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In China, D&R Metal Industry has been familiar as the most reliable manufacturer of 2 PVC ball valves and other types of valves & fittings. You can select your 2 PVC ball valves from our broadest collection to support your needs.

  • ISO & CE Certificated manufacturer
  • Offers win-win solution and innovation
  • Carefully select materials before processing your orders
  • Super fast delivery even in peak season

2 inch PVC Ball Valve

D&R Metal Industry has a professional R&D team that handles the design processing of your 2 inch PVC ball valves. Each and every 2 inch PVC ball valves are engineered based on our innovation to guarantee great features and enhanced performances.

Our experienced engineers carefully selected the best PVC plastic materials to produce your 2 inch PVC ball valves. By using these superior quality materials, we can guarantee that you can have durable 2 inchPVC ball valves.

2 Inch High Pressure Plastic PVC Ball Valve

Our 2 inch high pressure plastic PVC ball valve is made up of lead-free plastic PVC materials. However, this product is very useful for portable water supply in residential areas.

2 Inch Pvc Full Flow Brass Ball Valve

We manufacture 2 inch PVC full floe brass ball valve with economical and excellent corrosion resistance characteristics. The material we used for this product is durable.

2 Plastic PVC True Double Union Ball Valve

D&R Metal Industry can supply a wide range of 2 plastic PVC true double union ball valve for any water supply projects. This is multi-tasking, it can be used for oil, gas, water applications.

2 PVC Ball valve with Stainless Steel Handle

Our 2 PVC ball valve with stainless steel handle can be custom-made depending on your detailed specification. It features brass body material to ensure the product’s longevity.

2 PVC Octagonal Compact Ball Valve

We can provide 2 PVC octagonal compact ball valves and designed them with 100% PVC plastic material. It comes in different colors, sizes, and designs of your choice.

2 PVC UPVC Socket Ball Valve

We only used 100% premium quality materials to manufactured these 2 PVC UPVC socket ball valves. It is available in standard gray color but with different lever handle colors.

2 Standard Grey PVC Ball Valve Plastic Valve

D&R is well-equipped with advanced manufacturing technology to create standard and customized 2 standard grey PVC ball valve plastic valves. This product features flexibility, durability, and excellent use.

2-Inch JIS Standard Plastic PVC UPVC Double Union Ball Valve

The 2-inch JIS standard plastic PVC UPVC double union ball valve from D&R is constructed with manual power. It can be customized to your designs to fit your applications.

DN50 PVC 2 Inch CPVC Ball Valve

D&R DN50 PVC 2 inch CPVC ball valve can work under custom temperatures. Available in standard gray color, with different sizes, from 1/2 inch to 2 inches.

Good Quality 2 Inch PVC Ball Valve

D&R is known for its good quality 2 inch PVC ball valves. We manufactured these products from 100% plastic PVC. All of them are CE and ISO certified.

Plastic Octagon Pvc 2 Inch Ball Valve

Our range of plastic octagon PVC 2 inch ball valves are broadly applied for applications such as in water supply, gas systems, and so on. It comes with standard and customized designs to reach your standard.

2 Inch PVC Double True Union Ball Valve

This 2 inch PVC double true union ball valve is made up of 100% pure PVC plastics. The body and the handle can be customized with your desired colors, sizes, etc.

Features of 2 Inch PVC Ball Valve

Various Models
Our 2 inch PVC ball valves give you a wide range of options in terms of appearance, shape, size style and colour. In addition to PVC, we also have the better UPVC and PPR.
Clean Surface
Unlike metal ball valves, the surface of 2 inch PVC ball valves is smooth, clean, and shiny without the need for plating. This facilitates the cleaning of surfaces.
Quality Assurance
Before each batch of 2 inch PVC ball valves is shipped, we would arrange for a special quality inspector to inspect the weight and thread of the 2 inch PVC ball valve.
repair tool
Easy Repair
D&R's 2 inch PVC ball valves are capable of working pressures of up to 1.0MPA respectively at room temperature and are easy to maintain or replace.

D&R Metal Industry 2 PVC Ball Valve

Being the leading manufacturer of 2 inch PVC ball valves and other valves, D&R Metal Industry is responsible to provide only good quality products to satisfy customers. For more than 15 years, we strive to produce different kinds of valves and fittings that will fit your applications.

However, we offer OEM services to all of the 2 inch PVC ball valves you order. And besides, all our 2 inch PVC ball valves are certified by CE, RoHS, and ISO9001 quality standards.

