass valves.

What Are the Common Applications of 75mm PVC Ball Valves?

Most PVC ball valves are commonly used in a variety of residential and commercial applications. Below are the lists of the particular market where 75mm PVC ball valves are used primarily:

  • Water treatment
  • Domestic/professional irrigation
  • Water fountains and water feature
  • Aquariums
  • Swimming pools
  • Landfills
  • Food processing
  • Chemical processing

How Long Does 75mm PVC Ball Valve Last?

The life expectancy of a 75mm PVC ball valve will last up to eight to ten years.

Are 75mm PVC Ball Valves Reliable?

The 75mm PVC ball valves are reliable in a variety of plumbing applications. It has various options for high temperature and maintenance.

However, ball valves are available in stainless steel or brass that is reliable for every application, which water flows need to control.

Pressure Rating for 75mm PVC Ball Valve

The pressure rating for most 75mm PVC ball valves can be PN10 and PN16.

Before choosing a 75mm PVC ball valve, it is essential to consider all details of this guide.

If you have questions about 75mm PVC ball valves or looking for competitive rates, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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