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D&R Metal Industry is a leading producer of 2-inch brass gate valve that fits all your projects and applications. We manufacture all types of bass gate valves of different sizes to meet your demands.

  • Can be supplied to different parts of the world
  • Wide range of surface treatments available
  • Fully customize 2-inch brass gate valve based on your layout
  • Over 15 years in manufacturing experience
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Why D&R is Expert in 2-inch Brass Gate Valve Manufacturing

D&R Metal Industry is your go-to manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler of 2-inch brass gate valves in China. We ensure full certifications of the products. You can find different thicknesses and polish for 2-inch brass gate valves. With D&R Metal Industry, you can get what you required!

D&R Metal IndustryYour Leading 2-inch Brass Gate Valve Manufacturer

2-inch Female Thread Gate Valve

D&R 2-inch female thread gate valve is manufactured from 100% brass materials. They can be used for petroleum, oil, and water applications.

2-inch Forged Locking Brass Gate Valve

Forged locking brass gate valves are also available in sizes ½, ¾, 1-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch. They are also available in many different polishes.

2-inch Female Thread Water Gate Valve

We manufacture a wide range of 2-inch female thread water gate valves in many different surface treatments. Send us your details now!

2-inch Water Marine Screwed Brass Gate Valve

D&R offers various standard sizes for water marine screwed brass gate valves to meet your demands. If you want to custom this product, we are always willing to do the job.

Custom 2-inch Brass Gate Valve

We can customize your ideal 2-inch brass gate valve according to your specific colors, polishes, and specifications. Submit your requirements now!

OEM 2-inch Brass Gate Valve

D&R Metal Industry offers OEM services to support your brand. You can start your business by purchasing low MOQ from 500 pieces.

D&R 2-inch Brass Gate Valve

If you’re finding a trusted manufacturer of 2-inch brass gate valves to run your business, D&R Metal Industry is here ready to assist you. We have a complete production line to manufacture all types of 2-inch brass gate valves you needed.

We carefully choose the best raw materials to manufacture a durable 2-inch brass gate valve. We designed and manufactured 2-inch brass gate valve according to the customer’s requirements. D&R Metal Industry can supply 2-inch brass gate valves worldwide.

Brass Valve & Fitting Manufacturer

How We Manufacture Your 2-inch Brass Gate Valve

cut material
We will choose the right brass material for 4-inch brass gate valve based on your detailed order.
test material
Material Testing
We will make strict testing on your 4-inch brass gate valve material, after the material is ok, then we will arrange the material cutting
brass forging
Forging process can ensure the right shape of 4-inch brass gate valve based on your order requirement
sand blasting
Sand Blasting
Sand Blasting will make your 4-inch brass gate valve surface clean and smoothly.
CNC Machining
CNC machining is the most important process to ensure all details are based on your exact requirement.
brass plating
Brass Plating
we can make different plating according to your requirement, including the thickness, the color, the plating material, the test standard
Brass Valves Assembly
We will assemble your 4-inch brass gate valve from different parts, you will see the final valves after this process.
water pressure testing
Water Pressure Testing
We make 100% air pressure testing on each of your 4-inch brass gate valve before packaging and shipping.

Rocket Your Business with D&R 2-inch Brass Gate Valve

brass valve and fittings design

D&R Metal Industry – Your Trusted 2-inch Brass Gate Valve Manufacturer in China

If you need a high-quality 2-inch brass gate valve, you need to find the right manufacturer. However, it’s not easy especially when you’re a first-timer or a newbie business owner. You need to consider an experienced and expert manufacturer. In short, consider D&R Metal Industry.

D&R Metal Industry is a leading Chinese manufacturer of all kinds of brass valves and fittings such as 2-inch brass gate valves. Our own version of 2-inch brass gate valves is designed for use when a straight-line flow of fluid is required.

brass bibcock

We designed a 2-inch brass gate valve with a sliding plate in the body to stop, permit, or limit the full flow of fluid to the valves. D&R 2-inch brass gate valve is popular for use in pipelines, isolating valves, safety and firefighting equipment, piping systems, and treated water storage plants.

Whether you need a D&R 2-inch brass gate valve for domestic and industrial applications, D&R Metal Industry has a wide range to offer. Aside from our 2-inch brass gate valve, you can also find 3/8 to 4 inches brass gate valves.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, you rest assured that all of our 2-inch brass gate valves have PTFE seals. They can work under a temperature range from -10 degrees to 80 degrees. Plus, a 2-inch brass gate valve can work with a maximum working pressure of 20 bar.

D&R 2-inch brass gate valves are popular in many industries for their high-corrosion tolerance, high-temperature tolerance, lead-free, and better sealing performance. Due to its lead-free features, D&R 2-inch brass gate valves are domestically used to control the drinking water flow.

For all your needs, D&R Metal Industry can be your reliable source. We are a leading brass valves and fittings manufacturer in China, providing you the best quality products and excellent services.

1 inch brass gate valve

To fit your application requirements, we also offer a 1-inch brass gate valve, 3-inch brass gate valve, and 4-inch brass gate valve. You can really count on us for your brass valves and fittings need.

D&R Metal Industry owns state-of-the-art machinery and facilities, allow us to have a quicker production time. We can place your order as fast as possible. Because here in D&R Metal Industry, there is no delay!

Contact us for more details about our products and services!

2-inch Brass Gate Valve: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Are you’re searching for a dependable 2-inch Brass Gate Valve manufacturer? 