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D&R Factory

Machines for the Production of PVC Ball Valves

Unlike the stamping equipment used for metal ball valves, PVC ball valves use a DKM injection machine. It is the main forming machine for making plastic products of various shapes from thermoplastic or thermosetting materials using plastic forming moulds. The working principle of a DKM injection machine is similar to that of a syringe. It is the process of injecting plastic in a molten state (i.e. viscous flow) into a closed mould cavity with the help of a screw (or plunger) to obtain a product after curing and shaping.

DKM injection machine
PVC Ball Valve

How The Plastic Injection Moulding Process Works

The plastic is melted in the plastic injection moulding machine and then injected into the mould under high pressure. The material is cooled and cured inside the mould and next the two half moulds are opened and the moulded product is removed. We use this technology to produce PVC ball valves with a predetermined fixed shape.

Why PVC Ball Valves are Cheaper than Brass Ball Valves

PVC ball valves are injection moulded. The advantages of injection moulding are high tolerance accuracy, repeatability, a wide range of material options, low labour costs, minimal scrap loss and little need to polish parts after moulding. PVC ball valves are also made from polyvinyl chloride, a much cheaper raw material than brass.

PVC Ball Valve and Brass Ball Valve

D&R Metal Industry – Your Reliable 2 PVC Ball Valve Manufacturer

Plastic Injection Machine
D&R Factory CNC

Anytime you require a 2 inch PVC ball valve for your business, consider choosing the right one from D&R Metal Industry. Your trust is worthy with us since we are fully capable to provide for your needs. We can give a total solution for win-win benefits. For 20 years in this field, we have gained customers` interest. And as a result, we become one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of 2 inch PVC ball valves in China. Contact now!

Together with our professional team, D&R Metal Industry has been providing our worldwide clients with superior quality 2 inch PVC ball valves. We are known to be the leading reliable manufacturer of 2 inch PVC ball valves in China for 20 years.

Through our complete set of CNC machines and forging machines, we can assure you of our full capabilities in giving your 2 inch PVC ball valve needs. Up until today, D&R Metal Industry has been consistently upgrading the quality of products to ensure up-to-date and latest features.

PVC Material

Soft PVC contains more plasticisers, it has increased softness, elongation at break, cold resistance It has an increased softness, elongation at break and cold resistance, a soft texture and good airtightness and impermeability. Although the electrical insulation is reduced due to the addition of plasticisers, it still maintains very high electrical insulation properties. Brittleness, hardness and tensile strength are reduced. Soft PVC is mainly used in wire and cable, agricultural films, packaging films, industrial films, hoses, artificial leather, plastic shoes, etc.

Material of PVC Valve

Most of the hard PVC production is produced using low molecular weight PVC, basically using SG5 and below grades of PVC resin. Hard PVC contains no or a small amount of plasticizer and has good tensile, bending and compressive properties, so it can be used as a structural material alone; for example, for building corrugated sheets, doors and windows, wall decorations, etc. PVC’s excellent chemical resistance allows it to be used as a chemical anti-corrosion material; it is mainly used for anti-corrosion pipes, fittings, oil pipes, centrifugal pumps, blowers, etc.

Rocket Your Business with D&R 2 PVC Ball Valve

D&R comes from different standard colors, dimensions, and styles to fit your intended applications. And also, you can find here the broadest range of 2 inch PVC ball valves you can choose from. You can choose 2 Inch High Pressure Plastic PVC Ball Valve, 2 inch Plastic PVC True Double Union Ball Valve, 2 inch PVC Ball valve with Stainless Steel Handle, 2 inch PVC Octagonal Compact Ball Valve, and other types of 2 inch PVC ball valves.

You can also assure that the 2 inch PVC ball valves from here are cost-effective and durable. These are applicable in both commercial and residential applications such as the following;

  • Professional/ Domestic Irrigation
  • Water Fountains
  • Water treatment
  • Landfills
  • Aquariums
  • Swimming pools
  • Food processing
  • Chemical processing

If the time comes that you will need 2 inch PVC ball valves for your projects or business, choose D&R Metal Industry as your manufacturer. We provide all kinds of valves from different materials to support several industries. Thus, all our offers including 2 inch PVC ball valves are CE and ISO certified.

D&R Metal Industry warmly welcomes clients and friends from different parts of the world. Contact us for prior cooperation!

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