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The D&R metal industry is your improved manufacturer of all types of 3 PVC ball valves and other related products in China. We have also served our beloved customers worldwide for more than 10 years until now.

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Why D&R is Expert in 3 PVC Ball Valve Manufacturing

The D&R metal industry was built with a solid foundation and keeps on improving every year of services. Because of your lasting trust in our company, we are also encouraged to continuously provide you with advantageous products like 3 PVC ball valves. From the start until now, manufacturing products like 3 PVC ball valves became our expertise. You can trust our long time manufacturing experience. We are a kind of partner that never leaves you until we achieve the success of your business.

D&R Metal Industry Your Best 3 PVC Ball Valve Manufacturer

Electronic Remote Control Water PVC Ball Valve

This modern electronic remote control water PVC ball valve has a wide application. We are willing to discuss your details about this product.

3 Inch PVC Ball Valve

We design this high-quality 3 inch PVC ball valve with the capacity of 1.0MPA/PN 10/ 150PSI water pressure. We avail this with a friendly cost.

3 PVC Single Union Ball Valve

The D&R manufacture this 3 PVC single union ball valve with 2-1/2″-4″ port size. We are willing to assist even with your bulk orders.

Compact 3 PVC Ball Valve

This D&R compact 3 PVC ball valve is designed with the support of an extra large diameter shaft. It also has union ends that help with piping and even the removal.

Automatic 3 PVC Ball Float Valve

This automatic 3 PVC ball float valve effectively controls the water supply base on the changes of the water level. The D&R designed this with huge advantages.

3 Pneumatic PVC Union Ball Valve

This type of 3 Pvc Ball valve operates at about -20C~80C normal temperature. We introduce to you the exact function of 3 pneumatic PVC union ball valves for your application.

Features of 3 PVC Ball Valve

Various Models
Our 3inch PVC ball valves are available in a wide range of styles, two-way and three-way, and in colors that customers can choose at will. The PVC material is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and can be recycled.
Customized Product
We can customize products with our customers' logos from their samples or drawings. In fact, we receive custom orders from our customers every year and make hundreds of custom products for them every year.
Timely Delivery
Timely delivery rate is an important reference to test whether a factory is trustworthy or not. We promise to complete the production and deliver the 3inch PVC Ball Valve to the warehouse within the specified time to complete the delivery.
Easy to Repair
D&R's 3inch PVC ball valves have a maximum working pressure of 1.0MPA at room temperature and are very simple to install, making them easy to maintain or replace at a later date.

D&R 3 PVC Ball Valve

The D&R metal industry can manufacture a thousand of types of 3 PVC ball valves to support and supply your running business. Our offered 3 PVC ball valves have a lot of advantages. The ball valves made up of PVC material are strong and cost proficient. The 3 PVC ball valve is important for a wide variety of media which includes the water, air and many other applicable substances.

So if you are seeking the best quality and operation of 3 PVC ball valves, the D&R metal industry can absolutely give it to you. We are your knowledgeable manufacturer of beneficial products like 3 PVC ball valves for you and for your business.

Brass Valve & Fitting Manufacturer

How We Manufacture Your 3 PVC Ball Valve

Rocket Your Business with D&R 3 PVC Ball Valve

brass valve and fittings design

D&R Metal Industry – Your Trusted 3 PVC Ball Valve Manufacturer in China

The D&R metal industry is your trusted manufacturer that is really focusing on our customer’s interests. We have been providing our customers locally and abroad with 3 PVC ball valves for a long time. You can also be one of the successful business owners with the help of the D&R-supplied products.

We are keeping our outstanding performance on providing our manufactured high-quality products such as 3 PVC ball valves to our loyal customers. Satisfying you with our assistance and services is our goal. 

The D&R has a complete support assistance team to guide you through every stage of processing your orders. With the help of expert engineers, your custom 3 PVC ball valves are surely functions based on their purpose and role in the operations.

3 Way L port PVC Ball Valve

We are your complete guide for a successful business related to valves and fittings. We provide videos and manuals to teach you the exact installation and operation of the 3 PVC ball valves. You don’t have to worry about packaging and shipping your ordered 3 PVC ball valves. 

The D&R makes sure of the safe and secure packaging and transporting even your large quantity orders of 3 PVC ball valves. Our introduced 3 PVC ball valves normally operate with a temperature of above 60°C (140°F).

It is more affordable to install and use a 3 PVC ball valve than other similar items yet have satisfying performance. We made it more durable for your long-lasting utilization. We make sure that our 3 PVC ball valves are made up of high-standard materials.

3 Piece PVC Ball Valve

Don’t hesitate to communicate with us anytime. Just let us know your preferred type of 3 PVC ball valves, and we will directly process your orders. We have appointed our professional teams to handle every procedure of processes of your orders.

The D&R assures you brand new and without damage 3 PVC ball valve orders. And if there is some unintentional damage, we can give an immediate solution to that. Keep on checking our website and we will give you an update on the upgraded 3 PVC ball valves.

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