Or you might be interested in learning more about 2-inch Brass Gate Valves.

If that’s the case, then you should read this guide.

What is a 2-inch Brass Gate Valve?

2-inch Brass Gate Valve 2-inch Brass Gate Valve

The greatest typical application of a 2-inch Brass Gate Valve is as a bypass regulator. 

It is ideal for the implementation of a simple on/off gasket.

These are reversible in operation, which means they can block circulation, whether in the general area.

2-inch brass gate valve can withstand pressure up to 200 psi.

What Are The Advantages Of The 2-Inch Brass Gate Valve?

  • Reduced resilience to circulation.
  • Acceleration required for contraction and relaxation is negligible.
  • Can be employed in the substance to move in either route of both the circular system tube — in other words, the franchise’s upper section is unrestricted.
  • Whenever fully expanded, the 2-inch brass gate valves coverage area is somewhat degraded by solvent.
  • The exterior composition is relatively straightforward, and the production method is more efficient.
  • The fundamental duration is quite minimal.

What Are The Disadvantages Of The 2-Inch Brass Gate Valve?

2-inch Brass Gate Valve2-inch Brass Gate Valve

  • The total area and expansion diameter are increased, as is the assembly capacity.
  • The resistance and roughness of the substrate material are increased as it is opened and closed.
  • Additionally, it is quite simple to construct the surface roughness circumstance at extreme heat.
  • In fact, 2-inch brass gate valves contain dual covering surfaces that complicate manufacturing, grinding, and restoration.
  • It requires additional work to raise and lower.

What Are The Functions Of The 2-Inch Brass Gate Valve?

The 2-inch brass gate valves are typically used in switch applications. 

These are ideally suited for operations that demand only occasional valve operation. 

These valves are built for a full operation that decreases tension reduction and to accommodate a nozzle creature. 

Most discharge movement occurs towards a shutdown. The considerable water acceleration causes plate and saddle erosion.

And it can help regulate circulation and prevent leakage.

Where Can I Apply The 2-Inch Brass Gate Valves?

2-inch Brass Gate Valve2-inch Brass Gate Valve

A 2-inch brass gate valves were utilized for a wide variety of economic purposes, such as oil and natural gas, pharmacology, mass production, car manufacturing, and maritime.

Overall, the 2-inch brass gate valve is totally shuts off the water, oil, or gas flow.

It provides full flow in the pipeline if the position is fully open without diminishing the pressure.

The 2-inch brass gate valves can be employed in extreme conditions such as those with high temperatures and pressures. 

They are frequently encountered in electricity production, industrial facilities, processing facilities, and oceanic industries.

What Are The Material Of 2-Inch Brass Gate Valves Construction?

A 2-inch brass gate valve is engaged in a large range of operations and is capable of coming into touch with a range of different formats. 

When choosing 2-inch brass gate valves, the substance from which the valves are constructed is crucial to avoiding excessive valve breakdown or operational difficulties. 

This is numerous critical factors to take into consideration while selecting the correct valve substance:

  • A structure that includes all liquid accessibility components
  • Temps applicable for use.
  • Tensions in operation.
  • Coatings’ efficacy on substances.
  • Accessibility and value of materials.
  • Substances that comply with an injectable solution
  • Length of time the valves are accessible.

What Are The Applications Of 2-Inch Brass Gate Valve?

2-inch Brass Gate Valve2-inch Brass Gate Valve

The 2-inch brass gate valves come in a variety of components, finishes, and layouts within the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

They have cushioned seatbacks. Multiple expandable 2-inch brass gate valves are advantageous for piping systems adjacent to water sources and communities.

These valves are important in various power generation for water transmission. 

Help decrease leakage paths, lighten the load, and simplicity the outside protection. Precision machined body with anti-seizure properties.

How 2-Inch Brass Gate Valve Works?

A valve is used to control that regulates the amount of a processed flow. Gate valves are appropriate for a fluid system that requires an on-and-off operation.

By squeezing a regular geometric valve out from the course of the flow, while fully opened, the dimensions of the gate and tube are identical. 

The diameter defines the amount of the valve. This full-bore configuration conserves energy and decreases the overall cost.

What are the Types of 2-inch Brass Gate Valve?

Knife Brass Gate ValveKnife Brass Gate Valve

  • Knife Brass Gate Valve

They can cut through any material. Abrasion-resistant valve plates and liners A water boundary protects it.

Flanged Brass Gate ValveFlanged Brass Gate Valve 

  • Flanged Brass Gate Valve

A raised circular cross-section drawbridge. The important difference is the seamless sealed borders between its gateway and the stools. 

Wedge Brass Gate ValveWedge Brass Gate Valve

  • Wedge Brass Gate Valve

Sloped saddles are used on wedge-shaped compression gates. These are often used in situations with disturbance, such as heat, firmly made to minimize noise.

Forged Brass Gate ValveForged Brass Gate Valve

  • Forged Brass Gate Valve

Gate valves made of welded brass feature a comprehensive base and a non-rising body. In confined spaces, the non-rising stems.

What Does 2-Inch Brass Gate Valve Use For?

Water pressure is driven by a movable surface. The passageway releases completely when fully opened. It makes room for the inflow. 

There are no tension or circulation losses. Utilize gate valves unless the company authorizes them. 

Valve is impossible to minimize the construction of an incompletely opened gate that could result in terrible destruction. 

Gate valves with increasing stems are quite unusual. The gate is moved by the gear mechanism on the branch. The gate is indicated by a hooked needle on the roots.

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